Bottom line: Russia, an adversary of this nation, conducted an unprecedented influence campaign to interfere in the United States' electoral and political process. After which President Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin met in private with only an interpreter, after which Trump confiscated any notes of what was said.

Why such secrecy?

I wondered what these two spoke about? How can any citizen forget these words spoken so loudly by Trump, "Russia, if you are listening ... ." Yes, a foreign adversary, a government hostile to the United States, meddled in our constitutional free democracy. And all the while Trump's enablers have shown loyalty to him and not to the oath of office this president took to protect our Constitution, our flag that so many men and women of all ethnicities, cultures and religions have made the ultimate sacrifice for, many have given their lives on many battle fronts, within many nations, etc. We all perhaps know someone or a family member that has made such a sacrifice for this nation.

Russia is not America's ally citizen. Trump has trashed and politically gutted many of our federal agencies. My loyalty is to the Constitution and our American flag.

Kenneth Douglas



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domenico nuckols

President Donald Trump should be removed from office. Not a Never Trumper. Never cared for him since 1977.

Carlos Ponce

You never cared for President George W. Bush, either, Domenico Nuckols. I see a recurring trend.

George Caros

Hello Conrad carlos I see you still support Russia and the puppet in the White House

domenico nuckols

I have great deal of respect for the Bush's Stop putting words in my mouth.

Carlos Ponce

"I have great deal of respect for the Bush's Stop putting words in my mouth."

Your previous posts in the Galveston Daily News show an anti-Republican bias.

Carlos Ponce

Galveston Daily News December 9, 2005 page C4

Letter to the Editor by Domenico Nuckols

"President Bush and his administration have exhibited again to the American people that he does not care about them."

I'm not putting words in your mouth, I am quoting what you wrote. Is this letter where you show "respect"?

domenico nuckols

I even voted for Nixon the second go around. That was a wasted voted.

Carlos Ponce

Domenico, you voted for Nixon. What would this country be like if McGovern had won? The 1972 was the first Presidential Election I voted in. I was a senior in High School and did a speech promoting McGovern. The more research I did, the less appealing he was as a candidate and president. My speech ended with the phrase "govern with McGovern". But after the speech I looked at the audience and told them I could not vote for the man. His policies were contrary to what would make this country prosper. I proudly tell people I voted Nixon in 1972 because he was the better choice of the two.

David Hardee

It is frightening how little the general population grasps the purpose and methods of President Trump. Simple minds never see beyond the obvious and in their shallow observations dwell on the non-issue of pleasing rhetoric and personality. That voting for personality, polished politician’s that spew pleasing rhetoric is what gave us the swamp.

The enigma of Trump is what has all the simpletons unable to understand the effectiveness that Trump has had. In the predictable and friendly persuasions of the face to face negotiations while having the power to react is the leverage that allows persuading. There is a necessity for a leader to announce his basic intent so the public and those leaders of other counties understand what Trump intends to accomplish. The details and how they will be negotiated, the give and the takes, the date of the deadline, etc. are adjustable as the conditions change. The future is constantly moving and your aim must adjust as you keep your eye on the target. A change in strategy is not a lie.

Trump has been effective. The simpletons and the jaded want him to fit their perception of a sophisticated politician. Those sophisticated politicians have created a humongous national debt, borders leaking illegal’s that are polluting the culture, depletion of manufacturing, regulations that stymied infrastructure development and toilets that require multiple flushing.

Choices in the next election are Trump or Chumps. Vote with logic not emotions.

Don Schlessinger


Bailey Jones

"illegal’s that are polluting the culture"....

Where's a good flushing toilet when you need it?

Carlos Ponce

"Why such secrecy?"

Remember the off mike moment from President Obama to Medvedev Russian Prime Minister Dmitry? Obama never explained that 2012 election year moment, even after 7+ years have lapsed.

jimmy winston

hey carlos just making sure that you are aware that Obama is not the president anymore.

Carlos Ponce

Can you be certain that he's not controlling the 1000s of bureaucrats appointed during his tenure? He may be an ex-president but he still wields political power. Indications are he will strongly suggest NOT voting for one of the Democrat front runners. Suggest or INSIST? The DEEP STATE has a leader - Barack Hussein Obama.

jimmy winston

Thank you for clarifying that you do not know that Obama is no longer the President. The fact that you mention the "deep state" like there is some political boogieman who's actually controlling the country proves that you can not analyze complex global issues. Its so much easier to point to one singular source of "corruption" AKA things you do not agree with. The DEEP STATE does not exist. However, what does exist are powerful corporations that lobby for their own self interests. These are not the same. If you think Trump is shaking up the "deep state" and is not more complicit that any other president to come before him, you are sadly mistaken.

