Don Treshman states that Beto O'Rourke changed his first name to conceal his Irish-American heritage from Latino voters ("Beto O'Rourke is deceptive, support Ted Cruz," The Daily News, Sept. 12).

If you saw "Late Night with Stephen Colbert" on Sept. 12 you would have seen a picture of Beto about 4 years old wearing a shirt with "Beto" on the front. I don't think at that age he was planning to deceive Latino voters.

When Republicans have no substance or ideas to run on, they attempt to divide us, institute fear and spread lies. Beto is better than this as he seldom mentions Ted Cruz. He is running on issues that matter to all Texans.

He knows those issues by going to all counties in Texas to hold town halls. He has spoken to thousands of Texans of both parties. He has proven he will work with both parties to move legislation into law through his work in Congress.

Go to to see his platform. Each of us can change our current political climate from division, fear, pettiness and lies, to hope, inclusiveness, fairness and justice for everyone by learning the truth and voting with compassion in our heart not fear. Vote Beto.

James Heyland



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Rusty Schroeder

Beto fundraises in New York and California, last time I checked neither are Texans nor can vote in Texas. Beto isn't even good for El Paso, needless to say the entire Great State of Texas. #Cruz2018

Kay Lowell

As for receiving money from out of state, here is a quote from the July 18, 2018 Houston Chronicle:

"Cruz, who established a national fundraising base in his 2016 White House bid, has relied on out-of-state contributors for some $2.5 million — or nearly half of the $5.1 million in itemized personal contributions to his re-election campaign as of the end of March.

O’Rourke, who has become something of a cause célèbre among Democrats nationally, saw nearly $2.3 million in out-of-state contributions — a little less than a third of his total $7.7 million cash haul for the same period, according to a Chronicle review of federal campaign reports."

So, it looks like both candidates have received donations from out of state. And it looks like Cruz's out of state donations make up half of his total donations.

Carlos Ponce

Hello? Is anybody there? KAY, Cruz ran for the United States PRESIDENCY, who governs ALL the people in the United States. So getting contributions from non-Texans is understandable.
Last I heard, the Texas Senate seat is supposed to represent Texans, and is voted in by Texans only. But it seems that NO'Rourke is now beholden to the Hollywood Elite. (Hint: They're outside Texas, Kay.)

Kelly Naschke

Poor Kay. This depth of misunderstanding has to translate to other facets of her life.

Mike Zeller

Poor Kelly Naschke, when you run out of things to say, insult people, that always makes your argument better.[thumbdown]

Carlos Ponce

"He is running on issues that matter to all Texans."
But he's on the wrong side of the issues that matter to me.
He is “Open” to Abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
He won't vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker but he votes just like her.
He received a grade of 100 from Planned Parenthood.
He voted against giving you and me a tax reduction.
Robert NO'Rourke - too Liberal for my taste. I'm voting Cruz.

Kay Lowell

Here is a link to Beto's stance on immigration. I don't see where he is "open" to abolishing Immigration and Customs Enformcement.

As a woman, I support a woman's right to choose. You notice there aren't any regulations on men's reproductive health. There are many insurance companies that don't cover birth control, but they do cover ED medication. That is hypocritical, in my opinion.

As for the tax cuts, I'm glad he voted against tax cuts for the rich. The 1% are making out like bandidts, and the rest of us are still seeing less and less in our paychecks even with the supposed "tax cut" that was passed. The middle class is shrinking away. And let's not forget that the politicians who voted for this are part of the 1%. They voted to line their own pockets at the country's expense.
The CBO 2018 budget can be found here: "If recent tax cuts and spending increases are extended rather than allowed to expire, we estimate debt would be double the size of the economy within three decades."
Conservatives are supposed to be for a balanced budget, yet the Repulican lead government just increased our borrowing to over $15 trillion. Since the 1980's we have seen our country's debt rise, lower, and then rise again. During the times our national debt lowered, the country followed policies of increasing taxes, lowering defense spending and increased economic boom. We are currently following policies that are the exact opposite.

