President Joe Biden told America he would bring back union jobs. Who knew he was talking about jobs for the former Soviet Union? The Canadian Keystone XL pipeline delivered energy to America in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Now, ironically, that same energy is transported by large trucks — a much less environmentally friendly method.

This is a slap in the face to American workers when one considers that President Biden abandoned former President Donald Trump’s policy of blocking a Russian pipeline to Germany which enriches Putin and his buddies.

Why are Russian jobs more important than American jobs? Why are you enriching Russia after your colleagues have been demonizing them for the past five years? And, why are you allowing our NATO allies to enrich a regime that's led by someone you've called a murderer?

Vladimir Putin must be laughing at Biden — all the way to the bank.

Jane Moran



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Charles Douglas

Ms. Moran, you are correct in your assessments concerning this issue. You see, when Biden and family members flew into Moscow and flew out with millions of Russian money, the old street name for that is, " YOU OWE ME!" Then to,.. as corrupt and stupid as Hunter Biden is, I would expect Putin and his agents have him and his father on tape or video doing things they should not have done or saying things they should not have said while they were there! It would not surprise me ah-tall.

The Biden's are not smart business people, and they seem to have gotten filthy rich overnight by selling access to old Joe's office, starting when Obama took Joe off the JUNK-HEAP of politicians, and made him his VP mate back in 2008. Joe's whole family is capitalizing on selling access to his position, his daughter, brother, sister, and of course his crachead son called Hunter. Hunter flew into BEIJING CHINA, and left with over three million Communist Chinese dollars, that experienced financial business wizards could not get. So a prudent individual would have to wonder, "HOW DID HUNTER BIDEN DO THAT?" Well we know now why I call Joe Biden,.... Moscow, Beijing, China Joe! They own him, like they own American baskeball players, movie producers, actors, other politicians like Pelosi whose husband does business with China, and many others in this country who will sell their soul for access to Chinese and Russian markets or their cash! Politicians have this very nation in huge, humongous debt to China! It is bad in the natural and it bad spiritually because the Word Of God states, " The rich ruleth over the poor, and the Borrower Is Slave To The Leader." ...Proverbs 22:7.

According to the Word,.. America is China's SLAVE. So I guess Ole Joe China thinks it is about time we start acting like we are XI JINPING & Vladimir Putin's slaves! [beam]

Gary Miller

Charles> Are you saying China Joe is smart enough to be a China slave?

Charles Douglas

He is in the apprentice stage Mr. Miller, he is trying to learn. Obama did not finish teaching him.

Charles Douglas

Yes Putin is laughing at America now, and so are many others leaders in the world because of Joe China! The RADICALS, and Joe China are facilitating the killing off of Black Babies in the womb, and now as if that is not enough they are turning their heads as BLACK toddlers are being killed in street shootings and drive-bys in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Portland, Los Angles, and Houston!

The LEFT'S assaults on police officers of this nation by defunding & dismantling them, are leaving minorities, and most especially African-Americans, exposed to unchecked violence and lawlessness in or near high crimed neighborhoods in America! Democrats care nothing about BLACKS, and HISPANICS in America. They only care about turning Red States Blue! This is their master plan now! They want to turn Texas blue, and they need BLACK & BROWN votes to do it! The votes from minorities are their only concern! They are proving it now by turning their heads to horrific deaths of young Hispanics & Blacks at the borders and in ghetto cities! Minority lives are not worth much to Liberals, ANTIFA, or BLM unless a Black OR BROWN life was ended by a police officer, otherwise they could give a "RIP."

Little BLACK babies and Toddlers are being killed or massacred all around the nation because of failed Democratic policies, apathy, and political nonsense. Little Brown lives are being effected, changed, or ended in their quests to cross over into the promised land at the Southern Border, while the Media, and all the RADICAL institutions who cover-up for the DEMS & Joe China, says nothing! The "SWAMP" & Obama's JUNTA have successfully taken over America! This is what he meant years ago when he said he would fundamentally change America and the world. So Enjoy!!!!!

Jarvis Buckley

Mr. Douglas, you appear to speak with knowledge & wisdom. Thank you for your comments. I always benefit from reading your


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