Recognizing both the presentation from the House managers' attempt to prosecute the president for obstructing Congress and abuse of power — and the ensuing defense arguments from the president's team that clearly sink the prosecutor's arguments — we are now forced to witness actions from congressmen and women that are directly interlaced with their own political ambitions.

This is the strongest argument for congress term limits, reduction of their compensation and limiting the perks to those people expected to represent the wishes of those who have hired them. Clearly a large representation of congress members are incredibly biased as to their individual missions, and those loyalties are not necessarily what the people represented want or care about.

The Democrat party has swung so far left, which has caused reaction from the Republicans. President Obama caused increased race division during his two terms, and the Democrats are adding an anti-American, anti-Constitution globalist twist during this administration.

I fear this divisiveness will lead to further government disruption, eventual civil unrest and ensuing chaos.

George Christie



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(65) comments

Bailey Jones

lol. OK Boomer.

Casey Alan

You have just got to be kidding me! The reason there was more racial tension when Obama was president it was because people like you didn’t want a black president. Much less A Democrat president. And if Hillary was president and she called a foreign government to get dirt on her opponent so it would possibly help her win the election and if she refused to testify and she claims she had proof Of her innocence but refused to show it you would be jumping up-and-down screaming and hollering pulling out your hair because how out rages it is. Just remember when you got one finger-pointing that somebody you have three pointing to yourself. The reason there’s so much divide in this country is because our president doesn’t mind Tearing it apart. Now I know I’m going to get a lot of hate stuff after this but come on bring it. Show the world what you’re made of.

Carlos Ponce

"The reason there was more racial tension when Obama was president it was because people like you didn’t want a black president." Not really.

"Barack Obama found himself unwittingly in the middle of the ongoing debate over racial profiling when he gave divisive remarks after the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. in his own home. Obama's image as a racial healer never recovered."

Add to that his administration dismissing investigation of New Black Panthers intimidating voters in 2008, his remarks on Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc. He was pictured with controversial anti-Semite leaders like Farrakhan and Al Sharpton who frequented the White House.

jimmy winston

Hey Galveston Daily News, yall know you dont have to publish every opinion piece that gets sent in right? With that being said, BERNIE 2020

Carlos Ponce

You mean Bernie Sanders the porn writer?

Maris Helfrich

Thank God for the Dems! Our last defense against this divisive, corrupt, mismanaged administration and their cohorts! What an insult to the Democrats and the people they represent when Trump signed the USMCA Treaty in the Rose Garden ....not inviting them whose work and support helped bring it about! How can this be good to have a President who supports and represents a segment of the citizenry, leaving out the rest!? Scary!

Jim Forsythe

In a world with an “us versus them” mentality, it’s always “them” that are the problem… right? We’re never the cause of our own troubles, that would be unthinkable. It’s always the other guy who fouls everything up. We’re innocent. If only the whole world were left to us, it would be a utopian paradise.

The same phenomenon exists in the political arena where the “us versus them” mentality finds that it is always the other political party that is the problem. You name the trouble, the other party caused it. Whether we’re talking Democrat vs Republican, left vs right, liberal vs conservative, one thing is certain, the other side is the root of all evil. If only the country were turned over to our side, to our favored “ism” or political party, we would make it a utopian paradise.

Jim Forsythe

Christian-conservative-right was the prevailing force that elected George H.W. Bush in 1992, the Republican-controlled House and Senate from 1994-2006, the Republican-controlled House from 2010 ; and from 2000 to 2006 the Christian-conservative-right, through their surrogate, the Republican Party, held all the power of our federal government from the House to the Senate, the Presidency and even a majority of appointees on the Supreme Court. Yet not one unconstitutional agency or program was abolished. The welfare state, the warfare state and the police state all expanded, the borders remained breached, fiscal responsibility was scorned as deficit spending skyrocketed and the unconstitutional Federal Reserve pumped out fiat currency like never before.

Charles Douglas

Congratulations! I wish I had a box of Cuban Cigars! I would give them to you as a prize. You just proved in your last post what you were griping and complaining about in your prior post concerning "THEM" being the problem.

Jim Forsythe

George Christie, is your point that you want the USA to become a Country Ruled by A Single-Party State? Do you want us to become a Single-Party State along with ,China, Cuba, Eritrea, Laos, North Korea, Syria, Turkmenistan, Vietnam.

