As a taxpayer in Galveston County, I have a simple question. Why is Galveston County’s tax rate 26 percent higher than the surrounding counties?

The following information is taken directly from the Texas State Comptroller website, which shows the effective tax rate for every county in the state:

Galveston County's effective tax rate is .55; Harris is .42; Brazoria, .46; Fort Bend, .46; Jefferson, .37; Matagorda, .42; Chambers, .51; and other counties' average is .46.

I just paid my property taxes for 2017. I nearly choked. I could not believe how high they were. So, I started doing some research and was shocked to find that Galveston County has the highest tax rate of any county in our region.

Property taxes are killing the average homeowner today. Of course, the county is just part of the total tax bill, but it is inexcusable for it to have a rate that is 26 percent higher than any other county in the region.

William King



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PD Hyatt

Just wait until the new tax bills come out.... Values will be falling like a rock (if CAD actually does their job) which means there will be far less money going to the school districts, to the cities and to the counties.... If you think our tax rate is high now, wait till those mentioned about get told how far the values are dropping and they you will see how fast the tax rates will be flying up so that they do not collect one cent less....

Carlos Ponce

Take pictures and take them down to CAD to protest tax evaluation. If all of Galveston County does this then someone will take notice.

Robert Braeking

OPM is a drug and our county commissioners, city councils, drainage districts, school districts, etc etc are addicted. That is why it is important to choose wisely when the addicts come up for re-election. (OPM-Other People's Money-pronounced like opium)

Gary Miller

Higher tax rates in Galveston County indicate more tax and spend elected officials.

Doyle Beard

I agree about the high cost of taxes in county. MY city taxes in League city are 2 times the country taxes. One question is how are we on exemptions like homestead compared to the other counties. I am definitely not disagreeing with you but curious about this question>

Ken Hufstetler

I definitely don't see a solution, but I do see some potential problems. How do the taxing entities continue providing services like police protection in the devastated neighborhood, fire protection, garbage service, street repairs, etc. What services are we willing to give up? Don't count on the State and Federal Gov'mts to bail us out. They will help, but the local taxing entities can't handle what's left. I trust the elected officials to solve this problem the best way they can. I remember some last year pushing hard to drop the values for the last couple of months in 2017. Will these same people be clamoring for property values to return to full value when the property is fully repaired? Probably not, meaning those of us that didn't suffer damage will have to carry the load until 2019. Maybe our elected officials will find a way to equalize the load for all of us.

Robert Braeking

To stop the bleeding we need the legislature to act. I would propose that if property values go up then tax rates should go down an equal amount. For example, if assessed values go up 10% in a given year then the tax rate should go down 10% as well. No more automatic windfalls for the taxing entities. If they believe they need more then they should have to go to the taxPAYERS for approval.

Gary Miller

Robert! You came as close to a solution as I have seen. If reduced taxes requires reductions in tax funded services how are our neighboring counties doing with less?
Do we have services the taxers want that taxpayers would do without? Are we taxing for the tax spenders but not for taxpayers? Are we letting the tax spenders decide what we need Instead of the taxpayers telling the spenders how much they can have?

PD Hyatt

If you drive through Galveston County you will see so many neighborhoods that are in the process of rebuilding and there are a ton of homes that people are still waiting to find the money to get started. If CAD were to actually go out and look at properties (which I doubt that they will) they would find that they have to lower most of the county property taxes. When that happens all of the taxing entities will not be collecting the amount of taxes that they are used to. What are all of them going to do for next year when the revenues drop radically.... As has been stated there will not be enough State and Federal money coming there way to make up the difference, so services will have to be cut.... Once that starts to happen I imagine we will see many screaming about the cuts. One day this nation is going to have to wake up that governments can not supply all of our needs. I remember back when Alicia hit we didn't have all of this money flowing to us and we had to do a lot of this on our own. Question is what happened to that spirit?

Doyle Beard

This is the time of the year to do so. Get pictures and etc and go to CAD. You can change horses in the middle of the stream.

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