I'm under the impression that price gouging during an emergency is against the law. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has been engaging in price gouging for the duration of this weather crisis.

The wholesale price of electricity jumped from an average of 3 cents per kilowatt in January to its current $9 per kilowatt. There's no way on God's green earth that it costs 3,000 percent more to generate electricity during a weather crisis.

By the way, the infrastructure cost is covered by delivery charges of 4.5 cents per kilowatt. That fee is banked by the utilities so that during an emergency the repairs can come out of the reserves.

Robert Braeking

Santa Fe

Editor's note: The Public Utilities Commission of Texas, which oversees ERCOT, ordered the wholesale price of electricity to a "scarcity" cap of $9,000 a megawatt to encourage generators to produce more power.


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Gary Miller

Consumers with fixed price contracts saw no increase in their bills. Consumers with varible price contracts hoped to save money when production exceded demand. They will pay back everything they saved in higher emergency price situations. Fixed price consumers out number varible price contractors. The extra cost of emergency pricing falls more heavily on varible contract consumers. They got what they signed up for.

Gary Miller

Robert> I have a fixed price contract of 10.1 cents per kilowatt hour with Center Point Power. They can't charge me anymore for two years when I'll sign up for another fixed price contract. With the increase of solar and wind power the price consumers pay must increase. The grid pays them both higher prices than legacy energy producers. Soon the government will stop subsidizing solar and wind. Expect a quick increase in consumers prices. 200 or 300 % will be needed to pay for solar and wind. Be happy, isn't saving the world what you wanted?

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