The last thing Texans need is a lecture from Republicans on family values.

Or fiscal responsibility. Or law and order. Or supporting our troops. Or patriotism. Or racism. Or education. Or taxes. Or gun safety. Or backing the blue.

John Cobarruvias

Houston (Clear Lake)


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Carlos Ponce

Close your ears, John.

Michael Jozwiak

You are generally rude in most of your comments.

Carlos Ponce

Not rude at all, Michael Jozwiak, But if politics makes you overly sensitive, don't read them.

Charles Wiley

And what makes you an authority on anything, explain please!

Ron Woody

I guess my question is why of all the letters the Daily News receives publish this one? There is nothing that provokes thought or presemts any information at all.

I understand presenting different sides, but "c'mon man", at least make it somewhat coherent, intelligent and thoughtful.


Ron has hit the nail on the head. Let me replace R with D and call that a reply? No, not so much.

Robert Ray

[huh] Well, John Cobarruvias, I am curious just who you think ‘we’ do need to listen to. I do absolutely *love* the fact that you listed all those topics that are actually in great need of being addressed by *somebody*, so I ask again… just who *should* we listen to on these very important issues? Please! Who do you turn to about these topics? Who do you consider to be the experts on these concerns? Don’t just tell us who not to listen to, but tell us who we need to seek the advice and instruction on regarding these matters! Otherwise, all we have is the perception that you are simply a Democrat troll telling readers that the Republican Party is bad and that you think the Democratic Party is the only correct platform that can give us the correct answers to these ongoing issues. Please tell us you have more thoughtful insight than being such a troll.

Charles Douglas

I am glad Mr. COBARRUVIAS posted this trash. This coming from a man who's party is destroying America by inserting racial division into almost every issue we encounter in this nation! The devil practices subtracting and division when dealing with humanity, that is the essence of his satanic plan for man's destruction! Everything we see happening now is about Slaves, Discrimination, Jim Crow, Segregation, Jim Eagle, and so on. It is an insult to me for Democrats to run around insinuating that African-Americans, and Hispanics are to stupid to obtain a legal ID in order that their vote can be verified as legal! It is an offense to many of us that the Democratic Liberals are insinuating we are to lazy to get up and go perform out duties as citizens of this great nation, and vote on any day except Sundays.

These people are badgering an old Supreme Court Justice now to resign or to quit because they are afraid of the job of their old Racist Red China loving President is doing now, and they know they will lose the next election, and that justice might die, or is forced to quit! The next POTUS, ( Trump )... will then appoint his fourth nominee to the Highest Court Of The Land after that! That is like terror to them! That man's party puts America and Americans last! His party killed the pipeline from Canada which supplied thousands of jobs & wealth to Americans, but he signed off on a pipeline putting Billions & Billions of dollars in the coffers of Russia & Germany! What unpatriotic fool would do that?

Mr. COBARRUVIAS' party has opened the borders of this country up to everyone from anywhere to come, and break our Immigration laws, by entering America illegally with the snap of a finger, and they are coming in droves by the tens of thousands, every month bringing with them crimes, and diseases! This author's party leader has sent word to Cubans, many who are BLACK, to stay home,. These people who are being slaughtered in the streets before our very eyes in Cuba and Haiti are told to STAY home, the generosity, affection, and love of America is NOT for you! This author's party has made war on the police of this nation causing them to be defunded or dismantled by the thousands all across this nation, and every kind of ugly crime has come forth as a result! Crime has elevated and multiplied into all time highs percentage wise, especially in cities controlled by this man's party all over America! Places like Washington DC, Portland, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angles, and still others, where crime increase is off the chart! So what is the LIBERAL'S plan for all this? Well, they do what this author did, point the finger at others!

George Laiacona

Let’s try to face the truth. Republicans and Democrats disagree on everything. No matter what any one comments about the end result will be indifference. all we can do is hope that the intelligent Americans that are not infatuated with the Trump character overrule the naive Republicans. The big lie will eventually come to an end.

David Hardee

The GDN at least is not censoring, except when the Editor is offended. But not requiring that a published piece at minimum present other than a quip of containing only phrases without constructing a basis of conclusion is the "LAST THING" a professional Editor should require.

John Cobarruvias, the last thing we need from you is: NO pseudonyms, Or partial names allowed, Or Stand behind what you post, Or Keep it Clean, Or Please avoid obscene, Or vulgar, Or lewd, OR racist or sexually-oriented language, Or Don't Threaten, Or Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated, Or Be Truthful; Or Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything, Or Be Nice; Or No racism, Or sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person, And Be Proactive. IS THAT CLEAR, John.

Kenneth Diestler

Of course, exactly what this country is missing right now-more polarization. More "everything" is the other party's fault. Yes, that will fix our problems.

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