Carlos Ponce

How naive some people are. Trump is shaking up the DEEP STATE. That's the reason why they're trying to remove him.

Robert Bracht


Carlos Ponce

"Trump has trashed and politically gutted many of our federal agencies." Huge redundant bureaucracies sucking up billions of tax dollars. I'm glad someone has the guts to GUT them. And the State Department is the worst. They think THEY set foreign policy, not the President. They actually serve at the President's discretion and he can recall them at any time he wants. Yet we have that idiot Schiff telling the world Trump did not follow American foreign policy. The President sets American foreign policy, not some un-elected bureaucrats. Schiff is good at regurgitating the Democrat party line and talking points but has no concept of the Constitution nor chain of command.

Craig Mason

Yet the deficit continues to swell.

Jarvis Buckley

Carlos, I think your on to something.

“ haven’t cared for Trump since 1977.”

But I’m not a never Trumpster. Yeah sure.

Maris Helfrich

Good letter, Kenneth, and thank you for shedding light on that very important issue of our adversary Russia being courted by Trump and "giving away the store"! It makes you wonder if Trump has a conscience when you see all the wrong choices he makes and the stance he takes on the wrong side of the issues.....and, yes, Russia and Putin being at the top of the list. (Just this morning in the news we see that "Trump rolls back clean water rules"! ) Just as scary is to witness the blind allegiance by those who engage in the "cult" of Trump and support his reckless agenda.

Carlos Ponce

"our adversary Russia" That did not stop Hillary Clinton from getting from getting a fake dossier from Russia in 2016 to discredit her presidential opponent Trump.

"Clinton Campaign, DNC Paid for Research that Led to Russia Dossier"

So who was colluding with the Russians? Hillary!

The Dossier was debunked in the Horrowitz Report.

Kelly Naschke

Is Emile Pope, Dianne Turski, and Jim Forsythe sleeping late today???


Don Schlessinger

I think they might have turned left at the last intersection.

Mike Zeller

Obama, Obama, Obama,...Hillary, Hillary, Hillary...Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...getting Old, Old, Old...[yawn],[yawn],[yawn]

Carlos Ponce

Mike Zeller, Mike Zeller, Mike Zeller... He's getting older too!

If Obama and Hillary did not constantly seek the spot light, we would no mention them.

Charles Douglas

No Deep STATE? What do you call those bureaucrats who linger around lifetime government positions thinking they know more and have more power than elected public servants sent there by American Voters? People like Peter Struzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan and James Clapper, they were in a conspiracy to frame Donald Trump in order to have him impeached if he won the 2016 election! What do you call Alexander Vindman the national security officer stationed at the White HOUSE who knows the whistleblower, and testified concerning hearsay in the impeachment hearings but bought no first hand information to speak of? What do you call John Kelley, Trump's Chief of Staff, and Rex Tillerson, Former Secretary Of State, ..two close and powerful appointees who met secretly with Former Ambassador Nikki HALEY, trying hard to coax her into helping them remove the President Of The United States from an office he was duly elected to by the American people!? I think any individual denying the existence of a Deep STATE in DC is being willingly deceived.

jimmy winston

the DEEP STATE is ecstatic that Trump is president because he has no back bone and so easily manipulated,

Carlos Ponce

Think what you want, Jimmy Winston. Trump will be exonerated and then re-elected.

Jim Forsythe

Trump cannot be exonerated after his impeachment trial. His trial in the senate will lead either to an acquittal or a conviction. The possibility of exoneration does not exist. Moreover, the true judge of the impeachment charges against Trump will not be the Senate but will be the court of public opinion and the verdict of history.

Whatever history decides, Trump knows that the two articles of impeachment against him stand as a constitutional rebuke that will stay with him even as he tries to trivialize their meaning and use them to power his reelection bid.

