We recently went to Happy Buddha for supper, and parked in front facing 61st Street. When we came out, we found our car full of bird droppings from the hood to the trunk. We could barely see through the windshield. We left and went to the Chevron station on 61st Street and washed it.

My fear is that there has been an un-contained proliferation of birds, that have the capacity to create epidemic diseases. Look at 61st Street and Stewart Road on the overhead wires at sundown; hundreds of screeching birds. Avian and other zoonotic influenza infections in humans may cause disease ranging from mild conjunctivitis to severe pneumonia and even death.

Our elected officials need to take steps to eradicate them and protect our citizenry from that possibility.

Jimmie Stathakos



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David Schuler

Wow. I guess the City could construct and anchor a 42 foot tall helium filled Owl-shaped balloon over the CVS. But that might attract too many Harry Potter fans.

Linda Vaccaro

[lol] Good one! Don't know what he really expect anyone to do. It's nature. He just needs to watch where he parks. He should be grateful that cows don't stand on wires! [ohmy]

Ron Shelby


Terry Moore

I think they were here first. I guess we need to get rid off those Seagulls too that beautify our island ? Seems to me humans are killing off enough nature without even trying. Selfish beings we have become.

Dorene Philpot

Is this letter a joke? So, you had to wash your car. The horror. We like our birds on the island and I love seeing them all congregate there at night for their daily wind down.

Allison Mugnier

Maybe we could just get rid of all the old grumpy people. Humane trap & release would work -- but where would we send them?

Maybe the birds just don't like your car. We've never had a problem at the Happy Buddha. We do avoid the Walgreens around sunset, however.

Steve Fouga

Those birds, which are grackles and starlings, are a feature of the Island. We look forward to seeing and hearing them every fall. Sure, we can't park under the billboard at Yamato's, but that's a small price to pay.

Don Schlessinger

I haven't seen a good idea yet for eliminating the proliferation of birds in this blog, It's obvious you need a grumpy old people to solve your problem. I think the city should gather together our proliferation cats, then herd them to area affected area so they can kill, no harvest, the proliferation of birds and use them for food for a while. After the birds are gone, since we have all the stray cats gathered together we can herd them over the causeway and out of Galveston. Problem solved, birds AND cats gone.

Jim Forsythe

Don, they listen to you, the city of Galveston just  posted a job opening, for Cat Herder .

Jim Forsythe

The city just post the job is filled. They were able to get the "Cat Cowboys"
Below is a video of the Cat Cowboys in action.

Jim Forsythe

The Cat Cowboys are out, Patricia Alma Hitchcock O'Connell, also known as Pat Hitchcock, producer and Daughter of  Alfred Hitchcock
has contacted Galveston about a remake of "The Birds". She became aware of the bird problem that Galveston has and stated,"please do not get rid of any of the birds, the more the better". Casting call for extras will be in the parking lot of  the "Happy Buddha" on October 31, at dusk..

Jim Forsythe

Action is happening fast, Pat Hitchcock called and said the movie is off, she has came down with the Bird Flu.

Jim Forsythe

A turkey drop will take place part of the celebration of Bird week in Galveston. It will take place on Nov. 23 , at the parking lot of the Happy Buddha at High Noon.The turkey drop will be sponsored by the crew of 'WKRP in Cincinnati' , a video of the last drop they sponsored is below.

Mark Aaron

Jim: [Below is a video of the Cat Cowboys in action.]


Ron Shelby

Isn't that the job description for "Mayor"?

Steve Fouga

This is an innovative idea; I'll give it that. [thumbup]

But I like the birds AND the cats, so I'm against it. [thumbdown]

Jim Forsythe

.Jimmie , what steps are you thinking about? Is it the Mayor and City Counsel going to Happy Buddha, and shoot all of them?
After they are gone, more  Mosquitoes. If you do not know, the nest of grackles are used by other birds after grackles leave it . If we get rid of the grackles. ,we will also be reducing the number of other birds, 
Maybe you go to the beach, and may get some bird droppings on you head, so they have go to?
After killing all the birds, do you want them to go after the bats?

The charm of going to Galveston, is see the birds! Going over the causeway and being greeted by the Brown Pelican's, is always a high point of coming to Galveston. 

Andy Brown

The city needs to contact Ken Globus, internationally known as the bird whisperer.
Ken could get the birds to hang out on the visitor side of Pubic School Stadium every Friday and Saturday night.

Ron Binkley

Happy Budda should have a recording of shot gun blasts and an outdoor speaker to scare the birds away.

Katie Cromer

Ah, yes, great point Jimmie! I just don't think you're thinking big enough. While some might think you're just angry about having to clean your car, I too understand that this is an issue of safety. Life or death. Galveston officials should definitely eradicate all birds on 61st Street. They should utilize those good 'ol Texas gun laws and put a hole through every bird on the street. We can't just stop there, though. I just learned that birds have this really weird thing on their bodies called "wings", which gives them the superpower of flight. They use these "wings" to take vacations near the Equator because they are spoiled and don't like cold winters. They stop in Galveston around this time every year and exploit our city before crossing the Gulf. Then, in the spring, they fly from Mexico over the Gulf and return. MEXICO!! I am sick of it! They could kill all of us. Galveston officials should create bird immigration policies to regulate these killers. If the birds decide not to follow these policies, we will have to kill them all for our own protection. Birds have been around for about 60 million years, and humans have only been around for about 200,000. We need to take actions to protect ourselves immediately because the future of our species depends on it.

Ron Shelby

Don't let Trump know this: He'll want immigration security checkpoints for them, and may send a few back.

Debbie Berger

I'm trying to figure out how to protect the birds against humans and along comes Jimmie! Good grief! People comes from all over the world to see our birds!!!

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