A political sign thief has struck again.

On Sept. 7, we noticed a "Beto for Senate" sign at the corner of 99th Street and Stewart Road (a location where multiple candidate signs from all parties are placed each and every election). It was still there Friday evening when we drove by. However, by Sept. 8, it had been removed. Makes one wonder why Beto signs seem to bring out the impulse to stop and pull them up? Of interest, a Mayes Middleton sign is still on the same corner!?

Wonder why the individual involved with removing the Beto sign didn't also remove that one as well if, as it would seem, they are opposed to political signs on this corner? Beto O'Rourke is destined to win either way, but it would seem fair-minded individuals would want to support the democratic process of allowing all candidates to be represented to the public.

Larry Livengood



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Rusty Schroeder

Larry one sign is missing, probably somebody wanted it for their collection of California Dreamer's. Probably on a wall in someone's building next to a Wendy Williams sign. Don't be to down when Beto's destiny returns to El Paso and Ted adds another W on his Washington D.C. desk calendar.

Rusty Schroeder

LOL, thanks Michael Byrd. Wendy Davis, that makes me chuckle thinking Wendy Williams running against Abbott. [tongue]

Jarvis Buckley

I'm a Cruz supporter , but Beto has a right for his signs to be displayed legally. His signs should be left alone.

Rusty Schroeder

I agree, key word is legally. What I really can't stand is the signs left after the race is over, there are still signs up from the DA's race. These signs that are scattered about by the Beto camp probably will be forgotten when he loses. "Here's 10 signs, go put them out at intersections", never thought of again.

Carlos Ponce

That "Beto" sign is probably decorating the bedroom of some local teen boy named "Beto" or the man-cave of an older "Beto".

Paula Flinn

BETO headquarters in Galveston is downtown at 2125 Church Street, or Avenue F. Signs can be purchased for $5, pins and bumper stickers are $2, T-shirts are $25. The reason there is a charge for signs and pins is that BETO is not taking PAC money. It is a grassroots campaign. Donations are also accepted through Actblue.com.
Stop by and visit Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Carlos Ponce

" BETO is not taking PAC money." That's right, He does not receive money directly from PACs. PACs encourage their list of contributors to give directly to his campaign avoiding the middle man. But since the PACs encourage the contributions, is that really true?[unsure]

Jarvis Buckley

I recall years back city trucks going around pulling up Elizabeth Beeton signs for council , while leaving her opponents. It was wrong then & it's wrong now & I witnessed it.

Michael Byrd

People should leave the signs alone, regardless of their political disposition. And Beto is destined to win like Hillary Clinton and Wendy Davis were destined to win. Just sayin'

Carlos Ponce

Remember the famous words of Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “Hello, everybody! So excited to be here on Sen. Sanders’ account and we’re here in Kansas City to rally for Brent Welder. We’re gonna flip this seat red in November.”
And with her efforts they will! [beam]

Don Schlessinger

We don't see many Cruz signs around. Most of my friends say they don't to put them up for fear of property damage from Socialists. Which makes sense considering what we see on TV.

Jarvis Buckley

Can't blame them for not putting signs up Don. Those Liberals have gone completely nuts.

Rusty Schroeder

Last night someone placed a BETO sign in the ROW next to 1764, in front of a cow pasture. That BETO supporter broke the law and the sign should be removed. I wished we could post pictures on this forum.

George Croix

No, no, no.....it's there so Mr. and Ms. Holstein, Mr. Angus, and Ms. Charolais will know who to vote for on the absentee ballots.....

Rusty Schroeder

That would be Mr. Brahma and Ms. Anguses , be just like them to vote Democrat :)

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