Are you including all Democrats, including the Moderate Democrats in your hate feast.

Is not what you are saying the same thing that allowed Germany to go off the rails in the 30's?

Charles Douglas

Jim, ..correction, my prior post should have read you proved in your second post what your were basing your accusations about in your FIRST post concerning "THEM" always being the problem.

Bailey Jones

Sounds like it's time for a meme -

Uncle Sam says -

"I want YOU

to stop being afraid

of other Americans

of other religions

of other classes

of speaking out

You're AMERICANS first. Act like it!

If you don't get it, ask an American who does."

Joel Martin

Thank God we have Donald Trump to save this country. There is not one Democrat running that is qualified to do so. I don't understand how anyone who values a free country could vote these socialists.

Jim Forsythe

Socialism and Social Programs In America That Republicans Love:

Don’t like redistribution of wealth or shared-burden services by government? Here’s a list of socialist services in America, public and private

Medicare, Social Security, The US Military, National Parks, Prisons, Border Protection, The Justice System, Your Water (the fact you can drink it and not die), Your Child’s K-12 Education, Public Transportation, , Your Garbage Collection, The Roads You Drive On, Your Firefighters, Policemen, and Beloved County Sheriff.

All of those things are socialist in design, or teach aspects of socialism. Basically: Civilization is socialism. If America did not practice some measure of socialism we would not have a Military….

Get over the hate. You’re just as much a socialist as all the rest of us.

Without socialism, America wouldn’t even exist.

Carlos Ponce

Most of what you mention is not socialism, Jim. People PAY into Medicare, Social Security, etc. You are confused.

Jim Forsythe

Social Security, an idea that originated among German socialists in the late 1800s, is based on the Marxian principle of from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The government forcibly takes money from people to whom it belongs and gives it to people to whom it does not belong, after deducting a sizable amount to pay for the bureaucratic expenses for performing this service.

Carlos Ponce

"The government forcibly takes money from people to whom it belongs and gives it to people to whom it does not belong..."

That means I, who put no money into Social Security during my adult career, can withdraw money that wasn't mine? NOPE! Only those who put money into Social Security can get SS in their old age. I'm fine with that.

Charles Douglas

Another thing to think on is this; SUGAR is good but to much of it will end up killing YOU!!!! I need to talk more to Jim, I think I can get him to JUMP off Mt. LIBERAL into the SWEET RIVER of CONSERVATIVISM!

Carlos Ponce

Jim is so confused he'll probably claim your love life is SOCIALISM.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, are you asking me for a date? If so, do not send me roses.

The rose "has always been an important symbol with anti-authoritarian associations. The rose is used to show the end after the means, meaning "lay a rose on the grave". The rose symbol became popular as a political logo among socialist and social democratic political parties in post-World War II Western Europe. The symbol of a rose in a fist is used by the Socialist International "and many of its member parties". The French Socialist Party (PS) was the first party to adopt the rose in a fist symbol in 1971. The British Labour Party has used a red rose as its symbol since the late 1980s; the rose replaced the party's previous symbol, the red flag.

Carlos Ponce

No roses for Jim.

Bailey Jones

Remember Jim, social security taxes aren't really taxes, so that's not socialism. Medicare taxes aren't really taxes so that's not socialism. Property taxes aren't really taxes, so that's not socialism. School district taxes aren't really taxes, so that's not socialism. Sales taxes aren't really taxes, so that's not socialism. Fuel taxes aren't really taxes, so that's not socialism. Socialism is something scary that we don't do here but THEY do over THERE.

Bailey Jones

"I don't understand how anyone who values a free country could vote these socialists."

The majority of Americans - the 54% who voted against Trump - looked at him and thought, "I don't understand how anyone who values a free country could vote for Donald Trump."

That's kind of the point, isn't it, Joel?

And the truth is - you don't have to understand. You only have to believe that every American has the unalienable right to exercise their own conscience, or - as I like to say - to believe whatever stupid thing they want. America doesn't belong to one party or the other, not to the left, not to the right, not to the Christians, not to the atheists, not to the capitalists, not to the socialists. America belongs to all Americans.

Understanding and accepting that simple and most basic fact is what being an American is all about.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, "the 54% who voted against Trump" were flooded by propaganda. That is the Democrat Party's modus operandi - DEMONIZE THE OPPOSITION. Its sad when politicians do it but when you add the Leftist Press........

