In 1967, Gov. Ronald Reagan signed the Mulford Act banning the open carry of loaded guns, with the tacit approval of the NRA. Supporting his decision, Reagan proclaimed he saw "no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons" and that guns were a "ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will."

Today, we have politicians more concerned about preserving their terms in office and pleasing the lobbyists that help fund their careers than serving the common good.

I am not anti-gun. I grew up in the Hill Country and had several guns used for hunting and protection of livestock. Nobody thought much about it or made a big deal about it.

Unfortunately, a cult of idolatry has grown up around guns, placing guns on a bizarre altar that raises them completely out of proportion to our common human values.

Gun violence will not end until some sensible steps are taken. Empty words and crocodile tears at our all too frequent memorials will not suffice when action is needed.

Stan Blazyk



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Bailey Jones

That's easy, Stan - the NRA.

Noel Spencer

I agree Stan. Whatever happened to the common good ? Now it's only about our individual freedoms, not the good for all.

Carlos Ponce

Conservatism had nothing to do with it. Your premise is in error.

Governor Reagan and the NRA supported the Mulford Act because of who had the weapons - The Black Panthers.

"The NRA Supported Gun Control When the Black Panthers Had the Weapons"

" 'Picking Up the Gun': ​​The Black Panther Party and the Mulford Act - from the Texas A&M undergraduate Journal- Explorations"

"Here's How The Nation Responded When A Black Militia Group Occupied A Government Building"

Charles Douglas

Another think keep your eyes on all these WOKE LIBERALS, whose mission is to fundlementally change America from being the lighted city on a hill to being another [censored] hole nation like Barack Obama, and Joe "Slow" Biden wants us to be! Joe started out talking about taking all the Ars & Aks Assault style weapons, nowwwwww Ole Joe "Slow" is talking about taking the 9mm pistols as well! See that is the problem with SATAN, and the WOKE! You give them a ride and THEY will take your automobile and start driving! You give them an inch and THEY will TAKE A MILE! Let me.make it lay it.out

Charles Douglas

Oops I hit the wrong key......allow me to lay it out for you, SOME INDIVIDUALS YOU CANNOT TRUST PERIOD! [wink]

George Croix


He was late.

Couldn't carry loaded weapons on the streets of Tombstone when Earp was Marshall...unless the script writers were wrong.....

It is not possible for any caring person to view things like Uvalde without emotion.

It is not possible to lessen the likelihood again with nothing but that.....

Those kids deserve better than us burning straw men to ward off evil spirits....

Charles Douglas

Mr. Croix> Amen!!!! Amen!!!!!! Kids ( they were babies ) "SHO NUFF" deserved better! I heard the Gov. Has ordered all Texas Schools to have a safety assessment done immediately! Good for him and I hope they come up with what we already know, but that will cost more unless we get volunteers.

George Croix

Charles, the bunch in office right now tried their best and still trying to dump MORE trillions of dollars into an economy they’ve already managed to inflate to worst in 40 years. They already dumped, what, 1.5, 1.9 trillion in, last year, and that on top of the trillions that everybody all around dumped in 2020 as we were all getting our presents from China …. As I understand it there’s still billions not yet spent that’s already been put out there. We won’t secure our own border but are sending 40 billion, that we know of in one of the aid lumps, to help Ukrainians secure theirs….We kept thousands of National Guard in DC for months so the folks there could fund raise off the “insurrection” there, never minding the multiple ones in various cities for months previously, those ‘protests’ that somehow ‘peacefully’ did billions in damages that we will be paying for…..ETC.

There’s money floating all over the place that the feds could ‘redirect’ spend making schools hard for anyone intent on mayhem to breach, so that local districts already weighted down by inflation heading toward Carter level could do so if they wanted without depleting local revenues.

I can’t prove it but my gut tells me more money will be wasted, again, by the time the dust settles on seagull politicking this latest bad situation going after the left wing dream target thus making it harder for you and me versus making it harder for anyone with any weapon to attack our kids in school.

I hope to be wrong…

Charles Douglas

"Slow" Joe is making racket about banning Assault Rifles. Now He has included the 9mm pistols as well in what He wants to take! Next comes the pump action shotguns, and don't mention 40s &45s anything! These people want to strip the public of their guns and if that happens ALL HELL IS REALLY GOING TO BREAK LOOSE IN AMERCA.

Answer this: What kind of individual who claims to love his country will open up the borders of that country to Sex Trafficking, Drug Cartels to come in and degrade kids, females, facilitate the killing of thousands of young Americans annually on Opium, Cocaine, Fentanyl, and Meth? What kind of individual would facilitate hundreds of thousands of Illegals and criminals from around the world to risk their lives and sell their souls to come to South America so THEY can cross over into the United States Illegally, becoming eligible for free stuff, and ill-gotten citizenship ahead of those who have been waiting legally for.years for such status!

