Even though Joe Biden has been declared president-elect by the media, it seems Donald Trump must've impressed many people in America.

He may have lost some key states because of possible voter fraud, but he received over 8 million more votes than he did in 2016 when he beat Hillary Clinton.

That's huge. Eight million more people voted for him because they knew he did a great job running our country; in spite of the coronavirus.

Hardly anyone attended Biden's "rallies" but the Democrats know how to harvest the phantom ballots and Biden got 9.5 million more votes than Hillary got in 2016. People didn't vote for Biden/Harris because there's nothing there. The Trump haters and social media are the responsible parties for the Democrat win.

The two presidential candidates amassed 18 million more votes than were cast in the 2016 election, which is amazing considering only 4.3 million new voters were added to the voting population since 2016. Says a lot for "mail-in" voting.

If the Republicans ever want to win again they better start learning how to cheat like the Democrats.

Charles Killebrew



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Carlos Ponce

Biden got more dead votes than Trump.

Jim Forsythe

Donald Trump is now losing by a greater percentage of the vote to Joe Biden than Jimmy Carter did to Ronald Reagan.

Carlos Ponce

Wait and see.

George Soros

prove it

Carlos Ponce


While there is no clear indication of whom they voted for a look at precinct results notes the probability is more than likely Democrat.

Gary Miller

Biden got more double votes than Trump.

Mike Zeller

"I like people who weren’t captured.” said Trump. I like people who win(Biden), not guys who come in 2nd(Trump), said Mike Zeller.

Carlos Ponce

Mike is spiking the ball and doing a victory dance before crossing the goal line.

My dad served in World War II. My dad wasn't captured. I like people who weren't captured. Looks like Mike doesn't like veterans who served and weren't captured. Is that true, Mike? How hateful!

domenico nuckols

I guess all the Republicans that won their races cheated too. They where on the same ballot. All the lawsuits Trump’s team has filed have been thrown out. President-Elect Joe Biden is the winner get over it.

Carlos Ponce

domenico, if you have any proof of Republicans cheating? If you do, please report it. I'm not a Republican, I'm a Christian Conservative. But I did vote for many Republicans. If there is one in the bunch or a vote counter who cheated I'd really like to know so fraud will not sit atop my vote.

"HOUSTON TX – Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced that starting today he will pay up to $1 million to incentivize, encourage and reward people to come forward and report voter fraud. Whistleblowers and tipsters should turn over their evidence to local law enforcement. Anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest and final conviction of voter fraud will be paid a minimum of $25,000."


Here's your shot, domenico!

Jim Forsythe

"I like people who weren’t captured.” said Trump

Carlos Ponce

Nothing wrong with that, Jim. Do you DISLIKE people who weren't captured like the millions who returned?

domenico nuckols

Carlos in the same light show me proof not wild tweets that Democrats cheated, you can't

Jim Forsythe

No one said anything about disliking military who weren't captured, except you!

Just because Trump thinks it OK to dislike military that was captured, does not mean anyone else does.

After Jan. 20 2021, we will not have to hear stuff like that from a President.

Carlos Ponce

"Just because Trump thinks it OK to dislike military that was captured," - That's not true, Jim. Can you find me a quote where he says that?

"I like people who weren’t captured” DOES NOT say he dislikes military that were captured. That's a ridiculous extrapolation.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, the list is long and these are just a few , that did wrong. The list of Democrat's is also long.

JUL 10TH, 2020 Republican Pleads Guilty To Attempted Election Fraud With Mail In Ballots

A mail carrier in West Virginia pled guilty to changing the party registration on eight absentee ballot requests from Democratic to Republican. Thomas Cooper entered the plea in federal court in Elkins to attempted election fraud and injury to the mail, U.S. Attorney Bill Powell said in a statement.

Rep. Steve Watkins (R-KS) was charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor – interference with law enforcement by providing false information, voting without being qualified, unlawful advance voting, and failing to notify the DMV of change of address – because he attempted to vote illegally. WATKINS CAME UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE SHAWNEE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE AFTER ALLEGATIONS THAT HE LISTED A TOPEKA UPS STORE FOR HIS ADDRESS WHEN VOTING IN THE 2019 GENERAL ELECTION.’


