During this pandemic, several things have happened that make no sense. Walmart has even gone a step further. They have shut half of their doors, herding all of their customers through one door area. In doing so, they've also cut off the use of half of their handicap spaces, showing little regard for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

So, they're encouraging social distancing by herding us through a chute like cattle to a slaughter. Does this make sense to anyone? Does it seem like the local fire marshal would say something about one working exit? I submit that one Walmart burning down with all of its customers inside would kill more people than the coronavirus has in our county so far.

So, do we sit and wait for a major catastrophe to happen or do we boycott the people who are showing such blatant disregard for the well-being of its, and I quote, "valued customers?"

Larry LaBove

La Marque


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Bailey Jones

A lot of stores are reducing the number of entrances - it was the same at Randalls. I assume the reason is that people can't be trusted to wear a mask and it's easier to monitor compliance with fewer entrances.

David Shea

I asked the manager at Randalls about that he said that is what he was instructed to do. Seems like it would make more sense to make one set of the doors the entrance and the others the exit. Oh well...

Carlos Ponce

In the La Marque Wal-Mart, the other doorways are there marked with a sign "For Emergency Use Only". In case you need to evacuate quickly you will be able to use them. The fire marshal should have no problem with that.

As to why only the northeast entrance is available, they need to monitor how many are in the store and see if you are masked as to store policy. There is a patron limit now to encourage social distancing.

As to parking, I park either in the southern parking lot by the gardening section or at Sam's and walked leaving the "close to the door" parking spaces for those who really need them.

Wal-Mart also has aisle markers on the floor to direct traffic but most ignore them.

Bill Cherry

At busy times, Walmart stores use their self-inflected two entrances to keep count of how many people are in the store at one time. When that number is reached, no more are admitted until that maximum is reduced. It seems like a responsible thing to do, to me.

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