The September 2018 Census Bureau report says America’s middle-income is quickly increasing with median income up $11,000 per family. In less than two years, up from under $50,000 to over $61,000 a year. Increased earnings has added to retirement investments after the tax cuts passed by Republicans and signed by President Trump.

Blacks, Latinos, women and Asian Americans are the fastest increasing segment of America's wealthier middle class.

Are any of these beneficiaries going to vote for a "blue wave" that would reverse their gains? Smarter than progressives, they’ll more likely vote for a red tide to consolidate their gains.

Gary Miller

Texas City


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Jim Forsythe

Gary, you may want to check your numbers
I believe that $60,309, was the median income in 2016 and it was not under $50,000 .
The last time it was below $50,000, was in 2010, when it was $49,275.

Michael Bishop

You should write a letter to the editor with citations containing this information.

Ellen Morrison

And add the loss of health care coverage and upcoming changes to SS and Medicare.

Christopher Fluke

And the runaway increase in debt and many economic warnings that signal an environment that look similar to the 1920's. Let the Republican's keep control, so when it all comes crashing down, they will only have themselves to blame.

George Croix

Runaway increase in debt?
Wouldn't that be the DOUBLING in 8 years of ALL the debt run up by ALL of the Presidents since the country began?
You're 2 years late and 10 Trillion dollars short..............

Do 'progressives' REALLY believe their own 'truths', or just try to get other people to ignore reality and believe them......

Dalton Logan

And these changes are?

Gary Miller

Jim! The Census Beauro report was my source of numbers.

Jim Forsythe

According to the Census, this measure was $61,372 in 2017, an increase of $1,063 or 1.8% versus 2016. This measure was $60,309 in 2016 (up $1,833 or 3.1% vs. 2015) and $58,476 in 2015 (up $2,863 or 5.1% vs. 2014)

Gary Miller

Jim! I took the numbers directly from the census report. The middle income group , numbers and income, was in decline from 2010 through 2016. The census report was about more people with higher earnings after 2016.

Emile Pope

I wouldn't bet on it.

Diane Turski

More right wing nonsense and propaganda representing an ideologically bankrupt party desperate to hang on to power! Sad!

George Croix

What exactly are the Democrat plans, other than hate Trump and 'resist' anyone who disagrees with them personally, including harassment and even assault?
Hmmmmm....that would be to reverse the tax cuts,re-enact the useless regulations, re-enact the individual mandate to buy health insurance or be taxed, and 'reconnect' with our foreign 'friends' and enemies (reconnect would mean putting the U.S. lips back on their rears....)....and we know that because they've PROMISED to do so if elected. PROMISED.
The Democrats have nothing but hate and repeating the same failed things hoping for a different outcome. The President they hate has accomplished more in only 20 onths, fought at every step by half the country and 99% of the media, than the inept community organizer did in 8 years, and now trying to claim credit for what he, himself, said was impossible without a 'magic wand'.
Voters should pay attention to RESULTS, and also to the abject derangement of the 'resistance', the real 'direct threat to our democracy'......
You WANT to go back to a 'new normal' lousy economy and business stagnation, then vote for them.....otherwise, ignore their silly and never...never...substantiated claims and THINK about whether you'd rather keep money in your pocket that you earned, or give it to them to give to people who did not.

Jim Forsythe

George, the money has to come from somewhere. A President can not change the path we are on. by increasing the debt. Unless a President and Congress takes the steps necessary to decrease the debt, it will continue to increase.

March 17, 2018 : About a year ago, President Trump pledged to eliminate the national debt "over a period of eight years." But for the first time in history, the national debt surpassed $21 trillion this week, according to the U.S. Treasury. The landmark comes shortly after Congress passed, and Mr. Trump signed, a suspension on the federal debt limit last month, allowing the government to borrow an unlimited amount of money until March 1, 2019.
As of March 2017, the U.S. debt was about $19.9 trillion.
On March 15, 2018, the debt exceeded $21 trillion.
Trump's Fiscal Year 2019 budget is just a projection, but what steps will be taken to change what Trump projects?
Trump's Fiscal Year 2019 budget projects the debt will increase $8.3 trillion during his first term. It's almost as much as Obama added in two terms while fighting a recession.
Inflation rate when Trump was elected was 1.4, today 2.7.
Increasing the borrowing rate, tariffs, inflation are all are part of this. Also debt service is part of it.