Carlos Ponce

Kay Lowell post's " I don't see where he is "open" to abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement"
It happened in a Town Hall in San Antonio. Robert NO'Rourke replied "And if that involves doing away with this agency, giving that responsibility to somebody else, changing how this agency performs, I’m open to doing that,"
From Politifact article, "Ted Cruz says Beto O'Rourke is 'open to abolishing ICE'"
Politifact rates this Mostly True. Now Politifact isn't always factual since it leans heavily to the Left so check them out.
" I'm glad he voted against tax cuts for the rich." well, I'm NOT RICH. It was tax cuts for EVERYBODY!
The CBO is often WRONG. And the debt doubled in EIGHT years under Obama.

George Croix

Men can't get pregnant, which is something you'll have to argue with God about.
But it's undeniable that at the end of the 'choice' it's not the 'chooser' that ends up dead in the trash can, it's the choice maker, so all the bunk about it being personal is just that,'s a decision to end another life, and without a better reason than convenience to do so, it's infanticide....
All the rationalizing in the world doesn't change that...

Kay Lowell

Totally agree with what you are saying. I don't believe Ted Cruz went to all 254 counties and spoke to all of his constituents. I want to vote for someone who does represent me. I want someone who is honest and has integrity. And between the two candidates running, I believe Beto is the best candidate for Texas.

Alan Waters

What really excites me about Beto is his stance on kneeling for the National Anthem. Don't hold his arrests for DUI and Burglary against him. All kids do these kind of things. If you like the radical socialist swing of the Democrats and the dissolution of God and Country, he your guy!

Carlos Ponce

NO'Rourke's stance on kneeling is definitely non Texan. More Hollywoodish - where he gets a lot of his $$$$$$$$$.

Carlos Ponce

Senator Ted Cruz was in Santa Fe, Texas to give comfort to the families of the shooting victims' families. He listened to them. (Hint to Kay: Santa Fe, Texas is in Galveston County). Here's his picture if you missed it taken by Galveston News' Stuart Villanueva.
I didn't see NO'Rourke there. Instead he repeated the Liberal mantra of "gun control". Despite the killings the people of Santa Fe don't see that as a solution.

Bailey Jones

Beto is a breath of fresh air in the stagnant swamp that Texas politics has become. He will be a senator for the people of Texas, not beholden to special interests who poison our politics with their PAC money. Don't worry, Texas will have still have one senator owned by oil and insurance companies and in lockstep with the Tweeter in Chief. Beto will be a voice for the rest of us.

Carlos Ponce

NO'Rourke receives money Through PACs not from PACs. Just a political ploy to fool the gullible in saying he receives NO PAC money.

Jim Forsythe

People from all over the USA are sending Beto money. This is one example.
"Abby Tannenbaum has never been to Texas. But that hasn’t stopped the 23-year-old from Florida from sending $2 a month for the past year to help fuel the campaign of El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic challenger to Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz."
Beto does not receive money from PACS , can Cruz say the same. If Cruz thinks it such a big deal to get money from PACs, he should not be doing so. Beto O'Rourkes money comes directly from individuals, does Cruz's money?
"J Street PAC lists O'Rourke as one of the candidates it supports in the 2018 midterm elections and offers a link on its website for anyone to donate to O'Rourke directly."
"So though there are members of J Street that have contributed to this campaign, they have contributed as individuals," O'Rourke continued. "Their names appear individually with the amount that they donated on our FEC report."
"O'Rourke's campaign said he doesn't plan to return the money because individuals wrote the checks. The campaign has not accepted a direct donation from the J Street PAC since O'Rourke made the pledge."

Carlos Ponce

"Beto does not receive money from PACS" Jim posts. I bet you are on to what is really happening -
NO'Rourke announces he will not accept PAC money like the people really care - they DON'T.
PACs tell their Liberal contributors to give directly to his campaign.
Gullible Democrats believe PACs are not involved it all.
Informed voters know PACs are heavily involved in procuring funding for NO'Rourke's campaign.

Jim Forsythe

What is your reason for using juvenile name calling?
Beto O'Rourke "announces he will not accept PAC money like the people really care - they DON'T."
You must, as you keep bring it up.
Carlos, is it true that Beto O'Rourke will not accept PAC money? That's a yes or no.
Carlos you did notice I used you real name, and not some other form that is not nice.

