In response to the guest column by George Grace ("Thank President Trump for fighting against hatred," The Daily News, Feb. 6): Your column didn't provide information or facts to that statement. The bulk of your column was cherry-picking examples of how his opponents and others such as Obama, are guilty of hateful acts, and defending President Trump as "an imperfect man" who is able to create a "more perfect union."

The facts are that hatred and vituperative language spew out of President Trump’s mouth every time he speaks against Muslims, peaceful civil rights protestors, President Obama, Democrats, black athletes, third-world countries, GOP leaders, etc.

These are his “words” and I could move on to his “actions,” which I’ll save for another occasion with the “facts” about the “good men” with “imperfections” that you speak of with glowing praise, even blessed by “divine providence.”

Thanks to The Daily News for being "fact-based" in your editorials/opinions, and for the willingness to print the gamut of commentaries/opinions. You are to be commended for printing those even with a partisan, extreme bias, which may be minus intelligent, factual arguments for the same.

Maris P. Helfrich



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Carlos Ponce

"every time he speaks against Muslims,"
Only terrorists.
"peaceful civil rights protestors,"
If they're "peaceful" he has not spoken against them, however those he has spoken against are FAR from "peaceful".
"President Obama, "
Pointing out the foibles of the previous president is a precedent set by Obama himself. The corruption and scandals of the previous administration has been kept mostly hidden but is now coming to light. Despite what you think, Obama does not walk on water. No scandals Democrats claim but I can point out many quicker than you can say "Fast and Furious".
Since Democratic policies have failed, why not? Does the TRUTH hurt?
"black athletes,"
Trump never mentions "black" just those who take a knee during the National Anthem, and they're not just "black". Attendance is down, viewership is down even at the Super Bowl. However NCAA game attendance is remaining constant and in some markets have risen. People don't want to see multi-millionaires taking a knee in protest. They want to see a football game.
"GOP leaders,"
The Republican party has some bad actors in it and they need to be pointed out.
Maris Helfrich is exercising his right to freely express himself but does not believe Trump has that right. Sorry, Maris but that right extends to President Trump also. That's the AMERICAN way. God Bless America!

Paula Flinn

Trump is Banning all Muslim immigrants and refugees, not just terrorists. The ones they have let in have been thoroughly vetted. Not everyone Muslim is a terrorist.
It is Trump who has divided this country by religion, race, ethnicity, class, and education/skills. It is Trump who has tried to get rid of universal healthcare. It is Trump who wishes he could be a dictator like V. Putin.
It is Trump who promised not to reduce Medicaid and Medicare, yet the details of his latest budget proposal do just that. It is Trump who would like a parade which Rick Mulvaney says will cost 10 to 30 million dollars. So go ahead and express yourself freely, President Trump. The more you tweet or talk, the less people like you.

Carlos Ponce

'Trump is Banning all Muslim immigrants and refugees, not just terrorists."
Not so, Paula. Religious preference is never mentioned in the ban on immigration from certain countries. And there are countries on the list which have no Muslims.
"It is Trump who promised not to reduce Medicaid and Medicare, yet the details of his latest budget proposal do just that."
Not really, Paula. There is a reduction on the rate of increases for each program you mention but each will grow, just not as much as Liberals would want.
"It is Trump who would like a parade which Rick Mulvaney says will cost 10 to 30 million dollars."
And if corporate sponsors donate to honor the men and women of our Armed Forces as anticipated the cost will not be high at all. Are you AGAINST honoring our men and women in uniform, Paula? Even Chuck Schumer proposed such a parade in 2014. Why no outcry from Paula when Senator Schumer proposed it?
"The more you tweet or talk, the less people like you."
If you believe Liberal polls his popularity is increasing.[beam]

Paula Flinn

Medicaid, which provides health insurance to the poor, would lose $250 billion over 10 years. Medicare would get $236 billion cut, over 10 years, in a line item marked “eliminate wasteful spending in Medicare and improve drug pricing and payment policies.”
Food stamps (SNAP) would lose $213.5 billion over the next 10 years. The EPA would lose 34% of its funding. The National Endowment of the Arts would end. Subsidized student loans would end, and loan forgiveness programs would be gone. Low income renters would get less help from HUD. Looks like President Trump doesn’t want to help the poor. He does include $23 billion for border security, and with the tax breaks given to the rich, this will not balance the budget.
I am not against honoring the military, but this parade would be more for honoring the President, himself, a big waste of money for someone with a 34% to 37% approval rating. I did not know Senator Schumer proposed a parade in 2014. I certainly would not want s parade to honor President Trump who is a narcissistic sociopath and a pathological liar. I also think he is a crook, a cheat, a con-man, and a predator. He is a person with no ethics, no morals, and no character or integrity. JMHO

