I just finished reading Kathryn Eastburn's excellent article ("As wetlands die, many see a growing coastal crisis," The Daily News, Jan. 27) containing brilliant explanations for the death of our wetlands. We've all been exposed to some of this information in the past, but I've never read an article with more "readable" information about the processes, which are destroying this precious commodity than Eastburn's.

These ongoing events are wreaking havoc with our environment. They've been happening for decades, and they've been largely ignored. I would recommend that everyone who loves our beautiful wetlands read this article, and pass it on.

If we want to save our island, we have to save our wetlands.

Phyllis Galatas


Editor's note: The writer is referring to part one of a six-part Daily News special report called "Low Lands, High Stakes," which began Sunday. Read part two next Sunday.  


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Jarvis Buckley

Phyllis, I agree with you 100 percent.
But just because an HOA board member claims an area is wetlands doesn't make it so. Doesn't make the person that disagrees a bad person.
Phyllis wetlands typically have three
General characteristics: soggy soil,
Water loving plants . And water.scientists call these
hydrophytec vegetation and wetland
hydrology. Hydric soils are saturated
Most of the time so are low in oxygen.
Ponds aren't wetlands normally. Neither are the lands around them unless they are tidal. Mud holes aren't wetlands.

George Croix

Jarvis, don't you have to have a license or buy a permit or something to interject facts into an emotional discussion....[beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]

Jarvis Buckley

You & I are certified. George . 😀

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