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Carlos Ponce

I knew the "Super Moon" would bring out a lunatic post.What nonsense!

Norman Pappous


Wayne D Holt


Charles Douglas

I guess those dangerous drugs including fentanyl, has made it to this area already! Some of those drugs coming from China, across our Southern Border makes people delusional! Makes you imagine and see things which are not real! I don't blame the author. I blame XI JINPING & BEIJING JOE!

David Hardee

The article is filled with no substance for claims, platitudes, and questions. Nothing there worth a comment.

Norman Pappous

This is the sentence that made me LOL "I see the Democrats with the willingness to do their jobs as legislators and earn their salaries."

Biden names Kamala as the border czar.... Kamala immediately visits the Canadian border states, LOL - earning her border czar pay that one is!


George Laiacona

It’s only natural that the Trumpers would respond negatively to this article. They are in denial of what has happened on January 6th and can’t believe that the present Administration is popular with the American people. Undoing Trumps negligence to the lower classes has upset them to the point that they will try anything to make it difficult for President Biden to succeed in improving the lives of ALL Americans.

Carlos Ponce

All you are doing is regurgitating unsubstantiated Liberal propaganda.

"the present Administration is popular with the American people" WHAT NONSENSE!

Pete Nanos

The article left out how delusional people on the left create their own universe in which facts have little value.

Charles Douglas

Joe China is tearing this nation down, killing jobs by the thousands, starting wars in the Middle East, by supporting terroists, rubber stamping Russian fossil fuel pipelines while Killing American pipelines, destroying our Southern border, causing record inflation by irresponsible, radical spending, lumber & gasoline prices going through the roof, and we have a LEFTIST RADICAL supporter posting that Beijing Joe is making it better for Americans. I know, I know, it has to be those hallucinating drugs which Joe"nem are trafficking across the border .....right? It's got to be something![crying]

George Laiacona

Carlos as long as your news is limited to the Republicans FoxNews network you wil be denied the truth. Believe it or not ther are other news sources in America that are willing to tell the American people the truth and not the untruths of the Trumper news sources.President Biden has an approval rating that exceeds the former Republican by a long shot.

Carlos Ponce

No George, there are many news outlets that don't tell the truth. Haven't you noticed the retracted stories from CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, AP, etc.?

Wayne D Holt

Charles, you may have stumbled on a great idea for a TV pilot. Here's the pitch: Coming this fall on Netflix: "JOE CHINA, MAN OF ACTION! Follow Joe and his Build Back Blunder initiative as Joe tries to remember what day of the week it is, mistakes his sister for his wife (Joe Goes Pharaoh) and dispatches VP Kamala to investigate what all the brouhaha is about at a Border Collie kennel. Spoiler alert: she discovers the cages were all built during the Trump administration.

Tentative first episode storyboard: In-depth look at Joe's uncanny ability to unearth unique investment opportunities abroad that support real family values, such as his crackhead son exemplifies. Working title for this one is "10% for the Big Guy."

Charles Douglas

Mr. Holt> [thumbup][thumbup] Sounds great!!!!!

Craig Mason

Wayne just know it can’t be any worse than the criminal shit show we have lived in for four years under Trump. He will soon be fitted with an orange jump suit. Wonder if he still gets secret service protection in prison?

Carlos Ponce

More nonsense.

Charles Douglas

Fentanyl? It's got to be something like that which is circulating among the Radicals! These are smart people going public talking about this clown in the oval office, who have killed thousands of great paying jobs, has factories planning to leave for other countries, has the price of gasoline and lumber prices through the roof, he has an open border where thousands of illegals from all over the world are flooding into our country, collecting free subtidies off taxpayers, and many have committed felonies tryimg to get back after being deported by Trump, ..nflation is at a 17 year high, Joe China has attacked the Supreme Court, he wants to "jerry-rigg" the way the Senate is working, he is attacking and threatening to kill our Constitution by attacking the First, Second, Fourth, Tenth, and Fourtheenth Amendments!

This man and his party are trying to BRING BACK SEGREGATION, to America by dividing our citizens by RACE! They are destroying the way our schools are set up! Upper Mathmatics is being declared RACIST now! They are attacking our history and are canceling and censoring out what they don't like! White kids are being taught they are inherently racist against BLACK FOLKS, and BLACK kids are being taught they are VICTIMS, Inferior, with a built in, ready made excuse to be a failure in life,... fit for government handouts and food stamp!

Joe China and his RADICALS, wants all Americans, especially BLACK AMERICANS to think NOT THAT THEY NEED GOD, but that they need the GOVERMENT! Hey, I was on the Plantations for decades, and I know how it works from the inside out! They are afraid and scared to no end now! Want to know why? I WILL TELL YOU WHY! Trump carried more African-Americans and Hispanic votes in the last election than any Republican Candidate in the history of this country, and he received more votes than any Republican in history!

if the election had been fair, he would have won easily! You cannot win when 18 wheelers are line up at 3am in the dark hauling in blank ballots, and dead people are walking out.of graves voting like they did for Lyndon Johnson's Texas Senate Election back in the day! The LEFT is afraid because they see BLACK & HISPANIC Voters old and young walking off the PLANTATION just like I did some time ago, after I learned what they really were about! Some people I know,...I ask them, " Hey why do you vote Democratic?" They go, " I don't know" " I just do!" This is what the DEMOCRATS want from Minorities! " I DONT KNOW, ..I JUST DO!" This is why they allow crime to flourish, schools to be atrociously bad! They want to keep us in a state of need and lack!

All that equates into Democratic Political Control! Crime since Joe China has taken over is astronomically high, and is going upwards while they are busy forcing police officers all over the nation to quit or retire! To cap that off they are going after our guns so we cannot defend ourselves, nor our families! The man in the Oval Office is funding terror and terrorists around the world now by helping Iran and Hamas! Every word out of his mouth is RACISM, RACIST! He himself is a cheap RACIST from way back, and his own Vice President who Obama made him take in exchange for Obama's support, CALLED HIM out for being a RACIST in the debates! It is, the only good thing she has done right up to now! This man puts America and Americans LAST!!!!! This is why my guess is all these smart people saying Joe China is doing a good job must be on some kind of drug, because an Adolescent Idiot could see that Joe China is not about anything but selling America out to both China & Russia, who he and his son has taken millions of dollars from! So far

.all he has done for this nation is to tear-down what Trump built up!

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