You cannot do business with the WOKE Devil, you give him a ride and he then will want to drive! You give him an inch, then he WILL ASK YOU FOR TEN MILES! [beam]

Bailey Jones

I've never been a fan of America's Gun Cult - not because I'm opposed to guns, but because I'm opposed to cults. Especially cults of fear, which is what our nation's gun obsession is all about. Nothing motivates voters like fear - which is why politicians invoke it.

But, when thinking about our nation's rates of homicide and suicide, I think the emphasis on guns, and AR-style rifles in particular, misses the point. Removing every single AR-style rifle in the nation would not materially affect either the murder rate or the suicide rate. We kill more of each other with bare hands and baseball bats than we do with semi-automatic rifles, and they are hardly convenient for suicides.

I'm not saying, as many irrationally do, that because the numbers of people killed with high capacity weapons is small they shouldn't be regulated out of existence. I think they should. I just don't think that removing them solves our murder/suicide problem, and so concentrating all our political energy on them doesn't fix the problem.

Our American culture is toxic. Our suicide rate is higher than any other modern western democracy. And the rate among men is 3X the rate among women. Our murder rate is also higher - much more so - than any other modern western democracy. And our suicide rate exceeds our murder rate.

While massacres and mass murders get all the attention, you're much more likely to be killed by someone you know. If you are a woman, the riskiest behavior you can engage in is being in a relationship with a man.

That's what I mean when I say that American culture is toxic. Unfortunately, I don't hear much talk about how to fix our cultural problem - nothing specific enough to be useful, anyway. That's what we should be talking about because that's where the problem is. Of course, that's not going to get voters to the polls.

Carlos Ponce

That's okay Bailey, I've never been a fan of America's anti-Constitution Cult.

Charles Douglas

You are right Mr. Jones! You are "SHO" right! However, there is a cure for that toxic culture too. The thing is, most folks don't expose themselves to that cure except on "Easter Sundays." [smile][smile]

Either way though, you struck the "proverbial nail" squarely on the head!

Bailey Jones

Thanks, Charles. Obviously, we can't teach religion in public schools, but there are plenty of universal moral principles that we can and should be teaching to kids - and boys in particular since males commit >90% of violent crimes. Things like caring, empathy, kindness, cooperation, compromise, inclusion, respect, and of course, the Golden Rule. I'd like to see much smaller class sizes so that teachers can really get to know their students, and students can get to know each other. I think a lot of our problem stems from a lack of community and a sense of not belonging, and not being accepted or valued by peers.

George Croix

Common sense, Stan, is discouraged because it leads to conclusions that are pretty much guaranteed to yield less political hay, and is counter to the indoctrination necessary to create a permanent underclass by virtue of being told there is no hope and folks are victims or oppressors from birth.

In our country we have devolved to the point that contradicting thought is cause for immediate retaliation and personal attack, often physical. The slightest unwanted word, a ‘micro-aggression’, sends a generation of neurotics and perpetually aggrieved people into hysterics. Rather than think about anything just holler ‘racist’ and expect all to bow down and shut up. We have a Transportation Sec. who calls highways racist. We think that “identifying” replaces reality. We put Tampax in the boys restrooms and call it”inclusion” rather than bonehead crazy. In Congressional testimony a woman is asked if she truly believes that men can get pregnant and she says “yes”…. We make political ‘climate change’ a religion bigger than all others and damn to purgatory anyone not in a panic while the high priest/priestesses of it in their polyester clothes and plastic frame glasses and toting laptops and cell phones and driving or flying tell us we must save the planet by buying their books and paying their speaking fees.

It’s a flat out miracle that more people don’t go stark-raving mad, rather than just turn their predestined they are told failure into rabid anti socialism.

People and places are physically assaulted and robbed/looted and destroyed/killed because somebody on the other side of the country did something that offended the characters who’s function in life is to find something to be offended by, then tear up stuff having nothing whatsoever to do with any of it.

“Do your own thing” took solid root in the sixties and has grown like cancer to become do whatever you want and somebody will excuse you, or help you do more of it….everybody else be damned…..

We celebrate ‘diversity’ and encourage hate and suspicion rather than unity and cooperation. We allow millions of people we have no clue about to break our laws and come into the country and call anyone expecting them to assimilate “racist” or “nativist xenophobia”…

Then, after all that, we wonder why the culture is what it is, why we kill the people we’ve been taught to hate or to validate our certain to be as taught life failure by a Big Sendoff…

The same folks not worried about these things because they are on the taxpayer dime and have security details call for fewer police, fewer people in prison, and fewer armed honest citizens, and more taxes to pay for ‘social justice’ that is neither social or justice.

