Alarming news: We've elected what we thought was a patriotic American in U.S. Rep. Randy Weber to represent Galveston. From what I just read, he has taken sides with the "Kin-Folk" Texans that still think Texas should be separated from the USA ("Texas secessionists crow after Weber memes about Texit," The Daily News, Nov. 19).

Anyone with any kind of intelligence can see that this move is for personal financial gain of those who intend to revive the Civil War. This isn't 1860. We're a republic that has proven united together we can all provide a satisfactory financial future for our families.

Helping one another survive the Republican Suppression Movement, the Supremacist Movement and the discrepancies between all ethnic peoples, we've proven that we can progress as a united nation.

Granted there are many faults in our democracy, but over the years, we as patriots have been able to improve our relationships with those who don't agree on everything that comes before us. This past election has proven just as it did with Adams and Jefferson that we as a nation are divided; fortunately, not enough to start another Civil War.

We must investigate the credentials of those we choose to represent us.

George A. Laiacona Jr.



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Carlos Ponce

Apparently George A. Laiacona Jr. did not read the article carefully:

"A Weber spokesperson on Wednesday said the post was meant to be taken 'figuratively, not literally.'

'It was meant to imply we need to preserve Texas values,' the spokesperson said."

Gary Scoggin

Is having your cake and eating it, too a "Texas value"?

Carlos Ponce

By definition, a Texan who does not understand Texas values is a "scalawag".

Bailey Jones

Weber is a politician doing what politicians do - stroking his base. It reminds me of Cruz cooking bacon with a machine gun.

Ted Gillis

There was a guy on the internet promoting that California should split off from the rest of the U.S. and form a republic 4-5 years ago. He assembled a following, collected money and even arranged a rally for people to show up at in person. Of course he didn't because the whole charade was accomplished form his computer in St. Petersburg (not Florida).

Don Schlessinger

Gee I wish the guy promoting California's succession from the rest of America had been successful. I've always thought the San Andreas Fault would do that for us, but no, California is still there.

Carlos Ponce

Not to worry, Don. The Liberal coastal areas of California will be non-populated after the asteroid hits in 2029.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Schlessinger> [thumbup][thumbup]

Charles Douglas

I smell serious confrontation in the air! My "Dougie" senses tells me there are consequences & repercussions on the way in this nation! Remember what they said about a house, city, or nation decided?

Charles Douglas

Correction>>>> I smell serious confrontation in the air! My "Dougie" senses tells me there are consequences & repercussions on the way in this nation! Remember what they said about a house, city, or nation DIVIDED?

Bailey Jones

You're right, Charles. In the next very few months, the vaccines will be distributed and Biden will be President - ending the two worst plagues of the last 100 years.

Carlos Ponce

"In the next very few months, the vaccines will be distribute..." You can thank President Trump and his Operation Warp Speed for that, Bailey. Would the vaccine manufacturers have had a vaccine by now without it? Chances are yes but by removing the bureaucratic regulations and red tape the vaccine will be available in a few weeks not more than a year away as Liberals once claimed.

As Dan Freeman claimed "So, testing and social distancing will help control the epidemic. What about a vaccine? That would make prevention much easier, but it’s not likely for years."

"but it’s not likely for years" - Dan was probably thinking about the old way of doing things with tons of paperwork, red tape and regulations.

Drs. Megan Berman and Richard Rupp wrote:

"vaccine development is a highly regimented process that typically takes 10 to 15 years."

"Thousands of subjects are tested in Phase 3 to identify rare side effects. Usually, subjects are followed for 18 months after vaccination to ensure long-term safety. In total, human testing commonly takes five to 10 years."

It hasn't been a year yet.

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