I recently rode down the length of the Texas City Dike for the first time in many years and was pleasantly surprised by the improvements — particularly the efforts to keep the area clean by making trash cans available every several feet. Yet, in spite of this, people can’t be bothered to discard their trash in a manner that keeps the area clean and safe.

The dike is home to a large number of cats that a small, but dedicated group of caring, concerned ladies has been trapping to get spayed and neutered. Recently, I was told one cat’s leg was wrapped up in discarded fishing line, resulting in a gruesome injury.

The ladies tried to seek medical attention for the cat, but they could not catch it, and after the animal suffered for many days, it lost its leg. The fishing line particularly is very hard to see and avoid.

Please pick up after yourself and discard your trash safely and properly, so animals (and people) are not harmed.

Renee Sckittone

Santa Fe


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Rusty Schroeder

The dike is a lot nicer now with the wider areas and better maintained beach. But if the city wanted to do something about trash, they should police it. Because they sure police the road and beach heavily. Every time I am out there police have people pulled over writing tickets, do the same for trash offenders. It won't happen because it is too time consuming. But one or two Saturday afternoons in the evening as people get in their cars and leave a pile of trash beside it, pull them over and make them throw it in a trash can, then give them a ticket. As for the cats, it is sad people dump kittens and cats on the dike and they turn feral. Spent fishing line is a hazard to all wildlife as well as the fishery system, been fighting that problem for years. Just like litter, those that care know how to discard properly, but it's hard to fix a knucklehead. Always has been.

Jarvis Buckley

That wrapped line also happens to gulls & Pelicans & generally results in death. Laziness is disgusting & harmful .

Renee Sckittone

I completely agree and wanted to mention the harm to other animals as well but in the interest of brevity kept my letter short. For that matter, someone gets tangled up, fals and slams their head on those rocks it could be a real (unpleasant) game changer.

Gary Miller

I drive the length of Dike Road 4 or 5 times a week. I believe it to be the cleanest 5.5 miles in Galveston county. I see people pulling up in cars to the trash barrels to put trash in. Others walk to the nearest barrel with plastic bags of trash. It's human nature. The cleaner it is the cleaner it will be.

Gary Miller

I drove Sky Line drive to the flood gate this morning. Sure enough, with more rain forecast, the water level in Moses lake was higher than outside the gate. Both pump stations were pumping water into the lake at full capacity. The storm gate is designed to keep storm surge out of TC but is also intended to let rain water out of TC.

George Croix

Sounds like somebody doesn't have onsite, real time, eyes-on-the-situation authority to act to move the gate to manage the water level inside??
But, I don't know if the gate lift station is even manned anymore.

Maybe just another screwup......

Rusty Schroeder

I wish the city would come up with a yearly pass for county residents, say $25. I would travel to the dike every time I was in TC. Buy I'm not paying $5 to ride down it every time. Which, if I have my wife with me, ends up at Boyd's Shack for a meal or snack.

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