There's so much wrong in this country and the world today. The garbage on Fox News wouldn’t have made the tabloids 30 years ago.

One of the most troubling things is the behavior of many of our elected officials. In a recent comment, David Brooks, who conservatives should listen to, said “Politicians talk very differently when speaking in private than they do on the news.”

It's very telling.

Most of these people are actually very intelligent, educated and informed individuals. I feel certain they don’t believe all the bull being perpetrated in the media about the "Big Lie" or the innocence of Trump. Why then go along with it? Only one possible reason, blatant self-interest.

These people, and I mean people like Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz, are following in this march to the ruin of democracy simply to protect their job and their livelihood. They know if they don’t toe the Trump lie they will not receive the nomination of their party.

So they're willing to sell out their country for the sake of their own self-interest.

Come on, it would only take a small percentage of conservatives to turn the tide of this insanity.

Alan Baezner




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Carlos Ponce

Alan Baezner provides a partisan Left wing view on the topic.The garbage is not on FOX News. The garbage is in this letter.

But keep writing, Alan. Anything you write can and will be used when the truth gets out! And you won't look good.

Charles Douglas

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Mr. Ponce.

Don Schlessinger

I think the author is actually complaining about Republicans. Conservatives aren't necessarily Republican, as a matter of fact many are Independent. What the fanatical Republican rioters did was stupid, and whatever else you want to call Jan 6, but it was a Republican thing.

Carlos Ponce

There goes Don Schlessinger again!

" fanatical Republican rioters " when CNN reported those arrested included NOT ONLY Republicans but DEMOCRATS and INDEPENDENTS as well.

When Don Schlessinger sees a someone on a Jan 6, 2021 do something bad he ASSumes it has to be a Republican. That is bigoted and pin headed, Don!

" but it was a Republican thing." Take the blinders off, Don!

Paula Flinn

Misinformation is common for those looking in the rear view mirror at the January 6th violent siege of 2021.

CNN, which Carlos never quotes unless it suits him, is saying this now.

Carlos Ponce

"CNN, which Carlos never quotes unless it suits him..."

I rarely quote them because they are often wrong.'Examples:

Nicholas Sandmann

Kyle Rittenhouse

Jussie Smollett

Russian collusion


Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Don just proves what we all know - that there are still principled conservatives in America who care about preserving our democracy. I look forward to the day when they regain control of the Republican Party.

Paul Sivon

Once in a while It’s good to be reminded that just being conservative doesn’t make you a treasonous trump puppet, though quite a few have taken that path. Just look for trump 2024 flags to spot some of them.

Carlos Ponce

Paul Sivon, you obviously live in the wrong county, the wrong state. There are plenty of Trump support flags throughout and they are not "treasonous". They're your neighbors.

Bailey Jones

One of our neighbors finally took down his TRUMP 2020 flag and replaced it with a TRUMP 2024 flag. I took it as a tacit acknowledgment that Trump lost the 2020 election.

Carlos Ponce

Not really, Bailey. But the truth might be too much for a Libtroll to handle.

Pete Nanos

Conservatives are a little smarter than that. Liberals should learn something from this. Fox is number one in ratings and has been for years. Look at CNN, where perversion is a resume enhancer and terminated criminal government agents are installed as contributors. Producers and and pundits have been let go for criminal activity and yet here you are bashing Fox. At least the major networks have let people like Dan Rather go for altering documents or Brian Williams let go for lying . Not enough room for everything here for all the lies from MSNBC with the false tweets from Madow or Scarborough and his wife, but you get the picture.

The big difference is Liberals think that the end justifies the means, hence lying is a part of what they do and it's acceptable. Harry Ried comes to mind for lying about Romney's income taxes and then bragging that it kept Romney from getting elected. Just way too much evidence of liberal lying for a letter. It would fill a book. Just look no further than the Jan 6th editorial from the hack who works for the GDN. Just enough truth to lend some credibility, yet enough deceit by omission of pertinent facts to push the leftist agenda.

Gary Miller

Well said Pete!

Ed Buckner

There are a few--very few--deeply conservative Republicans with genuine integrity who resist the grift and lies forthrightly. If Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) wins the GOP primary in Wyoming this summer, it will tell us that there are more ordinary Republicans with integrity than Trump thinks. We shall see.

Bailey Jones

Ed, I was watching the news the other day and a woman was expressing her support for Trump - "I just love him." And it left me wondering, how? How can people not see him for the fraud and con man he is?

Then I started thinking about that Nigerian Prince - the one who wants to send you his fortune. Those scammer emails are always full of grammatical and spelling errors - things that should set off alarms for anyone with their wits about them. The errors aren't a mistake - they're there on purpose. The errors weed out all of the people who are unlikely to be scammed, leaving the dullest of the dull - ripe for the picking.

I think that's the phenomenon we see with Trump. His fraudster persona turns off people who are unlikely to be duped, leaving only the dullest of the dull - ripe for the picking.

