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Carlos Ponce

You would think the answer would be simple: Read the Bill. There is NO voter suppression in it. But the problem is Liberals won't take the time to read the bill. They wait for the Liberal press and pundits to tell them what they say is in it which is usually erroneous. And having a senile Biden telling you the bill is "Jim Crow on steroids" doesn't help. In a rare act of actual journalism, the Liberal Washington Post gave Biden Four Pinocchios. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler pointed out that nowhere in the law are voting hours limited as Biden claimed and early voting was, in fact, expanded.

Norman Pappous

[thumbup] Carlos!

George Laiacona

You can’t blame the media for speaking the truth, but what you can do is to realize that the very word TRUTH has two meanings, one is the Democrats version and the other is the Republicans version.

Diane Turski

Ha! Ha! Remember that according to Kellyanne Conway the Republican version is called "Alternative Truth."

Bailey Jones

That's the "truth" where Trump is still president, isn't it?

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posted, "Trump is still president". Good for you!

Carlos Ponce

"You can’t blame the media for speaking the truth.." More GASLIGHTING, George Laiacona? Shall I remind you of the LIES told by CBS's 60 Minutes about Florida governor Desantis?

Gary Miller

Unstated is another reason the MSM forced MLB to move the All Star Game out of Georgia. Georgia is a Red state, the game was moved to a blue state. A big financial loss for Georgia a big financial gain for Colorado. Dirty politics?

Kenneth Cambiano

Tell me why that it is racial or anything wrong with voters or anyone having to show an ID to do anything in America. If there is a question about your citizenship or anything you should be required to show proof and no questions asked.

Gary Miller

Democrats don't want photo ID for voters but Biden Administration has required photo ID with trainers signature for service dogs on airlines, public transportation and public buildings. Is identifying service dogs really more important than identifying Democrat voters?

Gary Miller

The writer makes a common mistake. The media didn't join the Democrats in attacking the Georgia. The Democrats obeyed their bosses when they attacked Georgia's new and more voter friendly election law. Democrats work for the media, not the other way around.

George Laiacona

It’s dirty pool, then why didn’t they move the masters tournament?

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