Remember how they treated Mitt Romney in 2012? They labeled him a misogynist who mistreated animals

Jim Forsythe

46.1 percent voted for Donald Trump

"I fear this divisiveness will lead to further government disruption, eventual civil unrest and ensuing chaos." George Christie

Both parties are at fault and keep saying you are wrong because of _________.

Take the examples just posted today. You DEMONIZE THE OPPOSITION, Socialism, propaganda. Bringing up things that someone thinks happened in the past, try and excuse what they have done. It still, they did it, not us.

Unless you want to be stuck in 2012, let it go.

Carlos Ponce

"46.1 percent voted for Donald Trump" ACTUALLY 56.82% of the Electors voted for Trump. We choose our president on the votes from the Electoral College, not the popular vote, Jim.

Remember Super Bowl LII? New England had 613 total yards, Philadelphia had only 538. But the Eagles won 41-33. Total yardage doesn't matter. It's the points on the scoreboard.

Bailey Jones

Such nonsense - as though you have any insight into the minds or motives of millions of individual Americans. I wasn't flooded by propaganda, Carlos. I watched his speeches. That's how you learn about candidates. And I voted against him. And I'll vote against him again.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey was properly indoctrinated by the DNC.

Jim Forsythe

Joel, you just made Georges point, "I fear this divisiveness will lead to further government disruption, eventual civil unrest and ensuing chaos."

Dalton Logan

If it will help ease your minds remember, no matter who you as a democrat votes for the media and The DNC will decide the candidate at the convention. Like the electoral college they are not putting this in your hands to finally decide. Can you say Bloomberg?

Jim Forsythe

Rules have changed, have you?

To win on the first ballot, the frontrunner must secure the majority of pledged delegates available during the nominating contests (primary and caucus) leading up to the Democratic Convention. Superdelegates and unpledged delegates will not vote unless it becomes a brokered convention.

Emile Pope

You can't make this stuff up...

War is peace?

Carlos Ponce

What CNN doesn't mention is that the Justice Department ruled the subpoenas were illegally issued.

Carlos Ponce

"The House of Representatives must expressly authorize a committee to conduct an impeachment investigation and to use compulsory process in that investigation before the committee may compel the production of documents or testimony in support of the House’s power of impeachment.

The House had not authorized an impeachment investigation in connection with impeachment-related subpoenas issued by House committees before October 31, 2019, and the subpoenas therefore had no compulsory effect.

The House’s adoption of Resolution 660 on October 31, 2019, did not alter the legal status of those subpoenas, because the resolution did not ratify or otherwise address their terms."

Mike Zeller

Is that the same Justice Department headed by BILL BARR? lol [beam] lol [beam]

Carlos Ponce

Liberals used to love Bill Barr until Trump reappointed him.

Emile Pope

The Justice Department isn’t a court.

Carlos Ponce

"The Justice Department isn’t a court." True. But Judge Randolph Moss is just another Obama judge appointed as United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. L:iberal judge in a Liberal Court. He is NOT the ultimate authority. One thing about Obama appointed judges - their decisions are constantly OVERTURNED. Despite what Justice Roberts said there is such a thing as "Obama judges".

“Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have ‘Obama judges,’ and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country,” the president tweeted.

Charles Douglas

Shifty Schiff is over on the Senate floor crying like a baby! His deceitful, and deceptive lies have caught-up with him! SAN FRAN NAN is on her last legs too! They will go down in November!!!!! The man Biden had fired in the UKRAINE, has come out of hiding and is wanting to talk about what Joe and Hunter are hiding, and why Joe fired him! Lindsey Graham is on record as saying he will go after Biden after the Acquittal! In East Texas the old folks used to say, "I BE GLAD!!"[beam]

Craig Mason

Another Ukrainian has come out of hiding too. His name is Lev Parnas. Oh that’s right Trump the p%$$y grabber doesn’t know him. You guys are so funny. I don’t even read the letters anymore, just the comments. It is always entertaining.

