Thank you Judge Mark Henry, Commissioners Darrell Apffel, Joe Giusti and Ken Clark for your vote to help with the wall and supporting the flow of illegal immigrants into our state ("Commissioners uphold judge's immigration disaster order," The Daily News, July 3).

About time someone got some guts.

I wonder if the people against the wall and opening up the border would house some of the immigrants for a couple of years to take the load off taxpayers. Let's see how many come up to the plate.

Judge, you and the three commissioners, keep up the great work.

Eddie Janek

Former Galveston County Commissioner



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Claudia Burnam

[thumbup] E G Wiley

Ted Gillis


As a person who once supported you, voted for you, campaigned for you, and placed yard signs for you, I totally disagree with you. The county commissioners vote was foolish. Just because someone apposes the wall along the border does not mean they support “opening up the border”. Those are two different things. And your comment about anyone apposing the border wall should house some immigrants for a couple of years is just glib and unnecessary.

I am sorely disappointed in you. As a former county statesman, you’ve lowered yourself and cheapened the honor and trust that we once had in you.

You represented all of us, democrats and republicans back when you were in office, and you did it honorably. You obviously have none of that honor left in you.

Ted Gillis

Former Eddie Janek Supporter

Gary Miller

Ted> The border wall is a cost saving measure. Illegal migrants are costing all citizens a lot of tax funding. For health care, education, housing, food stamps, and crime control. Our County leaders voted correctly for the wall to try to reduce the cost burden on county residents. Reducing your burden also I suspect.

Gary Miller

Ted's taxes are providing room and board for illegal migrants in low income housing, health care and jails. I guess he is OK with that but I am not.

Carlos Ponce

Former Galveston County Commissioner Eddie Janek - [thumbup]

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