I pick up trash in my neighborhood on a regular basis, and I have written letters to the editor in hopes of getting more people involved.

I actually believe that this has made a difference in the trash problem in my area as I have had to expand my walking area to fill up my garbage bag.

Yeah! That feels good! But I still want to get more people involved to make more of a difference.

Recently, I talked to a woman who picks up trash as she walks her dogs. Wow!

We could really make a difference if people walking their dogs would pick up just one plastic grocery store bag of trash each time they walked. I sincerely hope that dog walkers reading this letter will think about this and consider making trash pickup a part of their walking routine.

Together we can make a big difference.

Judy Glaister



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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] It takes a village to keep a village clean.

Gary Miller

Dog walkers? Taking their dogs to other peoples property to do their "buisines" because they don't want in on their property. Seems like the most unlikely to care about litter.

Jarvis Buckley

Gary I agree with you on this one wholeheartedly. I pick up trash in our neighborhood daily. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference. It doesn’t slow the litters down. Their disrespectful littering of our roadsides crosses all social & economic

barriers. Just makes me wonder what the inside of their house looks like.

Bailey Jones

I don't know about their houses but I suspect their cars are spotless - since all their trash goes out the window. My car looks like a dumpster.

George Laiacona

Liter in a tourist town is not new. As for our island is concerned it fits the mould . Until our city leaders take the problem seriously there will not be any kind of enforceable liter law that may help to curb the liter problem. Each year we visit other towns across America and see many in pristine clean conditions. On the other hand we see some places with Galveston’ s trash and litter problems.

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