Jarvis Buckley

The impeachment could possibly be over tonight . The the President & most of the Republican senators , all of the Republican

house members can get back to work keeping

America great again while all the socialist democrats & a few jealous Republicans wallow

In their own venom. We haven’t heard the last of these venomous socialist democrats. Their freak show has lost all credibility with the voters. Most that support their theatrics are

Againers & complainers & are too lazy to even register to vote. I suspect us Deplorable’s will line up at the voting polls like we are going to a Trump rally. America is a great nation. Thank you President Trump.

Bailey Jones

"I suspect us Deplorable’s will line up at the voting polls like we are going to a Trump rally." Please pick up after yourselves.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, have you ever heard of a Trump rally that was left "messy"?

Jim Forsythe

"Bailey, have you ever heard of a Trump rally that was left "messy"?"

Jan. 28, 2020------Massive mess left after Trump's Wildwood rally. The thousands of people who descended upon the Jersey Shore town for President Donald Trump's 'Keep America Great' rally at the Wildwoods Convention Center left behind a sea of trash in the parking lot — including their abandoned beach chairs and blankets — after the rally wrapped up.Garbage cans that were scattered throughout the parking lot were overflowing. There were discarded cans, food, signs, blankets and even an air mattress.

June 20, 2019---Donald Trump’s supporters came to Orlando to see Trump and left a giant mess in their wake. Downtown Orlando is slowly getting back to normal, after Donald Trump’s visit on Tuesday evening to officially launch his 2020 re-election bid. Lots of items and trash were left behind. The city says it’s up to the Trump campaign to take out the trash and pay for it

November 6, 2018----CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Show Me Center crews spent much of the morning on Tuesday, Nov. 6 cleaning up after President Trump’s “Make America Great Again (MAGA)”rally Monday night. Pictures sent from Southeast Missouri State University show crews hard at work cleaning up after the huge crowds that gathered at the center. Umbrellas and other prohibited items were left outside before the crowds entered through security in order to attend the rally inside. Crews also picked up trash left behind.

Carlos Ponce

All they had to do was send the word out and Trump supporters would have cleaned up the mess. Here's examples of non-Trump rallies where Trump supporters cleaned up.

"VIDEO: Trump supporter cleans up trash left behind at Women’s March"

"Trump supporters cleaned up tons of trash and the Baltimore Sun is not happy about it "

Jim Forsythe

"All they had to do was send the word out and Trump supporters would have cleaned up the mess". The cities did tell them, and also billed the Trump campaign ( which they did not pay ) Are you saying that they made a mess, and they needed someone to tell them to clean it up.

Carlos Ponce you are the only one that made this statement.

Jan 31, 2020 10:10am

"Bailey, have you ever heard of a Trump rally that was left "messy"?" and the answer is yes.

Carlos Ponce

"The cities did tell them... " They did not give them time. They sent out photographers and work crews.

Jim Forsythe

When expecting a large crowds. there is not excuse for not planning for needs. Toilets, food, clean up, traffic Control. Advance planning will help keep people safe and the event clean. When I was in charge of a event that had over 900 people attending, planning was a must. Mardi Gras Galveston has people ready to clean, as soon as the event is done for the day. Having over 2,000 waiting in line for toilets is not sanitary.

Wildwood Trump rally. 2020

“Whew, don’t go in there,” one woman said after taking a peek inside one of a line of five toilets in the convention center parking lot.

She quickly dismissed the next one which had something that looked like vomit on the floor.

As spartan as conditions were, they were considerably harder for another nearly 2,000 who waited in line outside of the parking lot along a line on the street that stretched for blocks. There were no portable toilets in sight.

Carlos Ponce

Some of the cities did not cooperate.

Jim Forsythe

When a group uses a facility, they are responsible for the cost incurred because of their actions. It is easy to take care of trash, bathroom needs and such, if the event is run correctly, but the bills must be paid. After the first event, it should have been easy to see the needs of the groups, and provide the necessary protection for peoples health. To use a towns resources and not pay your bills is not the way to do business. The contracts they had spelled out the requirements, and should be paid.

Since it was taxpayer dollars paying for Trumps needs, it may be illegale campaign funding if the bills are not paid, because cities are not allowed to take sides.

President Donald Trump’s campaign committee has not paid at least 10 bills — totaling more than $841,000 — sent to it by municipal governments to cover public safety costs associated with Trump campaign rallies.

