In response to the article ("Mother charged after probe of malnourished triplets," The Daily News, Feb. 14): When the eight weeks premature infants were brought to the hospital in October 2017, it is unclear how old they were then. Even full-term triplets might be overwhelming for a new or not new mom, possibly precipitating some depression. But with prematurity-related problems of feeding, I would like to know if any discharge planning was done before mom and babies went home.

Were there relatives to help? Would the father be involved? Were there adequate monetary resources to help with formula, food, diapers? (There are many special offers that help multiple birth parents.) Was there a church group with any experienced or willing members to help with the continual feeds three mouths demand?

Child Protective Services is known to be overzealous in so many wrong ways, and not zealous enough when it matters. This person needs a good lawyer. If she wants to keep her infants, I hope there is legal recourse to see that happen with so many factors working against her.

Without adequate child care available, it would be unrealistic to think she could pull it all together without help. This "arrest" seems overkill without these concerns being addressed.

Sandra Woodford

Texas City


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Diane Turski

These are very good points that should be considered. New mothers need education in how to properly care for infants, and especially with multiple births, they often need help implementing those instructions.

Kelly Naschke

Dianne proves the progressive mantra of breaking down the family. When you don’t have family to rely on....who do you turn to? The government. Such a shame that the left can’t understand the strength in family and the weakness of the government in support. Also sad that this ideology paints the mother as an unaccountable victim.

Diane Turski

You really have no idea what you are talking about, Kelly.

Curtiss Brown

Thank you for your intelligent letter, Sandra. I hope the News, now that they have opened this can of worms, can follow through.

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