County detectives say a man from Forty Fort filled out an application for an absentee ballot for his mother, who is dead. According to court paperwork, 67-year-old Robert Lynn used a typewriter to fill out that absentee ballot application in the name of his deceased mother. Court records show she passed away five years ago. Lynn is a registered Republican.

Governor of Alabama Robert J. Bentley (R) resigned after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges: failing to file a major contribution report, in violation of Code of Alabama § 17-5-8.1(c); and knowingly converting campaign contributions to personal use.

Alabama.Colorado State Representative Douglas Bruce (R), was convicted on four counts of felony criminal activity including, money laundering, attempted improper influence of a public official, and tax fraud. He was sentenced on February 13, 2012, to a total of 180 days in jail, $49,000 in fines, and six months of probation which included extensive disclosure requirements.

Kentucky State Representative Ben Waide (R) convicted of campaign violations.

Montana State Representative Mike Miller (R) admitted to accepting "unlawful corporate contributions" from Western Tradition Partnership, was found guilty, was fined $4K and agreed not run for public office for four years

New York State Senator George D. Maziarz (R) pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for offering a false instrument for filing to avoid five felony counts and a trial for filing false campaign expenditure reports

North Carolina State Senator Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr. (R) convicted of fraud for misusing campaign contributions and falsely labeling them as expenses. Sentenced to 8 months.

Oklahoma State Representative Gus Blackwell (R) was accused of perjury and embezzlement for using both state funds and campaign funds to pay for the same trips. In a plea bargain he pled guilty and agreed to pay restitution

State Senator Kyle Loveless (R) was sentenced to three years of probation and restitution after pleading guilty to embezzling campaign funds

State Representative Randy Terrill (R) was found guilty of bribery in connection with the Oklahoma political corruption investigation. Terrill was sentenced to one year in prison

Pennsylvania State Representative John M. Perzel (R), pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges, including two counts of conflict of interest, two counts of theft, and four counts of conspiracy, concerning a scheme to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on computer technology from Aristotle, Inc. for the benefit of Republican political campaigns

Jim Forsythe

Trump attacks McCain: 'I like people who weren't captured' 07/18/2015

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a close friend of McCain’s, tweeted, “If there was ever any doubt that @realDonaldTrump should not be our commander in chief, this stupid statement should end all doubt.” He added: “At the heart of @realDonaldTrump statement is a lack of respect for those who have served - a disqualifying characteristic to be president.”

“I know Senator John McCain is an American hero. Period. Stop,” tweeted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“America’s POWs deserve much better than to have their service questioned by the offensive rantings of Donald Trump,” tweeted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who spoke at the summit before Trump.

Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, tweeted: “.@SenJohnMcCain is an American hero because he served his country and sacrificed more than most can imagine. Period.”

Carlos Ponce

McCain's family said the animosity between the senator and President went BOTH ways.

Gary Miller

Jim> More than one hundred a day whistle blowers are signing vouchers ( under threat of pergery ) of violations of law by Democrats. None so far on Republicans.

Priscilla Files

This is exactly the kind of post that would be flagged even by Twitter and Facebook. There is NO credible evidence of widespread OR minor voter fraud. ALL the election officials have made statements to this. GDN - please start flagging this kind of false information. Go ahead and print it, but if Twitter can flag Trump’s crazy tweets, y’all can flag this.

Carlos Ponce

"There is NO credible evidence of widespread OR minor voter fraud." Not reported by the Liberal news, that is. Wait and see.

So Priscilla is telling us to ignore voter fraud and cheating - how very Progressive of you!

Jim Forsythe

There is NO credible evidence of widespread OR minor voter fraud

Carlos Ponce

Two famous lines:

Jim Forsythe:There is NO credible evidence of widespread OR minor voter fraud.

Captain Renault (from the movie Casablanca: I'm shocked! Shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

Gary Miller

Priscilla> Unlikely election officials violating law are going to admit there is any violations.

Dan Freeman

Sorry guys Lt Gov Patrick's reward has been claimed by the Lt Gov of Pennsylvania. A Trump supporter tried to vote in his dead mother's name: https://triblive.com/news/pennsylvania/lt-gov-fetterman-seeks-claim-of-1m-voter-fraud-reward-from-texas-lieutenant-governor/

Gary Miller

Dan> Patrick offer continues. Wasn't for just one or just first one.

