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Bailey Jones

And states used that power for generations to limit the ability of whole classes of Americans to exercise their rights. "Literacy" tests, poll taxes, grandfather clauses, physical intimidation, etc. When I was in college a favorite method to keep the college kids from voting was to change the polling place at the last minute. Attacks on constitutional rights by the states go unchallenged unless the federal government has the will to step in and enforce the law.

Gary Miller

Bailey>If you vote with the dead and illegal you elect a Democrat.

Bailey Jones

Democratic policies are so good, even the dead want to vote for them.

Carlos Ponce

"even the dead want to vote for them." Zombie votes? Bob Hope was right.


Paul Hyatt

Of course many like to have the dead vote and allow the illegals (non citizens ) to vote.... That is helping to keep one party in power....

Emile Pope

Unfortunately the willfully ignorant are still allowed to vote...

Don Schlessinger

If they didn't there would be no Democratics

Emile Pope

I rest my case...

Dan Freeman

The Daughters assert: ‘the Constitution never clearly ensures us the “right to vote.”’ This is not correct.

Voters shall be those eligible to vote for the most numerous branch of the State Legislature. (Article 1: Section 2). This has been amended to guarantee the right to vote regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude (Amendment 15), sex (Amendment 19), and being eighteen years of age or older (Amendment 26).

Randy Chapman

No one under 30 years of age should be allowed to vote.

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