Reading the story ("Falling crime rates across county reflect national trend," The Daily News, Oct. 30) left me aghast. Crime in Democrat cities is soaring, the southern border cartel fest mines lethal drugs and sex slavery growth. Texas cities are reeling from citizen-rejected "Defund the Police" policies. Radical prosecutors release repeat offenders, jail doors revolve, police hamstrung and unable to police.

Manipulated FBI stats mean little. Wow!

But, the commentary by David Michael Smith "took the cake" ("Americans must rise to meet growing fascist threat," The Daily News, Nov. 3).

"A fascist state is led by a strong leader (such as a dictator) and a martial law government composed of the members of the governing fascist party to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society. Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature," according to Wikipedia.

This is the Biden/Harris Marxist administration in spades excluding the nationalist America First Agenda. Smith's ideas appear to be a product of the failed higher education system currently plaguing our country. Citizens are waking up as shown in Virginia's recent governor's race.

George Christie



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(6) comments

Gary Scoggin

Please highlight the Marxist aspects of the Biden/Harris agenda.

Gary Miller

Marxism always fails. Biden/Harris just does it faster.

Gary Miller

Do any of you progressives know what the minimum IQ to be a progressive is? There were only 9 progressives arrested Tuesday for attempting to produce frauluelent votes. Each chose a county in a state that rewrote it's election law to make it harder to cheat. Gotta believe the minimum progressive IQ is pretty low. Question now is how many got away with election fraud in the blue states who didn't tighten it's election laws? Interesting fact: MAGA won 19 of every 20 races, with citizens of color over achiving. Lets Go Brandon!!!

Bailey Jones

Yes, Gary, nothing says "Dems cheating" like "MAGA won 19 of every 20 races, with citizens of color overachieving!"

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller!!! "LETS GO BRANDON!" "I MMA" go to Virginia! Doggonit I want to kick-it with the "HOMIES!" Those White-Black-Brown, & Asian brothers and sisters over there know how to set things real Mr. Miller! They gave this nation a boost, by giving the DEMS the BOOT! Lololo!

Stuart Crouch

Raw idiocy has never been more easily proven. Thanks fellas.

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