Recently, there have been two articles in the paper about Judge Lonnie Cox, both written by attorney Greg Enos. It seems Enos is “playing politics,” making allegations about Judge Cox, timed to cost him votes in the GOP primary.

I’m a Democrat, and won’t be voting in the Republican primary. Judge Cox has, however, been a friend of mine for over 25 years and I know him to be an honest, straight-shooting man. A man, I believe to be fair to everyone, so I just want to point out a few things.

In the lawsuit filed against Mark Henry, Judge Cox paid his own expenses while Henry charged his to the county. You and I, as taxpayers, paid for his representation — with our tax money!

Henry is milking the county for everything he can. He gets paid for being county judge and he has appointed himself as judge for juvenile and even some civil courts in order to get paid by the state for substituting as a judge even though he doesn’t have a law degree.

Trickle-down Trump has hit Galveston County. 

L. Davied Bond



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Carlos Ponce

"Trickle-down Trump has hit Galveston County."
Really? The economy is doing much better under Trump. Higher GDP, lower unemployment rates, highest employment rates for women, Blacks, Hispanics in years, higher job participation numbers, lower taxes on the way, etc., etc., etc.
L. Davied Bond meant "Trickle down Trump" as a pejorative but the REAL Trump economics is doing GREAT! If you are saying Galveston County economics is as good as the national economy then that's actually a GOOD thing!

Bill Cochrane

In my opinion, L. Davied Bond could be the poster child for banning the lazy voter process of straight ticket voting. That happens when people like Bond know it’s their duty to vote, but are too lazy, or are not concerned with whom they vote for. Bond admits Cox is the best candidate for the office. He even endorses Cox as “honest, straight-shooting man”, etc. But sadly, because Bond is a “Democrat”, he can’t vote for the “honest, straight-shooting man”. Obviously, straight ticket voters are the reason Henry was elected. Pretty lame voting in my opinion. Straight ticket voting is just as bad, or worse, than not voting at all. Pretty lame voting in my opinion.

Doyle Beard

Correct Bill but some people cant help themselves. Some call it brainwashed.

Gary Miller

IF the "party" option was removed from our ballots there is a class of voters who wouldn't know how to vote. Nothing can be learned about a candidate by the party label they adopt. Claiming to be Republicans is how RINO's ( Democraps ) got elected in Republican districts.

Gary Miller

Would be wonderful if Henery actually did as much for Galveston county as Trump is doing for USA.

Jim Forsythe

Texans straight-party voting option, will be out, starting November 2020 elections. 

Carlos Ponce

And who was against the measure? Democrats were upset because they claimed minorities would be hurt by this legislation. In reality without political party affiliation designation voters will go by name recognition. In Texas, incumbent Republicans will hold the edge on that aspect.
In the Texas House, the vote was 89 to 45, of the yeas, 77 were Republican, 12 were Democrats. Of the nays, 7 were Republican, 38 were Democrats.
In the Senate the vote was 24 to 6 in favor, the nays coming from Republicans.
"During the Legislative session, the measure from state Rep. Ron Simmons, R-Carrollton, drew strong opposition from Democrats. Supporters of the bill say removing the option will force voters to make more informed decisions in individual elections, but opponents say the legislation will disproportionately impact minority voters."

Jim Forsythe

"In Texas, incumbent Republicans will hold the edge on that aspect." This is a reason for it? To increase the Republican votes.
"In the Senate the vote was 24 to 6 in favor, the nays coming from Republicans." The nays were upset because of?

This will not stop straight ticket voting. All one has to do, is vote for the one with a R or a D beside their name. All this will do is increase the time it takes to vote, making the lines too vote longer. My son waited over 1 hour to vote last time, now the time will increase.

Carlos Ponce

Tell your son to vote early. There should be a window of time when the waiting time isn't that much. And you can vote ANYWHERE in the county if vote early.

Jim Forsythe

He did , and he works. Also in Harris county.

Ron Shelby

Just to Clarify: Judge Cox did not pay his own legal fees out of his own pocket, per yesterdays GDN article. Instead, he used his campaign fund account to pay his legal fees (Which supporters would never have intended for use in a legal defense, but rather election/reelection).

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