This is a comment on where our society has finally reached in terms of justice for the victims: As stated in several articles in this paper, Judge John Ellisor of the 122nd District Court has chosen to move the Santa Fe school shooting trial out of the county in which it occurred. 

To not allow the people in Galveston County to determine the accused's fate is a heinous slap in basic justice.

We need to remember this judge's name at election time and kick him out. Far too long this type of legislated justice has interfered with real justice. As Texans, we need to communicate with our legislators to work on stopping this kind of atrocity. It very amply shows the accused perpetuator has more rights than the victims. 

Gaylon Ray

Texas City


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Jim Forsythe

Gaylon, would you have been a impartial juror? Could you have render a verdict without bias in a trial by jury.
Could they have found 12 juror's plus alternates for the trial in Galveston county, that did not have a opinion about guilt and innocence . The Judge answer to this question, was no.
One of the reasons for change of venue was because of all the publicity in the paper and on tv. Each time someone wrote into the paper about this shooting, the more of a chance of moving it become true.

Gaylon Ray

What innocence or guilt, he is the shooter. Fair trial?According to statistics he will be on death row for an average of 15 years or life imprisonment. What about the victims. Dragging all this out serves no purpose. We as a society have stopped thinking. Gaylon Ray

Carlos Ponce

Guilt or innocence is not in question here. Sentencing is. I would go for a life sentence for each murder. That would be 10 consecutive life sentences with NO chance at parole. Sounds redundant but there is a reason. Add to that he should be sentenced for each person he shot and survived.
"Why Do Judges Hand out Multiple Life Sentences? Imposing a sentence of more than one term of 'life' can have a real effect"
"It seems nonsensical: Why sentence a defendant to more than one 'life' sentence? Life is, after all, life.
But there are actually practical reasons why courts impose sentences that exceed 'life.' These kinds of sentences frequently arise in murder cases involving multiple victims."

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, I would not be surprised if they do not go for all 10. If something is found wrong in the case (miss trial), they could then charge him with the rest.

Jim Forsythe

Gaylon, as he was 17 at the time of the act, he is not eligible for the death penalty. In our system ,he must receive a fair trial, or he can be set free. You answered the question about you being a juror, by your answer. You may not like it but we are all guaranteed by the constitution a right to a fair trial.
"The right to a fair trial applies to civil and criminal proceedings. Various rights associated with a fair trial are explicitly proclaimed in Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights, and the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

George Croix

The shooter COULD ultimately walk away free if it was determined that he could/did NOT get a 'fair trial'.
Smart lawyer(s) would use any and all evidence of bias to benefit their client. Appellate courts would use any and all evidence of jury bias or undue outside influence to order a retrial and possible ultimate release.
In this county, really odd decisions counter to what is seemingly a slam dunk have been made, and that would all factor in to any effort to convince any court that the shooter had not been given a 'fair trial'.

IMO, there is never 'justice' in these type cases because, IMO, the only justice is when the killer is just as dead, just as fast, as the victims. But we're not 'one-shot' China, and that does not happen under our legal system.

If my daughter had been a victim, I'd want the guy released out on the streets....I'd bet thousands of other County residents feel the same way.
All the more reason to not chance him getting off scot-free and move this to where our own personal anger is not used against us to benefit know.


Gaylon Ray

Once again these replies indicate the chancery that our legal system of justice has become. It’s. It about truth and Justice is about the best speaker and who discover the pitfalls that are available to the defense. A mirage of words and smoke and mirrors. Look up the statistics on inmates in Texas in death row, there is no justice for the victims or their families here. There is probably not a county in Texas that has not seen or been exposed to the Santa Fe incident due to its high profile element. Last comment from me. Gaylon Ray

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