I'm a native Texan who can trace my Lone Star State roots back to the Texas Revolution. Ted Cruz has finally done what no other politician has ever managed to do — he has made me embarrassed to be from Texas.

His seditious actions in challenging the validity of a proper and fair election are abhorrent. His vain grandstanding to posture for a favorable standing within the Trump ranks while Texas COVID cases soar out of control is negligent and despicable.

He will never have my vote.

Cruz should take care of his sick and dying constituents, rather than his own ego.

Jeffrey Wright



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Craig Mason


Charles Douglas

Don't sweat it! I'll vote for Cruz, but I will never vote for Cornyn again!

Carlos Ponce

I emailed John Cornyn and reminded him he won this last election on Trump's coattails. I asked him to stand with fellow Texan Ted Cruz on the Election Commission. This is what I got in return:

"Thank you for contacting Senator John Cornyn's office.

If you need immediate assistance regarding an urgent or time sensitive matter you are personally experiencing with a federal agency, please call my Dallas office at (972) 239-1310.

If you are seeking information or services from my offices that are NOT related to my Legislative duties, please visit the “For Texans" section of my website for more information.

Warmest Regards,

Senator John Cornyn"[rolleyes]

Carlos Ponce

Ted Cruz is representing the interests of his constituents. He's doing a GREAT job.

If Democrats want to counter him again don't nominate a gun confiscating Hollywood funded Liberal.

Aubrey Garcia

I agree completely.

Carlos Ponce

Jeffrey Wright must have been very poor in Civics class or not paying attention. Ted Cruz is a US Senator. According to the Constitution (Both Texas and US) the health of Texans is up to the State officials.

But you're not the only Liberal having problems with the concept of Federalism.

Charles Douglas

Cruz is a fighter, the DEMS, hate conservatives who fight back!

Craig Mason

Ted Cruz is a troll with blood on his hands now. Cornyn is the only honorable senator that Texas has. Oh and while we are at it Weber is a tool and Carlos, Gary and Charles are in denial. Thank god for

Carlos Ponce

Craig Mason, the Head of the Trolls has spoken!

Craig Mason

The capital police

Robert Braeking

"proper and fair election" my donkey! Jeffrey, you are an embarrassment to the Republic. If john cornyn would ask his wife to give him his property out of her purse, he too might be an asset to the Republic. Instead he is just another milquetoast RINO.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] I agree. Where are the real Texans at?

Carlos Ponce

Bailey ended that sentence with a preposition!

Ted Gillis

Beto should request a recount.

Carlos Ponce

No'Rourke would lose by more in a recount.

Paula Flinn

Sen. Ted Cruz is a major embarrassment and has been for a long time. The way he sucked up to Trump after Trump dissed Cruz’s wife was appalling.

I agree with Mr. Wright. Beto would have been so much better.

Carlos Ponce

No Paula, No'Rourke does not understand our values. His anti Second Amendment stance discounts him as a viable candidate. Not only anti-Texan but anti-American.

Charles Douglas

BETO O'Rourke is an overgrown kid who runs around RIDING a skateboard across stages at speaking events. He got his butt handed to him in a croker-sack by Ted Cruz, even though he tried to buy the election! The way the DEMS rigged the other elections, it beats me how they did not rigg his too!

Carlos Ponce

Charles Douglas[thumbup] I believe Mr. No'Rourke had a few falls from his skateboard without a helmet on.

Gary Scoggin

Never underestimate Ted Cruz's intellegence. And never overestimate his character.

Carlos Ponce

As good a Senator as he is, he'd be an even better Supreme Court Justice.

Gary Scoggin

You are right. As a Justice he could put his intellect to work and, without a bunch of MAGAs to have to please, his lack of character wouldn't come into play. He would be a conservative Justice, but if he's a thinking conservative along the lines of Gorsuch, that would be okay with me. But it will be a while for him to be nominated. Twelve years at least - four for President Biden and eight for President Harris.

Carlos Ponce

No, Trump has that Cuban-American judge in line for the next SCOTUS position after Roberts resigns.

Jim Forsythe

Biden may have a chance to nominate two or three people to the Supreme Court.

If you go just by age, Stephen Breyer would be the next to retire.

Stephanie Martin

I personally like Ted Cruz.

Ted Gillis

Jeff, I too can trace my Texas heritage back to the Texas revolution, (actually a few years prior to that). There have been several Texans before Rafael that have embarrassed us, and I’m sure ther will be more. His type eventually self implode, and become irrelevant once someone else, younger, and slicker comes along and steals his limelight. Cruz is just trying to get his stardom now while he still has the lights on him, and it doesn’t matter who he embarrasses while doing it. Selfish people are like that. If you remember, John Boehner said that Ted Cruz was the most miserable son of a bitch he hadever worked with, and also called him Lucifer in the flesh!

Bill Broussard

For what it’s worth: I think that Trumps base got reduced by 40-60% on January 6. I think the constitutional republicans in his base will walk away after the past six months and the party will start a search for the next leader come feb after the dust settles

I think the immediate resignation of McConnels wife tells you something about the mainstream Republican Part thinks about the incident.

But the dust won’t settle for some time. The good ol boys who invaded our Capitol put their pride and photographs all over the internet and when you squeeze a pig it yelps and give up the other pigs. Prosecution ( dint know on just what charges yet) should give Garlands justice department a lot of work for the next couple of years.

Republicans like myself will watch and see what evolves but I’m pretty sure it will not be Mr. Cruz. I cannot think of enough bad things to say about him. I’m reasonably certain the sane republicans in congress will keep their distance

I loved that NBC clip of an interview of a young lady and her husband on the lawn of the White House yesterday right after the rabble was run out

She was crying, rubbing her eyes and repeating over and over “ they maced me! They maced me!”

The reporter said “ what’s your name”

She gave the reporter her name

He then said “ where are you from?”

She said “Nashville Tennessee “ through crying eyes again crying “ they maced me!”

Then the reporter said “ Why were you in the Capital?”

She said “Because it’s the revolution!”

That idiot has a great future at Guantanamo as does Quanon Viking Head and a few other video addicts

Carlos Ponce

" I think that Trumps base got reduced by 40-60% " No, Bill. Trump Patriots KNOW Trump did not incite the crowd. They were there. They have videos, since deleted by Leftist, of Antifa thugs terrorizing.

Bill Broussard

The arrests have started and so far, just good ol boys and one elected representative

No antifa’s yet

Keep the faith Carlos and when all else fails, remember:” Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’

Jim Forsythe

Bill, you are right, but I think that the ones that are Trtumpers ,will be culled from the GOP and the GOP will be better for it.

A true GOP member should ask themselves, what is best for my party, and what is best for me and my family.

Carlos Ponce

Remove Trump Patriots from the GOP and all that's left is RINOs.

Jim Forsythe

Bill, since you are not part of Trumps base, what person are you seeing as becoming the next leader of the GOP.

Would you support Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney or someone else?

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