“It’ll be impossible to look back at this presidency and not discuss impeachment. It is permanently tied to his record,” said Julian Zelizer, a presidential historian at Princeton University. “Trump now always becomes part of the conversation about misusing presidential power. Ukraine will be his Watergate. Ukraine will be his Lewinsky.”

History books will add Trump to the section that features Bill Clinton, impeached 21 years ago for lying under oath about sex with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and Andrew Johnson, impeached 151 years ago for defying Congress on Reconstruction. Richard Nixon, who avoided impeachment by resigning during the Watergate investigation, is there, too.

“Donald Trump is now going to be synonymous with impeachment. There is no way to market it like a badge of honor. It’s a medallion of shame,” said Douglas Brinkley, presidential historian at Rice University.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, exoneration is in the hands of voters come November..... Trump haters won't vote for him. Trump haters will be losers come November.

Charles Douglas

Jim, you can hang on to history if you want. Since you already know what people are going to think. To that I say, .... as long as Trump serves his term and the next four years.....I could care less what HISTORY say. It is of minute concern.

Casey Alan

Trump can stop the impeachment proceedings. He could have stopped it before it got this far. He claims he has proof that he is innocent. He claims he has witnesses that can vouch for him. But yet he refuses to produce the documents and refuses to have people testify. Most trials you have witnesses, proof of innocence. But the Republicans have said not for this trial. I don’t understand if a law was broken why people no matter who you voted for wouldn’t want justice to be upheld? So they’re all crooks I heard someone say, that does not make it right. Having a foreign government interfere with our elections takes away our democracy. And takes away everything we stand for as as Americans and and a free country. We do have a constitution. The constitution is more than just freedom of speech and carrying guns. Why Trump refuses to produce any of the proof that he claims he has should be a concern to every American in this country. Why is he waiting so long? If he should produce it, is it fabricated? That would be the question. Why put himself, his family, this country through this? Does he love tearing this country apart with his hateful rhetoric? Impeachment proceedings are not a joke. It’s important for us as a country so we can never have a dictator. This is important to every American in this country it doesn’t matter what side you are on.

Carlos Ponce

"But yet he refuses to produce the documents and refuses to have people testify." I guess Casey Alan has never been to a trial. A person does not have to prove your innocence. The prosecution team must prove your guilt. Ever hear the phrase, "Innocent unless proven guilty"?

" Most trials you have witnesses, proof of innocence." Maybe on TV. In an impeachment trial the discovery phase includes documentation and witnesses is during the HOUSE HEARINGS, NOT THE SENATE TRIAL. Democrats did not choose that route with the exception of one witness. When it went to court, Democrats DROPPED the subpoena of John Bolton's aide Charles Kupperman. Why drop it? They knew the courts would honor Executive Privilege.

That aside, if they have enough to IMPEACH then the testimony they have from the hearings should be enough for the trial. If they want, they can impeach Trump again, again, and again, but this time really asking for those witnesses. Trump will deny them but then it would go to court.

Trump is trying to protect the integrity of the Executive Branch. This is not about removing Trump from office. Even the staunchest Democrat knows this is about maligning Trump's character prior to the Election. The DNC ads will ask, "DO YOU WANT AN IMPEACHED MAN TO BE PRESIDENT??? VOTE for X". But this will backfire.

"Having a foreign government interfere with our elections takes away our democracy." Agreed! But there is NO PROOF this happened here. ZERO, ZIP, NADA! On the other hand, Hillary and the DNC got a fake dossier from Russia to undermine Trump. Face it, whatever Democrats accuse Trump and the Republicans of, they (the Dems) did it!

Charles Douglas

Trump does not need to stop the proceedings. He is the one who is going to win. He is not the one who bought bogus charges in front of a world full of people with no evidence. FAKE charges with no merit, ..yet claiming a rock solid case, while being on TV, everyday crying and boohooing for REPUBLICANS to turn on Trump and help them with this HOAX. No, the DEMOCRATS wanted impeachment, now let them prove it in the Senate! He did not receive due process in the House proceedings, but will get due process in the Senate and in deed be vindicated! Lastly, we live in America, and if charges are levied against a citizen, the ones bringing the charges has to prove guilt, not the other way around.

Bailey Jones

Our beloved President, Donald J Trump, chosen by GOD, is NOT receiving a fair trial! The traitorous Republicans (RINOs) have turned against him and won't call the witnesses that CAN and WILL exonerate him!! Tell your Republican Senators to call the witnesses now!!!