Dan Freeman

Chiseler Patrick would never pay anyway[tongue]

Carlos Ponce

Robert Richard Lynn, 67, of Forty Fort, was charged with forgery and interference with a primary or election on Thursday, October 22, 2020. If found guilty, Lt Gov. of Pa can only collect $25,000 from Patrick. It is $25,000 per proven offender up to $1 million. He'd have to turn in 40 individuals to collect $1 million.

George Laiacona

Just goes to show you just how many naive voters we have in America. Do they really think he is a peoples President?

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona, listening to false Left wing political rhetoric again.

Thomas Carpenter

Bunker Boy is impressive all right, sulking in his room watching television and totally abrogating his responsibilities as president while tweeting endlessly "I won!" The country rejected him and I hope he runs again in 2024, that will guarantee a Kamala Harris win. Let's see, three years for taking over for Joe, and eight more after that ... that's going to be a long, miserable, cold period for you cult members ... eleven years of Harris as president.

Carlos Ponce

Bunker boy is Joe Biden. He's not president.

Jim Forsythe

Bunker Boy Trump, emerged from the bunker to order the path be cleared, so he could walk across the street to thump a bible.

Is trump back in his bunker, or just dreaming up more outlandish ways to stay in power.

Try as he might, he will be gone Janauary20,2021, to face all the lawsuits that will happen as soon as he is out of office.

Carlos Ponce

Did Trump go in the bunker? Yes, but for only a couple of minutes to inspect the changes that had been made.

"They said it would be a good time to go down and take a look because maybe sometime you're going to need it," Trump said, casting the episode as an appraisal of his security logistics rather than an emergency.


On the other hand Bunker Biden hid in his basement for MONTHS!

Trump will not leave office until January 20, 2024.

Jim Forsythe

As Trump has a bunker and Biden does not, you are off in which is a bunker boy.

Biden must have been doing something right, as he did not get Covid19 and Trump did.

Biden will be taking over January 20, so it looks like Biden's strategy worked out .

Carlos Ponce

"As Trump has a bunker and Biden does not" Thank you, Jim! The White House does have a bunker for use by the President, his family, staff and White House workers in case of nuclear attack. Since Jim Forsythe tells us "Biden does not" you're telling us Biden will not be president.

Jim Forsythe

Biden does not have a bunker. After January 20,2021. Biden will have a bunker, at the White House.

Unless Trump has his own bunker at one of his places, he will no longer be bunker boy after January 20,2021.

Carlos Ponce

Trump was never

"bunker boy". That's just something made up by Liberals.

Gary Miller

Thomas> I'll bet on 11 years in prison for Kamala as most likely.

domenico nuckols

Trump's DHS said not cheating what do you need? Trump :LOST 306 232! Get over it!

Carlos Ponce

DHS did not say "not cheating". Of course when you use FAKE news as your source you won't be told any different.

George Laiacona

Carlos, what has Trump done in the last three years but keep labor at bay by continuing the past efforts of the Republicans to keep American Labor down on the poverty level. There have been no infrastructure legislation that would surly help American Labor survive this Chinese Virus epidemic. Why hasn’t Trump stepped in and by way of Executive Order produce a second Stimulus Package? And don’t try to tell me it’s the Democrats choice. They have presented a plan that will definitely help the lower classes of Americans. But then the Republicans have a history of neglecting the Labor Classes. Where is Trump’s programs that benefit those Americans earning less than $60,000.00 a year?

Carlos Ponce

He kept Labor down?????? He brought jobs back to the United States that higher taxes drove away.

The Police unions supported Trump.

The rank and file of unions supported Trump in spite of what their labor leaders told them for whom to vote.

Jim Forsythe

The total votes for Biden, 78,659,395 , these where people that want Biden and not Trump to be President. Trumps total,73,105,080 votes, which was not enough.

It makes not difference what groups or which people supported Trump, because Trump lost.

Carlos Ponce

So the claim is more people voted for Biden than Obama? Do you honestly believe that? 69,498,516 in 2008, 65,915,795 in 2012. Even accounting for population and registration increases this makes NO SENSE.

Jim Forsythe

The total votes for Biden, 78,659,395

Carlos Ponce

So the claim is more people voted for Biden than Obama? Do you honestly believe that?

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