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Gary Miller

. She;ll One vote for Peden. She'll need a lot more to win against the currant office holder who is respected for doing a great job.

james gillespie

Jackie Peden doesn’t know anything about leading a tax office. Why would anyone want to replace an accomplished, experienced taxpayer advocate with a novice who barely has the qualifications necessary to be hired as a trainee? How can you say Jackie has integrity when she is spreading falsehoods about the tax office. The tax office is not “broken” – in fact Galveston County’s Tax Office has been recognized by state and local officials as one of the top seven operations in the state (of 254 counties).

What do taxpayers want? You would think a proven leader experienced running a complex operation of four fulltime (plus two part time) offices with 51 employees responsible for collecting a half a billion dollars a year!

Donald Glywasky

"No matter what "state leadership" or the "Republican Party" wants as it relates to our Galveston County elections, what do the residents of Galveston County want for their local government?"

Interesting question. Are you saying local republiclans should ignore the dictates of the state or local party leadership? Why is that? Are they lacking in some way? Are the wishes of local republican not aligned with the local or state party- if so how? Please expand on this

Miceal O'Laochdha

She works with her family, runs down the street sometimes, and loves all things Disney? Have we actually reached the point where these are the definitive qualifications for this (or any) public position? Has she won a spot on Wheel of Fortune too? What is her views about puppy dogs?

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