Fortunately for Marx the man and his reputation, he never personally gained control of the machinery of any state. Thus, the dirty work of actually implementing the necessary “dictatorship of the proletariat” was left up to others.

And those who attempted to bring Marxism into the light of practical reality quickly found that applied Marxism brings impoverishment and the destruction of human freedom.

A common response from the left is that socialism (or democratic socialism) works just fine in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

If the left insists on naming a system of generous government benefits combined with a free market democratic socialism, I cannot stop them. That seems unnecessarily confusing since the government is actually running no industries other than education (and meddling somewhat in health care). It certainly isn’t socialism.

Oh, and let’s just leave a couple of other factors off the table while we’re at it: natural resources, oil exports, a strict immigration policy and an extremely small population (21 million total, which is only 8 million less than the state of Texas). Scandinavia is a great part of the world.

I’ll take Texas and the USA with all its flaws any day of the week, pandemic and all.

Patrick McDonald

League City

Michael A. Smith: 409-683-5206;


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(6) comments

Stuart Crouch

Now, if you only knew what you were writing about. Allowing everyone some insight into how you define socialism "or democratic socialism" would be helpful here. And we all know how the right views these 'threats' to their capitalistic existance; I'm just surprised you didn't mention anything about Venezuela! Fear, anger and despair continue to be the primary marketing tools of the weak minds and fragile egos of your ilk.

Carlos Ponce

These Scandinavian countries in question don't define themselves as socialist, Stuart. None follow the Venezuela model nor what Bernie Biden proposes.

Jay Campbell

Mr. Crouch, that is a fairly critical view of Mr. McDonald's letter, stating that he doesn't know what he's writing about. I assume you have some firsthand knowledge of the Scandinavian economies and forms of government?

Bailey Jones

You know what's the difference between socialism and capitalism?

Capitalism is man exploiting man.

Socialism is the opposite.

Mike Zeller

Good point ! [thumbup]

Gary Miller

The mentioned countries woke up to the fact their governments were running out of OP money and restructured said governments to eliminate all socialist conduct. They were socialist but are not any longer. Slow learners in the liberal mold still think they are socialist.

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