Charles Douglas

We don't need any witnesses Mr. JONES. What make you think that? Crybaby Schumer is the one on TV for the last two weeks, pleading, and crying for witnesses!

Mike Zeller

Eventually we will all learn what Trump was about. In the coming years when books are written and these culprits begin to die off, the truth will emerge. It would be nice if we could hear from some of the inner-circle witnesses now, but that's not gonna happen. History will not be kind to those who chose to look the other way, and let Trump get off, scott free.

Carlos Ponce

Eventually we will all learn what Trump was about. In the coming years when books are written and these culprits begin to die off, the truth will emerge. It would be nice if we could hear from some of the inner-circle witnesses now, but that's not gonna happen. History will not be kind to those who chose to look the other way, and let Democrats get off, scott free.

Charles Douglas

[thumbup] !!! Hear Hear !!!! [thumbup]

tom carpenter

An ad hominem attack, name calling for example, means you have abandoned your argument to attack your opponents; which, of course, means you lose the argument.

Casey Alan

I would think any person who has common sense and talks how innocent they are would put up or shut up. If you go to a trial and you have proof that you were innocent A lawyer would definitely show the evidence that , hey my client is innocent of all these charges. If the lawyer did not do that then the person on trial can claim he was not represented properly. Anybody that goes to trial have to defend themselves. Even Trump and his associates said he talk to the leader of the Ukraine to get dirt on Biden. People doing their job said there was some questionable Conversation. Even a war hero who is in charge of the Conversations said there were some question that needed to be answered. But yet Trump and others smear his good reputation. That’s the number one thing that everyone has overlooked,Carlos, is why put this country through this impeachment process if he had definite proof why wouldn’t he show it? Why wouldn’t he wave in everybody’s face? The Democrats asked to see the proof they asked him to have people there in his defense before they even voted to have an impeachment process and he refused. If he showed up and put up this would not be going on right now. No Democrat asked him to call the Ukraine leaders to help him win this election. He put himself in this mess. Of course nothings going to happen to him the Republicans already said they’re not doing anything. Every criminals dream to have the trial already decided before you go to it. It just amazes me that people do not want to find out the truth. Whether truth is he’s innocent or guilty. I would think people would be on board to prove his innocence. Unless they are petrified that he is guilty and I can’t face up to it.

Wayne D Holt

What would be the reason for Democrats moving heaven and earth to make sure Hunter Biden is not called as a witness? If he is called and the accounts of corruption are shown to be true, the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty on corruption between the US and Ukraine should suffice as the legal justification for ANY inquiry into Joe Biden's role in making Hunter's position possible. There is no exemption, waiver or immunity clause in the MLAT that says because you are running for office your previous actions are off limits for criminal investigation. Joe Biden has had decades of experience in feathering the nest of those close to him. Whatever Trump has done has been during his brief tenure in the White House. Joe can't remember how far back he started his grifting while in government.

What I find interesting is that the Democrats say suggesting an investigation to defeat Biden during a campaign was grossly illegal, but they've spent the last three years and many millions of dollars trying to make sure Trump's upcoming campaign is a failure. What...sauce for the goose not sauce for the gander?

I am not a big Trump booster. But how anyone could look at Adam Schiff and see the character of Clarence Darrow is beyond me.

Bailey Jones

You have to look at it from Trump's point of view. If he cooperates with this impeachment, that sets a bad precedent for his next impeachment.

Carlos Ponce

And Maxine Waters has promised to impeach him again and again and again.I bet that after he wins re-election, lame-duck House Democrats will impeach him again in pure spite in December 2020.

Bailey Jones

I'm looking forward to it. "I have the most impeachments in the history of the presidency!" sounds right.

Carlos Ponce

Go for it, Bailey! Teacher says every time a Democrat says "impeachment", another Trump voter is created.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Jones, I.hope they do come with another impeachment, because they will get the same #@&$ .kicķng they are crying about now! The Conservatives have had it with LIBERALS acting like they are, trampling on due process, spying on American citizens on the cool, and Lord knows what else.

Carlos Ponce

Casey asks, "why put this country through this impeachment process if he had definite proof why wouldn’t he show it?"

A little history. Did they call for the impeachment of Ronald Reagan, GHW Bush, GW Bush? Yes!

