In response to Harris "Shrub" Kempner Jr. ("Guest columnist's idea was wrong-headed, undemocratic," The Daily News, Jan. 20): Kempner and I have worked together enough for him to know I admire and respect him, and know he's an extension of his family’s best traditions on this island.

When his commentary came out, itemizing the chamber’s punch list, someone needed to say the next version should emphasize protection for human life and failsafe engineering and not would its location disrupt vital enterprises like the historically on-time Galveston trolley.

When I said “wealthy and famous” I wasn't thinking of Kempner. I was thinking of our elected officials and George P. Bush.

Get a copy of the early version of our Comprehensive Plan from 2008, you’ll find the opening words “Galveston is built behind a seawall protecting it from the Gulf of Mexico during a storm.” After September that year, those words were stricken out. I'm skeptical of non-engineering wisdom and preferences.

I know we're in a public input stage. I’m pretty sure democracy remains intact. I never said don't listen; I’m sure they did. I doubt that the Galveston Bay Foundation or the Turtle Island Restoration Network flinched at all.

Bill Broussard



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Jarvis Buckley

I for one enjoy reading Mr. Bill Broussards articles & comments.
While I don't always agree with him I
know of not a soul with more knowledge about Galveston. His articles show him to be a very articulate gentleman. Galveston
Is fortunate to have a man of his
Knowledge sharing with his comments & occasional article.
I hope he continues for many years.

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