I was very pleased to see the article ("City ponders 1 percent program to fund public art," The Daily News, Oct. 7). I was on the original Galveston Arts Commission, and back then we talked about having this in place for the island.

We had too much headwind to get it in place at that time. I believe we have a council and mayor who would support this now.

I had the opportunity to travel with Councilman Craig Brown, and Trey Click to Denver, and sat and talked with the city employees who run their program. I fully support and encourage Galveston in setting up our own program.

It has been shown what a positive influence the arts have on communities, and this is a great way to broaden our base in public art.

We have the turtles, the tree sculptures, the Rosenberg statue on Broadway and others scattered around the island, and by creating this commission, we can make Galveston an even more attractive place to live.

Robert Lynch



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Gary Miller

I'm good with art until taxes are used to fund it. I pay what I think it's worth for art I like. Good art is self financing. Bad art is what needs taxes. Anyone wanting to pay for public art should contribute to it but forcing taxpayers to pay for something they care little about is wrong.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] There are roads in Galveston I will never drive on, and beaches I may never walk on, and schools I'll never attend, and a nice looking court house that, if I'm lucky, I'll never have a need to enter. These things make Galveston a better place, and I can appreciate them even if they don't affect me personally. Public building is a necessary and proper function of government, and art has traditionally been a part of that - just look at the art in our US capitol, or the Goddess of Liberty on the Texas capitol, or the beautiful Art Deco murals and statuary at the State Fair in Dallas, to cite just a few examples. They say that a society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. Art is the same - it's an investment in our society's future.

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