"On March 6, 1987, Representative Henry B. Gonzalez introduced articles of impeachment against President Ronald Reagan."


"June 10, 2008, when Congressman Dennis Kucinich, along with co-sponsor Robert Wexler, introduced 35 articles of impeachment against [President George W.] Bush to the U.S. House of Representatives.The House voted 251 to 166 to refer the impeachment resolution to the Judiciary Committee on June 11.

No matter what a Republican president does, Democrats will launch impeachments against them for simply having an "R" beside their name. So it doesn't matter WHAT THEY DO, WHO THEY PRODUCE, WHAT THE EVIDENCE IS.

Nancy Pelosi: It’s not a question of proof, it's about allegations that have been made.

Remember they called for Trump's impeachment minutes after he took the oath of office.

Jim Forsythe

These are just a few of the times that people called for the impeachment of Obama. Just as other presidents ,it does not matter unless they are impeached. Since Trump was impeached, he becomes number 3 to be impeached, plus Nixon.

On July 8, 2014, the former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin publicly called for Obama's impeachment for "purposeful dereliction of duty"] In a full statement, she said: "It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment.

In August 2011, Republican Congressman Michael C. Burgess of Texas agreed with a rally audience member that the impeachment of Barack Obama "needs to happen" in order to prevent Obama from "pushing his agenda". Burgess did not mention any grounds for impeachment

Democratic House Representative Dennis Kucinich called for Obama's impeachment after Obama authorized air strikes against Libya during the Libyan Civil War

The convention of the South Dakota Republican Party voted in a 196-176 resolution to call for the impeachment of Obama based on his action to release five detainees from Guantanamo Bay in order to free Bowe Bergdahl from his Taliban captors

In May 2016, the Oklahoma Legislature filed a measure asking the representatives from Oklahoma in the House of Representatives to impeach Obama,

Carlos Ponce

"These are just a few of the times that people called for the impeachment of Obama."

Calling for and actually filing articles of impeachment are not the same thing, Jim.

There have been seven Republican Presidents in my lifetime: Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, Trump.

Eisenhower - no articles of impeachment.

Nixon - articles of impeachment filed.

Ford- no articles of impeachment but talk of filing after he pardoned Nixon.

Reagan - articles of impeachment filed.

Bush I - articles of impeachment filed.

Bush II - articles of impeachment filed.

Trump - articles of impeachment filed.

So , with the exception of Eisenhower and Ford, articles of impeachment have been filed against five of the seven Republican Presidents. With Obama there was just - talk. Quite evident that no matter who the Republican President is, Democrats will try to impeach. With the groundless impeachment of Trump expect it to happen with the next Republican President. No reason needed other than the "R" behind their name.

Carlos Ponce


Eisenhower - talk of impeachment.

September 18, 1957 Oakland, Calif. (AP) "Labor Delegates call for impeachment of Eisenhower - A resolution passed by the Federation of Labor Convention calling for the impeachment of President Eisenhower." The resolution centered around the issue of school integration in Little Rock, Arkansas. The vote was unanimous.

October 4, 1958 Portland, Ore (AP) "Nixon noted Sen. Morse (D- Ore.) had called for the impeachment of President Eisenhower and Secretary of State Dulles for their conduct of foreign policy."

Akron, Ohio (AP) "Speaking on behalf of Stephen M. Young, Democrat candidate for US Senator, Truman said the Eisenhower-Nixon administration 'has bungled our foreign policy so badly that the unity of the free nations is gravely weakened. We've lost nearly every friend we've had.' "

Looks like Democrat Party rhetoric hasn't changed, only the names of the players have.

Jim Forsythe

The President you listed are in the same classification as the ones I listed as there never was a formal inquiry. Formal inquiries are required to take it from the just talk stage.

While a handful of Democratic lawmakers have introduced articles of impeachment against five of the last six Republican presidents, in most cases these efforts weren’t taken seriously by the party at large. Nixon and Trump have been the only Republican presidents since Ike who have faced a serious threat of impeachment.

As you know the House of Representatives is to hold a formal inquiry into whether or not there are grounds for impeachment. Unless they hold a formal inquiry, it does not matter.

Trump, Clinton will always be presidents that were impeached and Nixon will be the one remembered as the one that decided to quit instead of facing the music.

domenico nuckols

And Trump is impeached for life. Can't spin that!

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