Currently, the country is captivated by the situation we have at the southern border. Now, like many things, it's hard to tell what the truth is of the situation and what should be done about it.

Since 2016, immigration has been a focal point of American foreign policy. Unfortunately, it seems that foreign aid has been largely cast aside as a viable strategy for curbing immigration, in favor of walls and “tougher” border security.

Most people don't want to leave their homes and family — especially if that now means being locked up in detention centers with no access to basic human necessities. Long term, the only feasible solution to our immigration issues must include foreign aid for underdeveloped countries and their citizens who are seeking refuge in the United States.

Though the United States doesn't give nearly enough to foreign aid, less than 1 percent of the overall budget, we must give credit where credit is due. Sen. Ted Cruz, on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, played a role in passing the Global Fragility Act to the senate floor recently.

Texans must be informed on these issues, as they effect us so greatly.

Allison Dean

League City


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Steve Fouga

Thanks for this letter. I was unaware of the Act, and of Senator Cruz's role. I'll take a look at it. I couldn't agree more that foreign aid is a possible answer. It could have a dramatic impact in those nations that are aligned with, or at least friendly toward, the U.S. As for the less-aligned states, regime change coupled with aid sometimes works... and sometimes fails.

Charles Douglas

Question for you. What good is more aid going to do? We've been flooding aid to Central America for years, what good has it done to give aid to individuals who have no integrity, and end up misusing and embezzling what they have been given without helping their own people? No! The answer to the Southern Border problems depends on Congress closing stupid loopholes, and changing out of date asylum provisions in our immigration laws. Hey, but for that to happen, the Democrats will have to give up on no borders, and the idea that all countries are the same. Nancy is going to obstruct because that is all the Democrats have to offer other than free stuff, free Medicare for anybody who crosses the border! Free college for everybody! One thousand dollars a month for every person. Listen to all twenty of our Democratic Presidential Candidates if you don't believe me!

Jim Forsythe

Charles, have you read the Global Fragility Act, if not take the time. In the text of the act you may notice that very little ,if any of the parts talk about giving away money. The act is not just about one part of the world and concentrates on what we can do to prevent violence. This is a good example of Congress working for the good of our country and the world---------------------------------------------------------------------- Global fragility strategy. (a) Strategy.—The President, in coordination with the Secretary of State, the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Secretary of Defense, and the heads of other relevant Federal agencies, shall establish a comprehensive, integrated, ten-year strategy, to be referred to as the “Global Fragility Strategy”, to contribute to the stabilization of conflict-affected areas, address global fragility, and strengthen the capacity of the United States to be an effective leader of international efforts to prevent extremism and violent conflict. The strategy shall focus on addressing long-term causes of fragility and violence, and shall— read the rest at Cruz had what part in passing of the act? He was not one of the sponsors of the act.

Gary Miller

Corruption by recipient governments wastes forighn aid. A few bureaucrats get rich fast and the programs the aid was intended for starve.

Bailey Jones

The Global Fragility Act would require the U.S. government – in collaboration with civil society – to develop a 10-year strategy to enhance stability and to reduce violence and fragility globally. TEXTS AND SPONSORS House of Representatives: H.R. 2116 House sponsors include Representatives Engel (D-NY), McCaul (R-TX), A. Smith (D-WA), Wagner (R-MO), Keating (D-MA), Rooney (R-FL), Lieu (D-CA), Wright (R-TX), Fitzpatrick (R-PA), and Malinowski (D-NJ). H.R. 2116 passed the House of Representatives on May 20, 2019. Senate: S.727 Senate sponsors include Senators Coons (D-DE), Graham (R-SC), Merkley (D-OR), Rubio (R-FL), Young (R-IN), Baldwin (D-WI), Casey (D-PA), Boozman, (R-AR), Markey (D-MA), Cardin (D-MD), and Gardner (R-CO). S.727 was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on June 25, 2019. A previous version, the Global Fragility and Violence Reduction Act, was introduced as H.R. 5273 and S. 3368 in 2018. It passed the House by a vote of 376-16 in November 2018. SUMMARY If passed, the GFA will require the administration to: Launch a “Global Fragility Initiative (House) or Strategy (Senate),” the first-ever whole-of-government effort to address the risks of fragility by stabilizing conflict-affected areas and preventing violence and conflict globally; Identify where fragility poses the greatest threats to civilian security and select those countries or regions where the U.S. will pilot innovative diplomatic and programmatic action in support of the Global Fragility Initiative/Strategy; Improve its ability to measure, evaluate, and assess efforts to stabilize conflict-affected areas and prevent violence and fragility; Report to the Congress and the American people on a biennial basis on which tools are most effective for stabilizing and preventing conflict; and Authorize existing funds to support the Initiative/Strategy.

Bailey Jones

Sorry for the lack of formatting, not sure why it didn't copy. Here's the link for anyone interested in the act.

Gary Miller

The main difference between the "from" countries and the "too" country is the form of government. We have our Constitution and Bill of Rights, they don't. After 243 years of being the worlds best country you'd think they would do something to catch up. It seems they think Democracy is more important than freedom. Parlamentary governments are purely Democratic and subject to all the failures of democracy. Our Constitutional Republic has tight limits on democracy and few problems of democracy. When will they learn Democracy is their problem and chose a government of the people, by the people, for the people?

Steve Fouga

I see that Ted Cruz had nothing to do with this act other than to vote, along with almost everyone else, to progress it to the next vote. Yay, Ted. What a bullcrap letter to the editor.

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