In response to the editorial (“Every day Trump lingers, America suffers and weakens," The Daily News, Jan. 8): Well, you can’t wait two weeks for Biden to take over to get rid of Trump, you want to impeach him now. Then you Democrats can say forever that a Republican president was impeached.

You've tried from day one to get rid of him. Well, good luck.

You can’t kill an idea by getting rid of just one man. Conservatives will still be conservative. We're not going away.

I would just like the newspaper to give balance in reporting and not just this kind of hate-mongering.

Clyde Holt

League City


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Carlos Ponce

The ideas Donald Trump stood for:

Reduce government over regulation

Lower taxes across the board

Strong up to date Military

No involvement in endless wars

Strong border to keep out not only illegals but child traffickers, drug traffickers, sex traffickers

Lower unemployment for all

These ideas should NEVER go away.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce > [thumbup][thumbup]

Gary Miller

Carlos> The MAGA/patriots will make sure Trump's legasy endures.

Gary Miller

Carlols> Rino republicans and Democrats opposed Trump's Conservative policies. None of the 75 million who voted for Trump were RINO Republicans or Socialists. MAGA patriots start with 75 million conservative members. China Joe will increase their membership.

Bailey Jones

"Carlols" - I like that moniker, Gary. Very apt.

"A RINO used to be somebody who would be registered Republican but often vote with Democrats or vote not aligned with the majority of Republicans. In the past four years, RINO has essentially meant not doing whatever Donald Trump wants you to do, or saying something critical of Donald Trump - it has nothing to do with ideology." - former Republican congressman Ryan Costello.

This is the very definition of a cult of personality.

Virginia Stone

I have no problem with Republicans, but the Trump Republicans have gone too far in their allegiance to him.

Carlos Ponce

And the Biden Democrats adhere to the concept of killing babies especially Black babies, you know the ones Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger called undesirable. The Lord asks us to speak out against hands that shed innocent blood. Why aren't you?

Virginia Stone

Thanks for sharing, Carlos the fruit inspector.

Craig Mason

I literally laughed out loud Virginia and I like Carlos' new nickname.

Carlos Ponce

Craig Mason's fruit.... toss that one to the Seagulls.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce, you are the one! You got it going ON! When I grow up, I want to be an "OG!" Lolo.

Keith Gray

Virginia Stone, my allegiance is to the sovereignty of my vote. And I'd like an audit of some of the states where there is accusations of fraud and/or misconduct. Without that, I don't trust other states in America wide elections. I don't believe I am alone.

Gary Miller

Keith. You are not alone.

Charles Douglas

Sounds like a true "OG!"...from way back when the Galveston County Football ruled from Austin to Amarillo to Galveston by way of Houston!

Bailey Jones

I look forward to the return of Conservatism to the Republican Party.

Jeff Patterson

Has anyone seen my principles...... laid them down somewhere....can’t seem to find them..

Paula Flinn

I agree. Maybe some chaos-free days, too.

Gary Miller

Personal evidence of cheating by Democrats. After volintering to help a long time Galveston county Democrat’s campaign I was asked to find registered voters who had died. I found 18 in his district. Felt it was cheating, switched my registration to Republican party and gave local GOP the list. GOP said thank you and they would try to remove the names from voter registration. Brooks was angry he couldn’t use those names. Two elections later I was elected precinct judge of a Democrat precinct. That election was the start of blue Texas turning Red.

Ted Gillis

Carlos, George Bush used to support Planned Parenthood and Barbara was on local boards that supported Planned Parenthood. Did you give them a hard time back then?

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