Thank you Jack Cross for shining a light on the efforts, in plain sight, by the GOP-led Texas Legislature to financially starve Texas public schools ("State must stop stealing money from property owners through school funding," The Daily News, Jan. 3).

Why would state leaders concurrently lower per student state contributions to public schools, attempt to restrict local tax support and give major corporations a unique method for continuously lowering their value renditions? Follow the money.

A particular multi-millionaire resident of San Antonio, who's an ardent advocate of tax support of vouchers, charter schools and tax-deductible corporate scholarships for private elementary and secondary schools in Texas, is also a contributor of millions of dollars to the election campaigns of GOP politicians who directly impact educational funding in Texas.

The Texas Supreme Court has repeatedly ordered the Legislature to correct its unconstitutional process. The Legislature has just as consistently failed adequately to do so. It's not that hard to fix if you remove the many self-imposed restrictions to a reasonable solution. Give it without restrictions to any Clear Creek Independent School District high school, advanced placement government class as a semester project, and I bet you could get a reasonable solution.

Jerome Bourgeois

League City


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Gary Miller

State must stop stealing money from property owners through school funding. Wrong!
True blame should be directed at Public school political power to get what it doesn't deserve. If the money, already collected, were divided equally among all Texas students, instead of ISD schools, there would be a surplus. The solution is to finance students instead of ISD schools.

Gary Miller

If the state and local education money were divided equally among all students the students would finance only the schools that deserved to survive. The way it's done now the worse schools get more than the best schools. Political insanity.

Gary Scoggin

Jerome... you are right on. Those that hate public education, like that RINO Dan Patrick, starve school districts of their revenue from both ends and then attack them for quality. Local taxing districts should be able to set tax rates as they see fit, consistent with the support of their voters. It’s much easier to hold local elected officials accountable than it is the state wide ones.

George Croix

Maybe the State should make the necessary changes to cease ALL public school funding and direction of said monies, and allow ALL local districts to fund their own schools, on their own dimes entirely, however they see fit, and are able. Let local parents/homeowners/businesses fund their own schools for their own kids. And no more 'Robbing' Hood.
That solves the problem of any statewide political influence accusations or occurrences, any political Party partisanship or PC back-and-forth arguments, and should make local control advocates positively giddy that they no longer will be told how to spend other people's money, which is what State money is...... they can spend their own money any darn way they choose.
If they want to encourage come-one-come-all to their schools, then that, too, leaves them free to fund their own consciences, without concern for what anyone else thinks.

I'd vote for that tomorrow.

I'm not sure if my one vote, though, likely the only one, would get 'er done.....

Gary Scoggin

Better yet, let’s get rid of all public education. Either you pay to send your kid off to school or just let the little brats go without. Why should I pay for anyone else’s anything?

George Croix

YOUR gripe, Gary, was not with the State PAYING for public education, but with them telling you what to do with their money.
I simply propose that we can eliminate THAT contention by letting ALL local schools be funded locally, and thus controlled locally.
Be careful what you wish for.
The rest of the blatant overreaction is entirely on your part..........

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