An excerpt of lyrics from Glen Campbell's song "Galveston," says: "Galveston, oh Galveston, I am so afraid of dying. Before I dry the tears she's crying. Before I watch your sea birds flying in the sun. At Galveston, at Galveston."

National news? Cowboy law enforcement officers "escorting" a handicapped black American man down main street with ropes, handcuffs and total dishonor for humanity on their horses.

Shame on you. I have to think Galveston is better than that.

Herb Riley

Matthews, North Carolina

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Don Schlessinger

Too bad there isn't a emoji for the finger.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Herb Ryley from North Carolina, ahhh Herb we Ole Back-water Texans got this OKAY? POT TRYING TO CALL THE KETTLE METAL!!! Why don't you sir, tell us old ploy-boys down here why it took North Carolina until February 7, 2013 adopt the THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT freeing black men and women looking like the same black man you are so concerned about now? Oh TALK BACK TO ME IF YOU CAN!!!!!! Hey we got this!!!!!! Let the word go out that when we need help from those who allowed slavery to dock at their shores in this country, we will put out an all CALL FOR HELP!!! Lololo.

Charles Douglas

Corrections ...Mississippi was the last to adopt the 13th amendment and North Carolina was second to last. Got a reprieve .... Herb, let that be a lesson though! Lol

Bailey Jones

Your wish is granted - Galveston IS better than this.

Jack Reeves

If I may borrow a portion of a line from a famous, adopted Texan, "Herb old boy...I'm going (or am in) Texas and you sir can go to H_ _L".

David Smith

They were following PROTOCOL..

Never get arrested in that racist town of New Orleans.. thats there protocol also.. I guess in North Carolina they throw them up behind the mounted

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