The city of Galveston's Parks Department crew that cleans and cares for the cemeteries on Broadway deserve recognition for a job well done.

My great-grandparents and other family are buried in Evergreen. For years, my mother and I would pick up whiskey bottles, beer cans, and garbage that accumulated there. Now the cemeteries are spotless, well cared for and nice to visit.

Our island's history is reflected in the graves. They're now being cared for with respect and dignity. Thank you.

Barbara Segura



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Bailey Jones


Ted Gillis

We have a small cemetery in Santa Fe (well technically Dickinson) on the bayou, that is also coincidentally named Evergreen. We’ve done our best through the years to keep it maintained through the interest of the occasional volunteers. It’s nice that the Galveston municipal government helps take care of your cemetery on Broadway. It’s such an iconic part of Galveston, and I’ve always loved driving by it. I only wish we could be this lucky. I and most of the others interested in it are getting too old to be trudging around in the overgrowth by ourselves, but we would appreciate and welcome some dependable help like what a city government can provide.

Paula Flinn

Am I supposed to pay them to uncover my Grandfather’s headstone? It’s 2/3 covered with mud.

Carlos Ponce

Most don't know there are 7 cemeteries between Broadway, Avenue L, 40th and 43rd streets. Those which are along Broadway Street are The Old City Cemetery (40th Street), Oleander and Evergreen nee Cahill (43rd Street). Those along Avenue L are Trinity Episcopal (40th Street), Old Catholic, New City (aka Yellow Fever Yard and Munincipal) and Hebrew Benevolent Society (43rd Street).

See map at:

And what we see is the top layer of the cemetery. There is the original layer, the filled in after 1900 Storm layer, and the layer we now see when filled in again in the 1920s. Kathleen Maca, author of "Galveston's Broadway Cemeteries" said "The cemeteries have been raised two or three times in different areas, and when the stones were lost during the raisings, they just resold the plots and did another burial on top," Maca said there are an estimated 12,000 grave markers visible in the cemeteries, but that figure is believed to only be a quarter of the bodies buried off Broadway.

From the Galveston Daily News November 26, 1920 page TEN we read that the regrading of the Cahill Cemetery is progressing. "It is estimated that it will take about three months to complete the work, and when it is completed the result will be a very handsome cemetery and a credit to the community, Mr Key [B.W. Key -president of the Cahill Cemetery Association] said. The grade is to be raised to a level with the grade east of Thirty-Ninth Street. It is estimated that the work will cost $30,000 or $40,000. The grade is to be raised four or five feet, with a handsome brick fence placed on a reinforced concrete foundation. All walks throughout the cemetery are to be cement concreted with each lot to be curbed and filled with sand and mudshell. Large brick pillars are to be constructed at the four corners of the cemetery and at the gates. A receiving vault and restroom to be of brick of the same kind as will be used for the fence with a green tile roof, will also be built. After the work is completed a sexton will be placed in charge and the grounds will be kept in perfect condition no distinction being made as to the care of the different lots, it was announced."

I posted that on July 13, 2019. Is there a current sexton?

Sexton - "A sexton is an officer of a church, congregation, or synagogue charged with the maintenance of its buildings and/or the surrounding graveyard."

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