I find it very disturbing that the current administration, whose main purpose for being elected was to prevent World War III, for months now appears to be agitating and doing its very best to guarantee the exact opposite outcome.

Ever wonder why no matter which party controls Washington, Republicans or Democrats alike, all "We the People" ever get is war, socialism and more bureaucratic control over our daily lives?

My perspective is simple. The international financiers create the crises through tax exempt foundations and international corporations (Code of Federal Regulations, Trilateral Commission, Rockefeller, Gates, etc.); the media cartel (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) owned by the former, supplies the propaganda; our elected ministers owned and controlled by both, provide the unconstitutional edicts and resolutions; and the American wage earner pays (through inflation, taxation, blood, sweat and civil liberties) for it.

All while the central government gets bigger, the middle class gets smaller, debt gets higher and the crises profiteering bureaucrats get richer. We cannot hope to expect honest change using the tools the establishment has provided for us. We must use the tools that they used to become the establishment.

Read, question and verify everything.

Chase Bodie




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Lawrence Weiser

Chase, your well-articulated comments certainly give me pause to re-examine my own world view. I believe there is much truth in what you wrote.

The shutting down of free speech by the nihilistic Left at our colleges, the media and now even by major corporations does not bode well for our future. Judging people because of the group they are in rather than as individuals is a frightening way to live your life.

I believe we are on a path to destruction until there is a general belief that the Holy Bible is the canon of Western civilization. Judeo-Christian values are the glue that still holds us together. One does not have to be a Jew or a Christian to understand the West is unique because of that canon, and those values. View and hear a recent lengthy podcast with Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray for an articulate exposition of this.

Bruce Woodcock

San Leon

David Smith

Good point.. Let's not forgot Roe vs Wade..Just another diversion from the year 1973...... to keep your attention diverted from this

Administrations colossal failure

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