1. El Paso, Texas, Feb. 11, 2019---$470,417.05

2. Tucson, Ariz., Ma. 19, 2016-------$81,837.00

3. Spokane, Wash., May 7, 2016---$65,124.69 “I would expect anyone who is billed for police services to pay their fair share.” — Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart … Police officials are attempting to collect payment from the Trump campaign and “councilmembers have urged them to be proactive in collecting that bill.” — Spokane City Councilmember Breean Beggs … “Let’s be honest, when does Trump ever pay his bills?” — Spokane City Council member Kate Burke

4. Mesa, Ariz., Oct. 19, 2018----$64,467.56 “It is our hope that the organization will do right by the taxpayers of Mesa and provide payment in a timely manner.” — Mesa Deputy City Manager Scott Butler

5. Eau Claire, Wis., Apr. 2, 2016----$47,398.00

6. Billings, Mont., Sept. 6, 2018----------$42,811.00 “The chief of police made an in-person request to Trump’s campaign manager for the Billings office for reimbursement. No payment received and no communication.” — Billings Police Chief Rich St. John

7. Erie, Pa. ,Oct. 10, 2018-----$35,129.27 “We believed that the level of security that was required was costly and that it was reasonable for us to be reimbursed given the fact that it was a campaign rally, and the president was also here conducting a high-end fundraiser.” — Renée M. Lamis, chief of staff for Erie Mayor Joe Schember

8. Lebanon, Ohio, Oct. 12, 2018------$16,191.00 “There’s a lot of benefit when a president comes here: economic benefits, more visibility for our community. It’s exciting and great for the community. But I would hope and believe the Trump campaign would pay its bills. It’s our taxpayer dollars.” — Lebanon Mayor Amy Brewer

9. Green Bay, Wis., Aug. 5, 2016 -----$9,380.00

10. Burlington, Vt., Jan. 7, 2016-----$8,464.27 “Mr. Trump’s failure to cooperate with local law enforcement officials and lack of communication with the public and ticketholders put undue strain on the City’s police, and unnecessarily hurt downtown businesses. Paying the invoice remains the right and honorable thing for Mr. Trump to do.” — Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger, in June 2016

Jim Forsythe

"Some of the cities did not cooperate." and these cities would be?

Did the cities refuse to take payment for the clean up of the mess that was left by the Trump groups?

Did they refuse to let the Trumps group having more portable toilets in place, and clean them several times a day?

Did the cities refuse to allow Trumps group from having many roll off trash containers in place, and have them dumped when they were full?

The cities did not prevent Trumps group, from doing the right thing.

Advance planning was lacking, and the results were predictable.

Carlos Ponce

The contract for the facilities included clean up costs.

Carlos Ponce

"and these cities would be?" Those with Democrat mayors.

Jim Forsythe

Kind of a broad statement, and no listing of the cities. Why would a city OK a event if they did not want it?

As Trump groups refused to pay, they did not even up hold anything that may have been in a contract.

As clean up had been a issue in the past cities, it should have been addressed . If a event is going to be run as a professionally run event, they have to be proactive and do not blame others for what they should have taken care of.

More portable toilets could have been in place if Trump and his group were proactive.

Carlos Ponce

"and no listing of the cities" So, Jim cannot look them up?

Jim Forsythe

I do not need to, as you are the only one bringing it up.

If you do not pay your bills, it does not matter what party is in charge. They are not going to be happy because Trump did not pay his bill. Is this how you want a political party to act (D or R)?

Just the few that I looked up( from the ones I posted earlier) does not indicate that the Democrats are the only ones are nor happy because Trumps group did not pay, and left a mess.

Billings, Mont 31.5% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 58.1% voted Republican

Lebanon, Ohio, 28.5% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 65.6% voted Republican

Green Bay, Wis 41.4% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 52.1% voted Republican

Carlos Ponce

It's just hype.

Jim Forsythe

No one knows at this time who the President will be in 2021. It may come down to being so even, that a tie is possible.

If it is a tie, each state's Congressional House delegation would have one vote. Republicans now control 26 states, Democrats 22. Michigan and Pennsylvania are tied.

How close is it? It may come down to the person that carries the majority of these states, with Florida being the most importin.

With 29 electoral votes Florida is the toss-up to end all toss-ups. Trump won it by 1.2 points. Obama won it by 2.8 points and 0.9 points in 2008 and 2012, respectively. It's hard to see a scenario in which either candidate wins Florida by a sizable margin.