Beto fundraising: $23.M none from PACs
Cruz fundraising: $15.6 M which $4.3 of it came from PACs
This is how the Federal government is reporting it. It will change as we get closer to the midterms.
If you have better information you need to contact them, so they can file charges against Beto.

Carlos Ponce

If you don't get it, it's obviously above your pay grade.

Jim Forsythe

I do not have a pay grade.

Jim Forsythe

I asked a simple question,
"Carlos, is it true that Beto O'Rourke will not accept PAC money? That's a yes or no.

Carlos Ponce

Apparently you don't get the gimmick, NO'Rourke is using.
The money does not come directly from PACs but through PAC influence. Are PACs neutral in this? No. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see it.
A simple yes or no answer is not possible. It has shades of gray.

Jim Forsythe

So I take it that you agree that Beto O'Rourke will not accept PAC money, since you tried not to answer.
"Shades of gray" is just another way of saying I know it's true, but I do not want to answer.

"Carlos, is it true that Beto O'Rourke will not accept PAC money? That's a yes or no." Another chance to answer.

Carlos Ponce

PACs are involved in obtaining money for his campaign. That is my answer.

Carlos Ponce

"A spokeswoman for J Street said the PAC had gathered the individual donations for O'Rourke's Senate race from 371 unique donors as of last week."
There's nothing wrong or illegal with that. But saying that he does not receive PAC help is not true. He receives PAC help in obtaining funding. He's not fooling me.

Jim Forsythe

The 371 unique donors will be listed when they send the report to the government, Each person will be listed because this is not PAC money! If it was PAC money, the reporting would not happen, as far as listing each person.
Which would you prefer, knowing who gave the money or a persons identity hidden?

O'Rourke has not violated his campaign promise about PAC money, but a PAC is encouraging members on its website to donate directly to the Texas Democrat.
This is like the President saying, give money to a candidate. Did the President give the money or a individual? Of course the President did not give the money, but was just suggesting that the individual do so.
Donors who make a contribution must list their personal information, including name, and address. With a PAC they do not.

O'Rourke's campaign finance reports do show $170,000 in donations tied to J Street PAC but the money came from individual donors, not the J Street PAC. All individual donors were listed because it was not PAC money. You have not idea were Cruzs PAC money comes from.

"Carlos, is it true that Beto O'Rourke will not accept PAC money? That's a yes or no.

Carlos Ponce

If you look you will find who contributed to each PAC.
For example, US Peanut PAC contributed to $2500 to Ted Cruz's campaign.
Listed as contributors are BODDIFORD, JOE - farmer, DAWSON, RODNEY P - farmer, BODDIFORD, KNAPP - self, CUNNINGHAM, HARRY- agribusiness, etc.
And I gave my answer - PACs are involved in obtaining funds for NO'Rourke.

Kelly Willis

It’s so strange to me how Democrats are trying to rip Trump apart for the people around him having any type of criminal charges thrown their way but they are rooting for the criminal Beto in Texas. He and his family are dirty with criminal backgrounds. Hypocrisy always from the left.

Paul Hyatt

If you hate your freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution then I would suggest that you be foolish with you vote and vote the Beto way. If you like the idea of being able to protect yourself then I would suggest that you vote for the Cruz. As for the ones who love to keep an open border I do have a question for you. Why do you lock your home and car? After all those people pouring across our open borders just want what you have? Leave you doors unlocked at your home, car and business if you own one....

Diane Turski

I have researched the candidates by using credible sources and I support Beto O'Rourke! Beto does not have to rely on false, fear mongering attack ads like his opponent is doing. Beto has a positive forward thinking message for Texas voters. It's about time we had that type of common sense representation!

George Croix

What credible sources would those be, and when did you finally find any credible sources.....[beam][beam][beam][beam]

Gary Miller

Beto is for Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

Paula Flinn

Dems will vote for Beto and Reps will vote for Cruz. Who will the Independents, new voters, and undecideds vote for? We will see in November.
That’s the question.

George Croix

And the likely answer is most of those votes will go to:
a) whoever screws up least between then and now
b) whoever launches the most effective 11th hour anonymous sourced smear claiming something decades ago against the other guy
That's politics these days......

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