George Croix

Jim, the national debt was already at 20 TRILLION, up from 10, when Trump became Pres. Trump. Your post makes anyone not paying attention miss out on the finer points of the facts of the matter....[beam][beam]

AND if we want to talk about that 1 Trillion 'investment', something normally dear to the Left's heart, certainly to community organizers, then Pres. Trump has 'invested' a trillion more bucks to get the hottest economy in a half century, the lowest unemployment for a half century on to up to in history, a rebuilding of the screwed over military that was having to scrounge the junk yards for parts. a revitalization of business to where it and money made by it is coming BACK to this country, where the UN has 1.3 billion bucks less from their yearly screw America over dues, where our enemies are no longer laughing at us, where we are not paying for hostages to eb returned, where our 'friends' are also no longer laughing at us (I note the Canadian PM is no longer laughing after signing a new trade agreement with the US that he said he would but one example.....), where for at least a short tiem NK is not talking about killing anyone they can reach with a rocket, where 'red lines' crossed get the crossers but_ kicked, not a pallet of cash sent to them.......etc...
AND with more jingle in our own pockets from the tax cuts as we send less of our own money we earned to our Uncle, we also have INCREASED tax revenues going to him....
Personally, I thank that's a bargain. And the biggest cost is putting up with Pres. Trumps arrogance and occasional diversions from fact.
From Pres. Obama, we got the same arrogance and even more diversions which we could keep if we liked them, and a 'new normal' of a crappy economy and a 'minimum wage' mentality, all for only 10 times more debt......

Gee, which Party to vote money to me or spent wisely, or my money to people who won't work and spent on regulations food stamps.....
Tough choice....[beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]

Paul Hyatt

Like only the Republicans made all of the debt? Really? If you spoke truth you would have said that during the time when the demoncrats had control before and during the Obama years they never once passed a budget.... Did you know that or are you just feeding off of what the Clinton News Network tells you to think....

Carlos Ponce

And the Debbie Downers are saying, " THE SKY IS FALLING ! THE SKY IS FALLING !"

George Croix

Carlos, she's also saying "you can't be civil to Republicans anymore until Democrats win back Congress"..........
It's a little hard to hear her, though, from the noise of that bus she got tossed under.....for the second time...........[beam][beam][beam][beam]

Mike Meador

nonsense, propaganda, bankrupt, desperate....sad Demoncrates Turski.

Jarvis Buckley

Diane , you need to smell the Roses, watch the butterfly's life is good. If your liberal folks take over , it won't be so good. At my age it's all good.
I'm just concerned about our country & future generations. The west coast & East coast (NY) shouldn't be able to control us politically .

Diane Turski

Jarvis, it is not the west coast and east coast who is controlling us politically! Stop believing the right wing propaganda!

Carlos Ponce

So it's not the east and west coast controlling us politically. So that means your senatorial candidate is getting his money fro Hollywood, Texas?????[huh]

George Croix

Between now and election day I hope to see Grassley & McConnell push the votes on, and get confirmed, as many of the pending 49 judicial nominees in limbo for months as possible.....hopefully all 49, but every one is one more person on the bench who is supported by people who still believe in due process and that the Constitution does not 'evolve' to suit the cause du jour.
After the sorry spectacle of the last few weeks, those two guys eyes are finally all the way open to the lengths to which the 'resistance' derangement will go, and they need to go full speed ahead.
Stay in session, hold the votes, and let the individual Senators decide whether to stay and vote or go campaign.....
NOW, the question is whether enough voters also care about due process and ginned up charges out of the blue at the last minute with ZERO substantiation, and calls for physical confrontation and violence against any opposed to the 'resistance'.....
If they don't, they'll get exactly what they deserve.............more of that.... stuff........

Mike Zeller

George, why election day, is there something special that is going to happen that day?

George Croix

Between now and election day, the Senators who are in tough races will have to decide whether to stay in the Senate and cast votes, or go home and campaign, thus making it easier to confirm nominees by simple majority, as, for now, at least, there are more D's than R's that are at risk for not being re-elected.
Anything, of course, can change....
And, as always, I could be wrong......but I don't think so.....
AFTER the election, we'll see what has happened...if we gain Senate seats, or simply don't lose any, then full speed ahead and nominate and get some more on those lifetime benches that can serve for decades......
My grandkids and many millions of others who would like to be raised/live in a country where the rule of law holds preference over political correctness will be forever gratefull.......

George Croix

Well, once again, McConnell reverts to his old ways of, for now, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and agrees to adjourn the Senate until after the elections, with only 15 of the pending judicial appointments confirmed.
That leaves 34 currently waiting....
He's either (a) pretty darn sure of keeping the Senate majority or (b) unhappy to be a winner....

We'll see what happens...

Gary Miller

Up date to census report. $5,000 of the $11,000 annual increase in family income was from the tax cut. The rest was from bonuses, raises, promotions and new jobs. A $1 an hour raise represents $2,080 annual increase. Walmart just announced raises for their 1,400,000 employees of more than $1 an hour. Target, McDonald,Costco, AT&T, GE and others gave employees more than $1 raises. 4 million unemployed got jobs and I suspect some of all these people are today rated as middle income. $11,000 increase may be far less than the truth.

George Croix

Yet, Gary, million upon millions of voters support candidates and elected officials who have PLEDGED...PROMISED to take money back by repealing the tax cuts and re-instituting the business killing regulations that produced the booming jobs and businesses growth....
Maybe it's something in the water they drink....flavored powdered sugary mix.....

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