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Ellen Morrison

I personally don’t think that Frank Maceo’s ideas on historical preservation are thoughtful - he seems to be conceptually relying on HOT funds, repeatedly saying that historical preservation is an allowed use of HOT funds. It is, but doing the research (you know, reading the entirety of relevant documents himself rather than just spouting hearsay) reveals that there is a catch.

Historical preservation using HOT funds is limited to a very small scope. Any use of HOT monies must be directed towards putting “heads in beds”, so the applicant for HOT monies must be able to display that they are a tourist draw. The USS Cavalla is a good example, and a recipient. The Grand is also a good example of an eligible entity. Naschke Field is not.

I exhort Mr. Maceo to do the research, as tedious as it may be.

I will be voting for David Collins because he does that hard and tedious work, unlike his predecessor and opponent, Frank Maceo.

Wayne D Holt

Ellen, I appreciate your input. Readers should be aware I worked on a campaign that opposed Mr. Maceo in the past and also worked on Mr. Collins' campaign for his present position.

I am supporting Frank Maceo in 2020 because he has been hard at work during the past two and one-half years thinking of ways to make District 3, as well as Galveston as a whole, better. He has been gracious in sitting down from the beginning of my entry in the campaign in March to discuss his ideas, and mine. He has been open and accepting of my idea to post links to each others' campaign website so district voters could easily compare our positions. Mr. Collins was invited to join us, and ignored the suggestion. One would almost be tempted to think he didn't want voters to make easy comparisons. In short, Mr. Maceo has conducted himself throughout the campaign in a manner that deserves serious consideration and respect.

As I said in my campaign, District 3 is the center of gravity for the city. It needs someone in that council chair who understands historic preservation is only sustainable when the economy is thriving. It needs a representative who understands the growing pool of downtown residents have unique needs that rightfully should be addressed. It needs someone who asks questions and is open to answers that he may not personally have come up with. I will be voting for Frank Maceo because he fits that profile much more closely than Mr. Collins does.

Wendy Maceo-Melton

The term "Heads in Beds" is not mentioned, at all, in the tax code.

Please, stop fighting against your own neighborhood.

Ellen Morrison

Took me a minute to process this comment, because I am under the impression that Wendy Maceo-Melton passed earlier year.

Ellen Morrison

Wayne, I remember Frank as a candidate and then as a council person. He was a good candidate that did not follow through on his campaign promises. He was not available to his constituents and did not do his homework. He kept his involvement with boards to a minimum (and attendance, iirc). It is possible he has changed in the past 4 years, but I’d rather see him involved in the community for a couple of years rather than just popping up at campaign time. There are, and have been, plenty of board positions available for him to prove himself to the voters. There is lots of non-profit volunteer help needed. He became president of the UAA (University Area Association) - but how many meetings have been held since he became president? How many communications have been sent out since he became president?

He is talking about preservation on one hand, but on the other hand he is pushing for removing the ban on allowing single-family homes to be converted to multiple occupancy. That sounds really good for the middle class on the face of it - but in reality it is likely to do the opposite. Breaking up large homes would allow for further proliferation of short-term rentals. More short-term rentals would further drive up the already high cost of housing and further limit the already short supply. Short-term rentals also change the face of a neighborhood greatly. Note that I am not against short-term rentals, but they should be part of a mix. Allowing large properties to be broken up would significantly alter the mix in a manner that is likely not resident-friendly.

A last little note. The previous members of Mr. Maceo’s campaign are now completely against him being returned to City Council. This should make residents curious enough, in itself.

Wayne D Holt

Ellen, I wrote a response to your first comment last night but it is not appearing here so may have been objectionable in some way or perhaps GCDN doesn't encourage letter writers to continue one-on-one detailed responses, which would be understandable.

In any event, I will let my endorsement of Mr. Maceo stand as is. Anyone who knows me well knows what I value. I do not endorse someone publicly without a strong conviction as to why I do that.

Others may hold whatever reason they have for not supporting his return to City Council. I have my own very clear and ample reasons for the endorsement. For the nearly 330 voters in District 3 who supported me, I can only assure them I am comfortable their interests--and the community as a whole--will be better represented by Mr. Maceo rather than Mr. Collins.

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