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Steve Fouga

I plan to study the benefits the bond will provide before I make up my mind, just like I do ahead of any bond election. Slogan's like "drain the swamp" mean nothing. Cost versus benefit is the best way to decide.

Ken Hufstetler

"but they did increase property values two- and three-fold." You are badly mistaken when you say Mark Henry and the Commissioners increased the property values. They have no input on that. If you have a problem with the way property values are increasing, talk to your Texas legislatures. The commissioners have been lowering the tax rate to help offset the increase property values. How many other taxing authorities in Galveston County have been doing that?

Chuck DiFalco

Other problems with this letter: (1) What does the lawsuit have anything to do with road and drainage projects? (2) So if the $56 million doesn’t get spent on road projects, what is the complete plan to alleviate traffic gridlock in the north county? (3) Property developers don’t have to pay for their systemic impacts to municipal infrastructure. (For the 10th time, don’t get me started.) If bond issues like this don’t pass, who’s going to pay for it? Or are we just supposed to live with decaying infrastructure?

Ron Shelby

I'm absolutely embarrassed for Maryanne,...promoting such "fake news" disinformation. I guess it must be the start of another election season. #1) Commissioners have not influence over home values,...home buyers do, #2) Galveston County does not have so much debt that it cannot repay it, #3) Infrastructure bonds are extremely important to the long-term viability of a community. Noone needs to end up getting hurt just for the sake of local politics. That's shameful.

Ron Shelby

It looks like Mrs Roger's homes (2 homes, 1 land) in Crystal Beach (according to Galveston CAD,... which anyone can look up) haven't seen any increases in structure value from 2014 forward. And while the land value of one has held steady, the other two have actually decreased. Looks like she may be doing just fine as the tax rate continues to decline under Commissioner's Court. And yet, when she last ran for County office, she ran on a platform of infrastructure improvement. Now against? I guess I'm confused about the entire letter and where its really coming from. Guess that's Galveston County politics for you.

Mike Box

Increased property values is a bad thing for homeowners? Let's let our infrastructure go to pot and maybe we can make our homes worthless!

Carol Dean

Counties are not responsible for streets and roads in individual cities. The cities are. The County takes care of County roads. This is an open ended bond which will result in higher taxes for everyone. Don't kid yourself. Who will decide what funds are appropriated to each of the cities?

Gary Miller

Bonds are just another way to spend.

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