But, I digress….

All this can be solved by electing Our Party and eliminating The Other Party.

If you believe in God you’re a fool.

If you don’t you’re a devil.

If you own a gun you’re evil.

If you own a box of firebombs you’re a protester.

If you care…you’re a fool….

With fondness I recall the Big Chief Tablet, the 1/2” diameter pencil, and a 16 pack of crayons….and the simple task of peeing in the right pot matching the equipment inside your underwear ….

Now, that’s ‘racist’!! Like highways…..

Charles Douglas

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhahah!!!! Ahhhhhhahaha!!!! That is correct ( G.C ) That is correct! Everything is " Jim Eagle" now!!!

David Hardee

The thread of comments on this article is exhibiting remarks from the liberals that indicates they are having remorse. That remorse is obviously a direct effect from the depression of knowing that their vote for Biden was devastating to the country.

When Charles can get Bailey to lament that the "golden rule" is not taught in schools is effectively admission that the schools are a source of corruption preaching/teaching unconditional inclusive of deviates. The golden rule has a tinge of something the progressive liberals fear as much as Superman feared Kryptonite. The golden rule is an eye for an eye proposition that is to be applied only by those that are beyond reproach as of goodness. It is inconceivable the devil was considered as the one applying the golden rule, ergo only those of good qualities can administer the golden rule. No social deviate(s) can administer or qualify for golden rule application unless they relent from their social deviate practice(s).

But even suffering remorse these liberals won't give up their utopian platitudes promoting unconditional inclusion - of - caring, empathy, kindness, cooperation, compromise, inclusion, respect, - which includes free needles - shoplifting without jail - and no bond required - lgbtq indoctrinations - gender delusions - abortions on demand - which are all diametric opposed to the golden rule (treat others as you would want them to treat you).

Diametric unless your deluded to believe that YOU/MYSELF/I would want someone to supply MY addictions with needles, allowed ME to shop lift, want to be and have MY children solicited to become queer, or assist ME in denying MY biological body's genitalia as conclusive to my SELF.

The unconditional inclusion of the liberals is embracing and enabling all the sickos as victims and then uses those that fit their purpose to elevate them to martyr status, and role models to be emulated. If there is a poison that will eventually corrupt any thing it touches it is that practice of the progressive liberals - taking a despicable that has precipitated a self destruction that can be used to construct a false martyr and hero for the impressionable minds to revere and emulate. This distortion has happened frequently. BLM knows how to get rich while building false martyr/hero.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hardee> You are as right as "East Texas Rain" sir! We are a shall of what we use to be as a nation! It hurts me to say it! The people in power have sown the ......"WIND AND WILL REAP THE WHIRLWIND!!"

Like you probably can, I can remember when we never had to worry about small kids or big kids being shot dead in our schools by some deranged Satanic Controlled fool! It started way back with one.of Satan's helpers whose name was Madelyn Murray O' hair! This is where it all formulated! Now we have UVALDE today, Santa Fe yesterday, and before that Columbine, Florida and Sandy-Hook! Now we have descended to point where we think we can keep guns from crossing the border when we cannot stop Drug Dealers from bringing Fentanyl across which kills thousands of young Americans annually! Don't we have laws against selling and using FENTANYL? Yes? How is that working out? Why then are we losing thousands of young Americans annually from the use and sell of that dangerous drug?

Let me say this for all the good it will do:

"Like a city that is broken down and without walls is a man whose spirit is without restraint!" ......( Proverbs 25:28)

Here is the problem! The problem is a human's Satanic mind uncontrolled to the point where controlling a man's spirit, thereby controlling the issues of life for that man & what he will do! I will also say that the WOKE LEFT spewing out hate every minute of the day with divisive words, meant to stir up upheaval & strife does not help matters to get better! White Supremacists, Racists, Jim Crow, Jim Eagle, and Systemic Racism are words used by the WOKE to teardown America because it is already written that a kingdom divided against itself is bought to desolation, city.....or house divided,...SHALL NOT STAND!

.....(.Matthew 12:25.)

Virginia Stone

I agree that many people idolize guns. This sick obsession or the gun cult is all about people who like to blame people who don't think, believe and worship as they do. The NRA lobbyists are fully aware of all flaws in their arguments, but they are against laws that protect the public because they love money and power. Many members get a rush when firing these rifles and the 30-plus round magazines. The NRA also wants to protect this need by members. What a sick cult this is. I believe I am the only person who can make me angry and my thinking and actions are my own. I do not think building fortresses around schools, grocery stores, churches, and synagogues are reasonable. I don't think we will ever have mental health professionals to fix people or the family or whatever these cultists want to improve, so there must be laws.

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