Carlos Ponce

Medicare and Medicaid:
"The addendum would also provide an additional $200 million to the Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) Program Management account.
The additional funds would enhance services and support for the Medicare and Medicaid programs."
Looks like Paula doesn't think an additional $200 million is enough. How much more does the program need? Giving these programs a "blank check" is not fiscally responsible.
Also read page 20 on
"The Budget proposes a bold new approach to administering the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that combines traditional SNAP benefits with 100-percent American grown foods provided directly to households and focuses administrative reforms on outcome-based
employment strategies." p 15
Giving them food reduces fraud and saves money.
Read p 103-106
Reduction in funding with emphasis on improving the environment and less on politics.
"I am not against honoring the military, but this parade would be more for honoring the President, himself, a big waste of money for someone with a 34% to 37% approval rating." Your opinion, not fact on whom the parade would honor. And since you believe in polls (which I do not) the range is higher ranging from 39% to 47% an average of 41.4
The rest of your post is not fact, just your opinion.

Jim Forsythe

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program may have good intonations, but the results may not be what most want. To me, setting up community gardens would make more sense. Use vacant land in each area, to grow fruits and vetables for that area. A place like Jack Brooks park could supply many. Stock ponds with fish. This would reduce the cost of transportation.
Also some problems some do not think about , do the people that would receive these boxes have refrigerators , stoves and such. That was a problem some had, when I was helping to deliver food to peoples homes.
Administrative costs is a killer!
Delivery to a person home would happen how? UPS?
"Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue acknowledged in a fact sheet issued with the budget that distributing the "USDA Harvest Boxes" would cost states about $2.5 billion annually in new administrative costs."
"Stacy Dean of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, "would require operational capacity and infrastructure that neither USDA nor states now have."

I hope before a program such as is started, the cost would be looked at.
Because of the different needs of people, the cost of this program may prevent it from happening.
Boxes would have to be tailored to each families needs. below is what is in boxes that places like Blue Apron have in them. That is the one the White House is comparing "USDA Harvest Boxes" to.
"Milk, peanuts, and wheat, all of which are prominent components of the boxes, are among the most common allergy triggers, especially in children"

Jim Forsythe

Trumps budget proposal. s based on a 3% GDP growth , with is most likely not going to happen. If it does not , we will have another year of more than a Trillion dollars added to our National Debt.
In the budget, Trump assumes that real GDP growth will reach 3 percent this year and then stay between 2.8 percent and 3 percent for the indefinite future. For context, in 2016 actual growth was 1.5 percent, and it was 2.2 percent in 2017. Most economists don’t view 3 percent growth as realistic. Most private sector forecasters foresee growth closer to 2.15 percent, the Congressional Budget Office projects numbers between 1.4 and 1.9 percent, and the Federal Reserve expects growth between 1.8 and 2 percent in the long run.
His budget proposes a change in how Medicare accounts for manufacturer discounts received by patients whose total bills range between $3,750 and $8,418. They could wind up paying about $1,000 more.
Another safety-net program in his crosshairs is Social Security Disability Insurance, which pays an average monthly benefit of about $1,200 to roughly 9 million Americans who have a significant disability that prevents them from working.
A 33.7 percent cut to the EPA, a 29.5 percent cut to the National Science Foundation, a 22.2 percent cut to the Army Corps of Engineers (a major infrastructure program), a 21.4 percent cut to the Labor Department, and a 26.9 percent cut to the State Department

Carlos Ponce

Jim is quoting from Vox. Ezra Klein who founded Vox stated "and overall our audience leans a bit left" in a 2017 interview. It shows.

Jim Forsythe

Is this the part you disagree with? If his budget is not based on a 3% GDP growth, what percent is it based on?
As far as the Trillion dollars added to our National Debt we have a good chance of reaching it.
We will know ,by how much it increased at the end of 2018. Until that time it is just guessing.

About the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program you have any comment? I agree that we need a new way of disturbing food, but this is not it.

Carlos Ponce

Bookmark this page and we'll see how close the Forsythe-Vox prophecy is to reality.

PD Hyatt

No surprise here, just another liberal hater who hates this nation and wants it to continue down its path of destruction like it has been since 2009.... No surprise....

Doyle Beard

Phony Post.

Diane Turski

Yes, again I also thank the GDN for printing everyone's diverse viewpoints. The resulting discussions about these opinion pieces are useful for comparing and contrasting the words and actions of politicians and others.

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