Bailey Jones

Maybe there's hope -

A group of former Trump administration officials are banding together in an effort to block their former boss from entering office again.

“This man is a master manipulator. He gets people to do his bidding. I was one of them. And I want people who believe in him now to talk to me. And I want to explain who he really is,” Grisham said. “So I’m really hoping for a good fight in 2022. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and do what I can.”

Carlos Ponce

So... Bailey Jones considers the former White House press secretary and chief of staff to the first lady, Stephanie Grisham a "Trump administration official." Hilarious, Bailey!

Gary Miller

A group of former Trump administration officials will not be rehired by Trump in 2024.

Norman Pappous

Wonder if the author felt the same when HRC claimed the 2016 election was stolen? Or Gore in 2000? Or what about when Stacy Abrams said "It was not a free and fair election," regarding her loss in Georgia?

Jim Forsythe

On November 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton made her concession speech. What is the date of ex-presidents Trump concession speech?

On January 6th, a crowd of pro trump supporters attacked the capital, and thus attacked the USA. What is the date of Hillary's supporters attacking the capital?

Al Gore and George W. Bush, famous for its “hanging chads” and eleventh-hour Supreme Court decision that ended vote recounts that could have changed the election’s result. That election ended without violence and American electoral legitimacy alive.

Gary Miller

Jim > The Supreme Court did not end ballot counting in Florida. They reinforced the State election law Gore et all was trying to ignore. When the ballot counting finished Bush had increased his lead.

Jim Forsythe

Did Gore accept the outcome of the election after the Supreme Court ruled? The Supreme Court decision allowed the previous vote certification made by Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris to stand for George W. Bush, who thereby won Florida's 25 electoral votes. Florida's votes gave Bush, the Republican candidate, 271 electoral votes, one more than the 270 required to win the Electoral College.

This meant the defeat of Democratic candidate Al Gore, who won 267 electoral votes (but actually received only 266, as a "faithless elector" from the District of Columbia abstained from voting).

It can be argued all you want about what the outcome of Gore vs Bush and how it happened, but Trump to this day has refused to say he lost.

Gary, many are just like Trump and think that Trump did not lose, but when asked to provide proof, they cannot because it does not exist.

All that is happening because of this thinking is more people are leaving the Republican party and becoming independent voters.

Over 40% of voters are independent and growing.

January 6th was the day that many voters decided to leave the party of Trump.

Gary Miller

Jim > The Florida recounts were not stopped by SCOTUS. The court ruled against the illegal recounts Gore wanted. Recounting continued by Florida election law. Gore conceded because he had no chance from a legal recount. Bush ended up with 1,550 more votes when the legal recounts ended.

Pete Nanos

Come on Mr Pappous. You don't really think these liberals want to look at their own failings? It's all about their agenda going forward. History on tape is totally ignored.

George Caros

So you think HRC,Gore and Stacy Abrams won the election I agree with you on that

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, I was reading the forums the other day someone was expressing support for Biden - "Here's a list of all Biden's accomplishments'. And it left me wondering, how? How can people not see him for the fraud and con man he is?

domenico nuckols

Trump didn’t pass healthcare immigration or anything of any consequence for the little man only for the big people republicans want to be dictators not leaders. Keep dreaming that your God Trump is going to come back he won’t he’ll be going to prison

Carlos Ponce

Dementico, go to sleep. You are spouting nonsense again.

domenico nuckols

The truth is the truth you can’t rewrite it he will be in prison before the 2022 elections.

Carlos Ponce

Dementico, go to sleep.

Craig Mason

Domenico, Carlos supports traitors.

Carlos Ponce

Craig Mason, go to sleep. You are ranting nonsense again.

Gary Miller

Domenico> You think Trump will visit Biden in prison?

Gary Miller

Carlos be of good mind. Millions have learned what Biden is. Many of Biden's voters have learned Biden is even worse than you and I think. Latinos and blacks are leaving Biden in election winning numbers. Some voters had asked why ignorant minorities would vote for such a loser as Biden. Be assured they aren't as ignorant now. Biden has been an education for minority voters to be more careful next time.

Gary Miller

FOX garbage? Last week of 2021 the annual survey of viewer preference was reported. Americans chose truth and fact over lies and subturefuge. Nine of the ten most watched shows on TV were on FOX. BY twice to ten times more than second place. The one FOX didn't win was a statistic tie. TCT had as many viewers in one hour a day as CNN had all day.

Bailey Jones

By that logic, Bud Light is America's finest beer.

Gary Miller

Bailey > Except for Shiner Bock.

James Lippert

Conservatives? You mean like fake conservative Mayes Middleson? Everyone's true colors eventually show. And Mayes is quite colorful.

Gary Miller

James > Keep watching Middleton. He could be your US President in 2028

Ted Gillis

Gary, I think the US population has had it with politicians from Texas.

Carlos Ponce

Let's see .... Ted Gillis is from Texas. Ted Gillis is a politician.

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