Again, the outgoing mayor and council have shown that they don't like, or apparently, need businesses in Galveston. The extension of the mask order until Sept. 30, with the onus of enforcement on retail businesses, is a violation of rights of business owners, who should sue now.

This latest violation is just another example of misguided overreach by our elected officials, who need to be thrown out. To fine a business owner $1,000 for a customer not wearing a mask is like fining a politician for the acts of those who elected them.

Who in their right mind would open a new business in Galveston?

Take a look around — it seems that many small businesses never came back and now our local politicos are making it even harder for those businesses hanging on to survive.

Having built a very successful business myself, I know what works and what doesn't in growing an enterprise — being in the wrong place will kill a business. Look at California where businesses keep leaving.

Keep it up Galveston politicians. You're sending a clear message: Stay away business, we don't like you.

Bill Mattson



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Jack Cross

Business having already gone through 3 months of shutdown, to extend a mask mandate to Sept 30 is a real killer and will leave a lasting negative image of city government. I'm a BOI now living in Texas City, thanks to the city government for not going down that road. Let people make their own choice. The number of infected people mean nothing, the only two data points that mean anything is the number of people in the hospital and the number of deaths. The death number is at steady at 40

and 40 percent of those are nursing homes with pre existing conditions. Your odds of dying in Galveston County is o.o11. The data for car deaths is greater than that meaning the odds of driving is grater than death by corona - 19

Ignoring the economic damage and the virus being used for a political gain is inviting

more national unrest. When we look back at this, it won't be the virus that shut down schools, business and locked down people's movement, it will be government who joined a segment of the country, that already did not like the country or the bill of rights and who are openly using the virus to create a larger and lasting crisis.

We are seeing a dream by the left come true.

PD Hyatt

I for one do not think that Mayors or County Judges who are extending these shutdowns really care about businesses yet. Of course when they see what is going to happen to the tax money that will not be coming into them, then most of them will start hollering we need to raise the taxes on the home owners. What need to happen is that the people who are making these foolish decisions need to be voted out of office and vote people in who have some common sense and are not afraid of their own shadows....

Gary Miller

A $1,000 fine on a business for customer not wearing a Mask? Stupidity. Like a traffic fine on drivers not wearing blindfolds. Or fining passengers, not drivers, for speeding. If you voted for these bureaucrats you failed your community.

Wayne D Holt

There are one or two on City Council now who understand and attempt to employ rationality and traditional ideas of American jurisprudence in their duties regarding these dictates from above. It is a hard slog and I acknowledge them for fighting the good fight for all our rights.

Come November, Galveston voters will have the ability to register their satisfaction with how their council representative and mayor acquitted himself or herself during this crisis. Did they stand up for rational, scientifically demonstrable facts or were they content to report data they apparently don't even understand how to interpret correctly? Were they pumping the Virus Apocalypse line in their emails to constituents even as the data was showing nothing of the kind was occurring? Did they make the case for small and medium businesses to survive with reasonable, calibrated restrictions that didn't torpedo--and torpedo again--their ability to survive in this unprecedented environment or were they MIA when it came time to vote NO to more of the same mindless reactions by politicians?

It can't change, it won't change, until the architects of the present debacle are replaced with those who can balance essential public needs much better than we've seen so far.

Bill Cherry

Odd how many either have never read and contemplated the Bill of Rights, or don't understand it. Basically, it addresses the mistake of believing one's rights and freedoms trumps another's. They don't, What would your attorney's pleadings be if suit were filed against the mayor and council persons? That the store owners were damaged because they weren't exempt from participating in keeping others safe?

Wayne D Holt

If I was the business's attorney (I'm not an attorney) the first thing I would make the City prove is that those using the business's services were infected. Odd how you have assumed this measure would keep anyone safe before you've provided a lawfully acceptable proof that assumption is even credible.

Of course, the above would never happen because the City is a lot smarter legally than they are medically or financially. They would just argue it was an extension of emergency orders of the State or County or Local Authority. They don't have to prove anything; in fact, a business could prove it did a virus test on everyone entering the location and only those who are not infected were allowed in. It wouldn't make any difference in enforcement because the order is an extension of emergency authorities, not an attempt to keep businesses open.

Odd, too, how you mention familiarity with the Bill of Rights. There is nothing in the Bill of Rights that permits emergency authority to override anything in the Bill of Rights. In fact, as one Supreme Court justice noted in a decision, there is not one mention--let alone approval--of emergency authorities in a single document our republic's founders provided. They were interpreted into "law" by courts out of thin air.

It is concerning to me that so many people who think they understand objections to the authorities that have been claimed by government actually don't understand them, their history or their impact at all. If you are defending emergency authorities, you are defending the suspension of the Bill of Rights anytime some jumped up president, governor or mayor thinks it would be a cool idea. Now that, to me, is really odd.

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