Thinking more with your heart is so simple. Try following where your heart takes you. Kindness goes a long ways. We all feel so much better when we do good for others.

There is always someone near you that needs something. Even one kind word can change someones day. If we want our country to be great we have to encourage others to think more with their heart.

The bigger the heart — the bigger the dream.

What matters is our heart toward others. It's then that God sees us and hears our prayers. God blesses us when we use our heart to help reach out to others.

Terry Segura



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Charles Douglas

Terry, you are absolutely, t-totally correct! Let Ole CD throw some legitimacy in here to enhance what you so eloquently said, ( John 13:34-35 ) : 34) I give you a new commandment; that you should love one another, just as I have loved you, so you should love one another. 35) By this shall all men KNOW that you are my disciples, If you love one another. ( If giving Godly love is a practice. ) It should be of note that Jesus before he gave this new commandment to his disciples, had recently washed the feet of them all as an example of love. Note Godly love consists of ACTION! Talk is cheap!!!! The good Samaritan in Luke 10:30--37 by Jesus' definition of love was the only one of the three men who encountered the injured man by the wayside, that exhibited agape love, because he had compassion on the man, and he did something to help him with what God blessed him with! Amen? Say AMEN to that!!

Paula Flinn

And your new neighbor calls on you for help, and he is not Christian, he is a Muslim or a Jew, and he is enrolling his children in public school and doesn’t want them to have to put up with Christian prayers while they are there because they are taught their own religion at home and go to a Mosque or a Synagogue. You help him too, and reassure him that in public schools they don’t proselytize because there is such a thing as “separation of Church & State.” This is your new neighbor that you will show your kindness, respect, and help because you are a kind, respectful, and helpful person to all.

God loves everyone. Amen.

Charles Douglas

Still don't get it do you Ms Flinn? What you are discribing right here is why schools are getting shot up around the country at the present!! Allow me to elaborate further,... here is the deal, you cannot be for God and Against him Too! Matthew 12:30 says " HE WHO is not with me is against me, and he who does not gathers with me scatters abroad!" There is no middle grounds with God! Either you are in his camp, or ...ready for this.....or you are sitting by the campfire of the devil! The CHURCH sat by and allowed one stupid woman take prayer out of this nation's schools and how did that workout? Ask the victims of Columbine High School in Colorado, where Harris and Klebold massacred all those precious lives! Ask the many other schools since then about how it feels!! If you kick God out, the devil will surly come in! That is not a maybe,... it is a guarantee! A lesser man than Donald Trump would have been destroyed by all of what the leftist minions in this country threw at him, but he is not going anywhere! His time is NOW, and it is nothing Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty Shiff, or Satan himself can do about it! This is the year of the BOOMERANG, for the Lord has proclaimed, in Proverbs 26:27 He who DIGGETH a pit SHALL FALL therein, and he who ROLLETH a stone, it shall return on him!" Lastly, you cannot curse who God has BLESSED and you cannot hurt who God is helping! Being a Black man in the South in the sixties, and being bold and free thinking in Vietnam, where stuff was going on among our on troops that could get you killed as quick as if the enemy's bullet did it, I know! I've had the favor of God with me all my life! Lastly you said God loves everybody, true, then tell me why are there people in Hell tonight? You have to please God with your faith, and obedience and without those you can't. It takes faith to be born again, yes God loves the lost which is why people like me are taking the time to do what I am doing! The corresponding actions from an individual to believe, accept, and confess God's salvation according to his covenant with Abraham, through Jesus Christ, will determine his eternal destiny. Lastly, let him who have ears to hear, let him hear, and understand. Amen.

Paula Flinn

No, Mr. Douglas. You don’t get it. There are good people in all religions and people with no religion. You don’t know me, but I have a deep faith and a personal relationship with God. People don't shoot up schools because they didn’t hear a prayer that day. I have taught school in both public schools and Catholic schools where a prayer is said before every class. 5 minutes later the students have forgotten the prayer and are possibly being disruptive and disrespectful, anyway. If you really want to pray in school, you can pray silently, as I did and often still do.

God loves everyone. People have free will and choose to do bad things, sometimes. “Hell” would be the punishment or consequence of doing bad things. That doesn’t mean that God didn’t love that person at some time.

My point was that the parable of the Good Samaritan reminds us that someone “different,” like the Samaritan, may be the one who helps you, or the one who needs help. We know the Samaritans were the lowest class of people, dirty and poor. Yet who was following the principle of “loving” his neighbor? The people who were too busy and passed by? Or the Samaritan, the “different” one, possibly Muslim or Jew or Hindu, who helped him?

You must respect other people and their different religions, or people who have no religion but have a strong sense of what’s right and wrong. That’s why we don’t have (Christian) prayer in public schools. We love and respect other people.

If you need more explanation, there was a Supreme Court case out of Santa Fe, recently, that ended up prohibiting (Christian) prayer at a public school football stadium before the game. A moment of silence is different. You can say your own private prayer silently, or not. I am sure Carlos knows all the details of the case.

Thank you. I appreciate your service in the military. I believe you are a good person, and I admire your fervor.

Charles Douglas

Don't agree with every part of your response Ms. Flinn, but you made a good response, which is what I like in a good debate! I will see you on the next one ....

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