The one that carries Florida will have a large advantage, if all the state like Texas and California, do not vote differently then they have in the past.

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes could go to either candidate.

Michigan’s 16 electoral votes could go to either candidate.2016, his 0.2-point victory was the smallest margin in any state.

Arizona’s 11 electoral votes could go to either candidate.

Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes could go to either candidate.

With Trump receiving 304 electoral votes last time, it will not take many of the above states changing how they voted, to make a differance.

Just 36 vote changed this time, could change the outcome.

Carlos Ponce

"No one knows at this time who the President will be in 2021." I DO ! I DO !

Charles Douglas

[thumbup] Hear!! Hear!! [thumbup] .....for Mr. Buckley.

Charles Douglas

Notice that Jim, almost never deals in faith, he almost ALWAYS will come forth with IF, MIGHT, MIGHT NOT, or ...COULD! Many of those who operates in the WORD OF GOD are assured in our hearts that President Trump will win reelection, and not only that, but we are praying for him to win, and EXPECT him to win, and send MONEY, as a practical expression of faith, our confidence in God, His Word, and the direction Donald Trump is leading this country, ...that Brother Trump will win this up coming election! I don't want to hear about his negatives, because I don't want HIM, to hear about MY past! I want to be clear,...My focus is on WHAT IS DONALD J. TRUMP IS DOING NOW FOR ISRAEL, AMERICA, AND THE WORLD!!!!! Everybody born of a woman came here with a dirty slate...a past needing to be worked on. It is what you do about those OLD THINGS, which matter. Don't get me started this morning......lolo.. "MAGA" & "KAG!" [wink]

Jim Forsythe

Charles, in politics there are no 100% sures of what will happen! If a person is assured by God that President Trump will not win reelection, who is wrong?

I do not think God picks sides, because if he did over 50% would not be heard by God. To try and hold Trump out as a example of what God want a person to do, is not true. How many immoral things has he done in his life?

Bailey Jones

"How many immoral things has he done in his life?"

Jim, you're not listening. Trump is (possibly) a BILLIONAIRE. What other evidence of God's favor do you need? Trump is making rich people richer. God likes rich people. Trump is (maybe) rich. Do the math.

Maybe Trump should release his tax returns so we can all see exactly how much God loves him.

Charles Douglas

Jim you did not read my last post. No way you could have, or you would not have asked me what you just did. As a good supporter of DJ TRUMP, ..I can squirrel you some tickets to TRUMPS big VICTORY

party after the next election if you want. You say Donald Trump is not a good example of what God want a person to do...right? Then you tell me who would be? Nancy Pelosi? The Apostle Paul, who hunted down Christians, and threw them in prisons, and held the clothes of them who STONED Stephen, a Godly servant to death? Oh yeah, God still called him, favored him, and used him to write much of the New Testament...right? Was that a mistake? Was Paul's mistakes, bad deeds, and immoral things done any less than DONALD J TRUMPS? I think not! Which is the greatest sin, Trump's, Paul's, mine or your's in the eyes of God? Lolo! I won't even bring up some of the other men and women GOD snatched from the devil and the jaws OF HELL, and used them to work for him, a local guy named Charles Douglas included! Truth be told ...I'm not the only one on this forum, who are Seeking To Save That Which Is Lost; and To Help Destroy The Works Of The Devil here locally. There are things I participate in which I do not make known on this forum! No need to! We are everywhere! We are in medical offices here, we are in City Halls around this county. We wear firearms and badges of police departments in this county, we are in school districts around the county, we drive school buses, we work in emergency rooms in the hospitals all around Galveston County and we work in the city and county maintenance departments here! Tell me now, which individual who has accepted Jesus as Savior, is any more, or less deserving than any other to be called of God, if you can? If you can't ....and I KNOW YOU CAN'T....then let us all support our candidates and we will see who will win this thing-a-ma-jig in November! Good discussion Jim.

Jarvis Buckley

Bailey we always do. It’s the antifa paid protesters and the never Trump organized

Paid protesters that leave the litter. All we will leave at the polls is a landslide victory for Our President Donald J. Trump. When we regain the House on Trumps coattails. We will have that hoax impeachment expunged. We live in the best nation on Earth. Thank you President Trump.🇺🇸

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