Every knee shall bow. There's way too many controversial situations happening. God allows things to happen for a reason. God is love, not confusion. God enables us to lean on him and give him our trouble.

You can argue every topic in the world. If you don't go to your knees, God will bring you some day to your knees.

It's all about him. God is love, and we all need love. Just allow a person time to go to their knees, before we're brought to them.

We can argue the Bible's meaning every day. Look around you and realize that if you want to be delivered in times of trouble that you must go to your knees. You are going to end up there anyway if you don't.

Why make life more difficult than it has to be?

Terry Segura



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Ed Buckner

Terry Segura can believe anything or any book she or he wants to, of course. And perhaps this LTE speaks to bible-believing Galvestonian Christians in meaningful ways. Perhaps such readers believe John 3:16 and think believing in Jesus will get them eternal life. But to me, as an atheist, all this letter does is make me ask why would a father figure who is supposed to love us make sure that we all bow, kneel, and submit? I want to win arguments with pretty much anyone, of course, but as a father I can say with confidence that I never hope or want to see my son brought to his knees, by me or by anything in life. (Yes, I know--I'll die and so will he--but he wouldn't if I were the Supreme Ruler and could arrange it so he wouldn't.) Regards, Ed Buckner

Carlos Ponce

Jesus loves you too, Ed Buckner. One day even your knee will bow to the name Jesus Christ.

"That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Philippians 2:10-11

Wouldn't you rather bow in honor and not in shame?

Ed Buckner

I have no doubt--none at all--that you believe what you say, Mr. Ponce. I am familiar with Paul's letter to the Philippians, as well as with other key passages like John 3:16. My own view is that bowing in honor would have to be preceded by believing that there is a god and that He wrote or inspired the books of the Old and New Testament. I don't so believe, despite years of debating, reading, and study and of Christians, including some I love dearly, imploring me to believe. The shame would be to bow out of fear or false hope.

Carlos Ponce

It's your fate. Your Father who art in Heaven is saddened by your thoughts. [sad]

Ed Buckner

Obviously, if I don't think there is any god, I can't accept that there's a divine father is in heaven or is sad. If Mr. Ponce wants to declare, again, that he believes, then we will, again, disagree. Your turn, Carlos Ponce.

Carlos Ponce

Your Father who art in Heaven says it is YOUR turn.

Michael Jozwiak

Man created god, not the other way around.

Carlos Ponce

False, Michael Jozwiak.

Ed Buckner

True, Michael Jozwiak. I guess if I'd've typed that in all caps, THEN Carlos Ponce would accept my view. (Mr. Ponce is impervious, in fact, to argument of any kind--and, weirdest of all, I think he actually thinks that constitutes argument. the best evidence--not proof, but evidence--that Jozwiak is right is the bewildering variety of religious ideas and beliefs throughout the world and human history. We--humans--are creative and inventive, in this as in much else.

Thomas Carpenter

I don't think Ponce really believes all the religious prattle he brays or he'd pay his debt to Bailey. Lord Kon Tiki Viracocha came to me in a vision and revealed to me that Ponce is a charlatan, a poser, just like his zero for the election prophets! Viracocha hit the election correctly, so ... just saying, a lot of people are saying.

Carlos Ponce

Thomas Carpenter[thumbdown]

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