In reading Mayor Jim Yarbrough's comments in the commentary ("'Revenue caps' threaten essential, basic services," The Daily News, April 4), I have several questions. 

First, he seems to claim that Galveston property owners should be responsible financially to provide and maintain all the "tourist" attractions. How do the property owners (particularly residential) benefit from tourists?

He said that Galveston hosts 7 million tourists annually. Does he mean that "literally?" If we collected just $1 extra from each tourist, we could cover our entire extra financial needs. What about parking revenue (which we didn't have until a few years ago)? What about hotel/motel taxes? What about sales tax revenue?

The bill before the House and Senate is long overdue to put the brakes on cities that have enjoyed their built-in automatic revenue increases via the property tax, and I find it misleading for our mayor to try to scare our property owners with the statement, "this bill endangers our financial future."

I just hope that when Yarbrough runs for re-election, people will remember that he wants unlimited access to property tax increases.

Stanley Smith



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Rusty Schroeder

The Mayor is in his 3rd term, he cannot run for re-election.

Gary Miller

This bill endangers our financial future? Far better to endanger the financial future of the bureaucrats instead of the financial present and future of property owners. A great American City, Detroit ignored the financial needs of it's citizens and now has hundreds of thousands of abandoned properties that are paying no taxes. Galveston politicians should remember property owners can stop paying abusive taxes by simply moving elsewhere.

Jarvis Buckley

While I don't agree with Shrub Kempner on every issue I think he would be good for Galveston if he chose to run for Mayor. I think he would be very fair. I think he would listen & consider different points of view. Just my thoughts.

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