Recently, I was out picking up trash when someone started yelling at me and calling me “stupid” for picking up trash. They asked why I was picking up trash and if I worked for the city, presumably indicating that they thought it was the city’s obligation to clean up the trash folks throw on the street.

Actually, I believe trash on the street belongs to the thoughtless irresponsible persons who threw it there. These people must not care about the world they live in.

I often wonder if they throw trash on the floor in their homes or yards and expect someone else to pick it up.

Keeping our neighborhoods, cities and, ultimately, the world healthy and clean is the responsibility of all of us. I urge you to join me in helping to make our world a healthier and more beautiful place to live in. Please don’t throw trash on the street, and if you see trash please pick it up.

Judy Glaister



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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] I don't understand littering - it takes no effort to put your trash in the trash. And not much effort to put someone else's trash in the trash.

George Laiacona

I am one of those fortunate Galveston residents that can travel America. In my travels I have seen in Texas road signs that express “Don’t Mess With Texas”. On the ground right below the signs you will see piles of trash. The streets of our island have been littered with trash and lawn clippings for many years. All those small towns and tourist locations like our island are clear of littered streets. If other places in America can have clean streets, why can’t Galveston?

Jack Reeves

When I was a police officer, I got lambasted by numerous folks that I cited for littering. The most common retort being, "Shouldn't you be out catching real criminals instead of bothering me?" My response was , that if people only knew how many millions of dollars we spend each year on litter control, they would see that it rivals the amount of money lost to criminals through property loss. I too, travel now and am amazed at how clean other small inland towns are. I know there are dozens of factors but, it is such a shame.

Bailey Jones

Jack, that's been my experience as well. I've never lived anywhere with the litter problem that Galveston has.

alice watford

I agree! The Post Office on Broadway is littered with litter. I don't ustanderstand why maintenance is so difficult. For years many of us have tried to get the Post Office to do a better job but our efforts continue to fail. And the City said because the PO is Federal there is nothing they can do.

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona

It would appear that by these comments, we on the island have a problem we can all agree on. Now how do we make an attempt to solve it ?

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