This COVID-19 hoax is getting to be tedious.

I attempted to renew my commercial driver's license recently, and to my surprise, this requires an appointment. My renewal letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety didn't mention anything about an appointment.

The sweet lady at the door, bless her heart, gave me a website address to make an appointment of which there are none available until over a month after my license expires.

COVID-19 has run its course. Let's get back to work. Counting cases is irrelevant. One has to go to a European source to locate the relevant statistic which is "deaths per million per day." The curve in the temperate areas of the United States peaked in March and has tapered off to near zero deaths per day as we speak.

Tropical areas of the United States have already peaked with an albeit flatter curve. These curves mimic other curves around the world; the distinction being tropical and temperate regions. Not only are they similar, they're also similar to influenza outbreaks.

Active cases, accumulated deaths, and whatever other statistics with which the government wishes to mislead us are readily available. One has to dig for the relevant statistic.

Robert Braeking

Santa Fe


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Bill Broussard

From the Wall Street Journal today

“ Cases and deaths: The U.S. reported 52,081 new cases for Tuesday, up from about 34,000 a day earlier. The latest figure is the highest daily tally since Aug. 14, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The nation’s death toll approached 196,000.”

Wayne D Holt

Echoing what Robert pointed out, there seems to be a concerted and continuing attempt to obscure the statistics that are the ones telling us what we really need to know about Covid-19.

New case counts that spike are completely irrelevant until the numbers are counted nationally in the same way, on the same dates, covering the same time periods. You have some jurisdictions that report quickly, some that lag by weeks then bulk send the number accumulated over the period they didn't report. Yes, it is going to look like a big daily spike when you lump a week or two or three together for the report.

Even using the skewed case count, we must remember we are about at a 96%+ clearing rate without hospitalizations or fatalities. The fatality count itself has gone from breaking out Covid-19 deaths to a PIC count: pneumonia, influenza and covid are lumped together. Think that may make the Covid-19 count larger than life?

The longer one looks at this whole debacle the more one comes to the conclusion there is more, much more, to the story than the narrative being pushed by MSM. When a government is willing to eviscerate its economy, imprison its residents, force mass depersonalization techniques like masking and vague distancing over a disease with a fatality rate in our county of 0.00042 percent of the population, there is more going on that we are not being told about.

As someone remarked, we have completely erased the familiar American experience of living over a disease that the vast majority must take a test to even know they have.

Wake up, America. We are being played yet again.

Robert Braeking

The numbers in Galveston county, were this any other viral outbreak, would not even create a blip on the radar screen. The Texas Department of Health reports cumulative deaths. One has to take those numbers and apply a formula in excel® to arrive at the daily mortality rate. Once those numbers are graphed we find out that the Covid has run its course and the crisis is over. BTW - Masks did absolutely nothing.

Dan Freeman

Please do not wear a mask. The consequence is fewer Trump votes.

Carlos Ponce

You used to work for UTMB and you are relishing in the thought of people dying?

Robert Braeking

My point is, Carlos, that wearing a mask in the manner that the public is wearing them is not within the protocols of proper infection control. I don't think I am alone when I tell you that I have been using the same mask that I have been storing on the dash of my pickup for the past few months. I only wear it when I go into a store that is marching lock-step with the powers that be. I may get it blue side out or white side out. As long as the store will do business with me who cares?

Carlos Ponce

I understand that, Robert. My remarks are attached to Dan Freeman Sep 17, 2020 11:37am who posted "Please do not wear a mask. The consequence is fewer Trump votes."

Jose' Boix

Some "Pandemic observations": July 15, 2020 - 31% of the estimated Galveston County population tested, we had 7.55% Positivity. Fast forward to September 15, 2020 - 46% of the estimated Galveston County population tested, we now have 7.52% Positivity. The Positivity "peaked" at 8% on August 4.

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