In response to the letter by Christina Delgado ("No-permit gun carry will put Texans at more risk," The Daily News, April 23): Using words like “extreme bill” and carrying “without permit, background check or training” is to scare you into following their leftist agenda. To begin, criminals cannot obtain a permit or pass the background check to carry or purchase a firearm.

So, why do the criminals have firearms? Because they don’t obey the law and the laws we have aren't enforced. Gun-free zones are a misnomer; it gives you a false sense of security because the law-abiding citizen will obey the law. But, the criminal element views the gun-free zones as a target-rich environment where no one is able to defend themselves.

The statistics indicate that in states with constitutional carry for more than five years murder, rape and aggravated assault rates have fallen. No statistically significant impact on robbery rates or accidental gun deaths. Guns are objects and can’t be violent, just like automobiles can’t be drunk; it's the person operating the machine who's at fault.

Please Google Sen. Larry Taylor and send him an email in support of constitutional carry HB-1927 for your right to carry.

James Burch

Santa Fe


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Charles Douglas

You said a MOUTHFUL Mr. BURCH! This country is under attack right now, right here! It is as if this untoward, woke part of our nation, who are perpetuating all these RADICAL ideologies, and idiotic changes are seeking another Civil War!

Gary Miller

Liberals use lies to oppose conservative laws because truth defends laws liberals oppose.

Bill Broussard

“”Criminals cannot purchase firearms “ Well, see below. It’s from a new Bill in the Texas house. Btw: I own somewhere just south of fifty so I have no ax to grind about ownership. I do think your generic statements are very misleading at best. If we didn’t poison the well with NRA clap trap, we could do a much better job with ownership and safety

The Texas Safety Action Report that was written after the El Paso shooting stated an estimated over 100,000 people lie on firearm background checks each year. The legislation now heads to the House.

Lisa Burch

Lying on the form 4473 is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison in addition to fines, even if the transaction is denied by the NICS. Yet another offense by the criminal element. How do you stop the criminals from breaking the law?

Ted Gillis

But we need the NRA Bill. How else is good ole Wayne going to get money to keep him in ostrich coats and exotic boats?

Lisa Burch

Even old Wayne needs to keep up appearances. But, According to NBC "Wayne LaPierre sought refuge from mass shootings on a friend's luxury yacht" so it's not actually his. The ostrich coats were really Boots.

George Laiacona

The second amendment was written at a time when the British were a problem. Today the 21st century there is quite a different story. Why do Americans have to carry any kind of weapon at all ? Have lost trust in our law enforcement agencies from local to government? Granted I believe that we need weapons in our homes in order to protect our family while the police need time to arrive at our home. Otherwise why do we have to carry a weapon out in public places?

Lisa Burch

The threats today are greater than the British invasion ever thought about being. Self defense is the reason why our founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment and those rights are timeless. Over the last 25 years our society has been in a cycle of deterioration and has been experiencing more mass shootings. I see you believe in the need for weapons in your home but what about at School or Wal-mart? Maybe someone with a weapon could have saved some of the lives that were lost.

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