In response to the letter by Marty Fluke ("Middleton campaign owes Faircloth an apology," The Daily News, Jan. 25): The Middleton campaign for Republican Primary of District No. 23 had nothing to do with the response to the Wayne Faircloth campaign ad.

The sponsoring organizations invited both candidates to the forum.

The Middleton campaign agreed to appear at any of the dates offered. It would be unfair to the Middleton people to cancel an event that they already had on a hectic schedule of campaigning.

They were never asked to get involved with how the event was set up. They just appeared at an agreed-upon date.

Lori Neels



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Walter Manuel

I totally agree with you Lori!

This one incident appears to smell like the same old rotten stench of a struggling campaign trying to shift everyone's focus of attention from "facts" and "qualifications" to something less relevant.

Mayes Middleton obviously has done absolutely nothing wrong and yet is being made out to be the bad guy by others in an attempt for a weak politician to garner a few more votes. [yawn]

PD Hyatt

Besides who wants to vote for Faircloth after the way he tried to get involved with the LMISD debacle when they (LMISD board) were fighting to stop TCISD from take over ordered by the State...

Walter Manuel

Exactly Mr. Hyatt. Wayne Faircloth fought hard for a certain group of people that he knew absolutely nothing about them nor had he done enough research to support those who basically duped him into trying to save LMISD.

We have all since learned through the GDN that it was a huge eye opener for Mr. Faircloth when he toured the schools in LM that were closed and allowed to be destroyed by vandals, as well as, the weather because the ousted incompetent board members refused to spend money on security, repairs from hail damage and hurricane Ike money that they received in order to maintain the properties. Those closed schools weren't even insured for the longest time.

Wayne Faircloth in fact didn't even realize that when he toured LMISD High School that the A/C unit wasn't even working and hadn't been for quite some time despite the students having to attend a school that was not adequately air conditioned or heated.

This is the first clue that shows Wayne Faircloth only thinks about himself and what will benefit him most and NOT what was in the best interest of everyone else.

It's way past time to send Wayne Faircloth back to selling insurance because he did a LOUSY job supposedly representing his district! [thumbdown]

Carol Dean

I attended the Forum at The College of the Mainland last night that was sponsored by I-45 and The League City Chamber of Commerce. We were asked to refrain from "booing" and "hissing" when the candidates spoke. Who knew that "Fakecloth" would become totally unhinged and take me to task for nodding my head in agreement with Mr. Middleton's comments and in return shaking it in disapproval at several of Wayne's comments!?! He pointed his finger directly at me and said "Don't do that, I don't like it." And then commented once again at the end after one of his statements, all the while pointing his finger again at me, "I'm sure you will be posting that on Face Book". Wow, who knew that "Fakecloth" could become so easily "unhinged" under the slightest amount of pressure? Glad I can't vote in that race, but will continue to support Mayes Middleton who remains calm under pressure and does not shy away from the questions.

Doyle Beard

truth be know you probably wish you could vote against FAircloth.

Carol Dean

Truth can be a "funny thing"!

Walter Manuel

Carol, apparently Wayne Faircloth is feeling the pressure being put on him with each passing day and more than he cares to admit especially coming from a Chambers county "reared and highly qualified" and "conservative Republican" challenger, something that he has not had to face in past elections.

Carol, keep nodding, shaking your head in disapproval, roll your eyes if you feel the need at a "public forum" because after any and ALL politicians not just Mr. Faircloth is being paid extremely well with taxpayers money and works for you and NOT the other way around. [beam]

Carol Dean

Will do, Walter! Besides...I am a huge proponent of the First Amendment!

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