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Bailey Jones

It is indeed wonderful to have a choice of who to vote for, even if neither choice is a particularly good one. I'll be voting against Trump - and I'm telling everyone in Galveston County (who reads the comments to the online edition of the paper.)

Ted Gillis

Amusing? That's funny because no one has laughed when I tell them I am voting for Biden. Most just say "yeah me too".

Gary Miller

Ted> I told pollsters I'm voting for Biden. Knowing I wouldn't ever vote for Biden but also willing for them to spread the lie. Many Trump supporters have done the same and the pollsters know it but use it because they think helps Biden. MAGA

Bailey Jones

Were you lying then, or are you lying now?

Gary Scoggin

Being MAGA means having to accept so many lies that I think it's hard for them to know.

Gary Miller

Yes. Learned to from Democrats.

Dan Freeman

Dump Trump[beam]

Ted Gillis

That’s just weird Gary. Why would you do that? I think it’s because you’re embarrassed to tell them the truth.

Gary Miller

Could care less about THEM. Media lies by over counting Democrats. I just help them lie.

George Laiacona

I think it’s wonderful to see that the eyes of the Republican Party are finally opening the idea of not continuing to support the text dodging YouTube celebrity in the White House is something I thought I would never see in light of Republicans in the Senate standing by the totally unqualified actor attempted to clear up all of his debts at the expense of the American fools they put him in the office in the first place I still believe that the real Republicans who were dragged into this situation just to save face. The past four years of proven that the lower classes of Americans have had to suffer just as they did back when the Reaganomics trickle down policy was supposed to work but it didn’t I do not know of one middle or lower class American worker that is financially progressed during the past four years

Carlos Ponce

And with that - Trump will win re-election.

Gary Miller

You know few voters???

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