More trash cans would make our beaches cleaner

Paul Sivon’s entreaty, that getting rid of beach trash cans would ensure their cleanliness, is pure fantasy (“Want a trash-free beach? Get rid of the trash cans,” The Daily News, Sept. 9).

The cleanest place in America is Disney World, where in the entire park one will never be more than 30 feet from a receptacle. Sivon is unfortunately under the impression that being punitive creates the world he wants to see.

We agree it’s imperative to create a culture of caring for the beach, but I believe in leading by example. Creating more cleanliness infrastructure provides guests the opportunity to do the right thing.

Does Sivon suggest our money is better spent paying police overtime for ticketing? Surely the money it would take to increase police enforcement of littering would be better spent adding trash cans and sanitation runs.

Not to mention the selective enforcement that comes with minor infractions would likely put Galveston back in national headlines. Getting rid of trash cans communicates that we don’t care enough as a community to do the work, and we seek only to punish our guests.

If trash collection is under budget, then there are better ways to fix it. Adding trash cans will make beaches cleaner, draw more visitors and increase city coffers.

Coral Beach


Lessons on Black history were welcomed and engaging

Thank you, Sam Collins and The Bryan Museum, for giving us the lesson of John Rufus Gibson’s lifelong dedication to the education of Galveston’s children.

With guest speaker Wilberforce University President Elfred Anthony Pinkard’s description of the university’s illustrious history as the first historically Black college, I learned even more than I expected.

I look forward to Collins’ November program on Jessie McGuire Dent and encourage others to attend as well.

Sandra Sullivan


Editor’s note: The lecture discussed in this letter was conducted virtually.

Sinister control of middle class is Orwellian

Remember Agenda 21? This is further underway as Democrats have used the pandemic and chaos to misinform and control.

Anthony Fauci took center stage on COVID-19, shifting positions, using the flawed model of Bill Gates, friend, Big Pharma co-investor, heavily involved in the corrupt bureaucracies of the Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, World Health Organization and others, commingling private industry with those bureaucracies.

We now know, through various experts’ studies, that COVID-19 reporting is hugely, deliberately inflated (retests of positives, asymptomatic screenings and “all cause” deaths), inducing us to trade liberties for “safety.”

Those elitists have been conditioning us to accept a new norm: more isolation from each other, “masking up” and “locking down” — both proven to not inhibit the virus, but actually harm in many cases. They mandate, we comply. The work/shop from home, limitations on travel, religious/social functions, all promoted as “safety measures.”

The sinister reshaping and control of the middle class is vital to this Orwellian “1984” reality. Scorn not before considering the interconnectedness of all going on around you. Never let one expert or “science” solely shape our country’s policies.

Sandra Woodford

Texas City

Billionaires are behind these violent protesters

I’m writing this letter with disgust about what’s going on in this country.

I’m an 84-year-old citizen who has seen a lot of ups and downs in this country, but this has gone too far.

Everyone has an idea who is financing these criminals, and it’s the billionaires who are giving the money to people in the lower bracket to disburse the money so it can’t be traced back to them.

They are paying for transportation, food, places to stay and paying them in cash.

There has to be a way to trace this money back to the “big boys.”

You stop the money, and you will stop the violent protesters.

Charlie H. Keleman

Texas City

We disagree, but that’s not a bad thing

James Cleveland and I seem to have a difference of opinion over Section 4 of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution (“Is there a constitutional lawyer in the house?” The Daily News, Sept. 11). This isn’t a bad thing, it happens to people all the time — not just in politics.

If we all had the same opinion, all the time, we would never learn, grow or discover new things. People often agree to disagree but better still, to work toward a resolution to their differences. Imagine if no one had listened to explorers many years ago, we would still think the world was flat. (It isn’t, by the way.)

As for guns, we’re actually in somewhat of agreement. There are at least two bills in the House concerning gun control but neither of them advocates taking all the guns away from responsible gun owners. We also have laws on the books that just need to be enforced. Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?

It’s time we work together for the good of all Americans.

Don’t forget to vote Nov. 3.

L. Davied Bond


COVID-19 curves just don’t justify the restrictions

This COVID-19 hoax is getting to be tedious.

I attempted to renew my commercial driver’s license recently, and to my surprise, this requires an appointment. My renewal letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety didn’t mention anything about an appointment.

The sweet lady at the door, bless her heart, gave me a website address to make an appointment of which there are none available until over a month after my license expires.

COVID-19 has run its course. Let’s get back to work. Counting cases is irrelevant. One has to go to a European source to locate the relevant statistic which is “deaths per million per day.” The curve in the temperate areas of the United States peaked in March and has tapered off to near zero deaths per day as we speak.

Tropical areas of the United States have already peaked with an albeit flatter curve. These curves mimic other curves around the world; the distinction being tropical and temperate regions. Not only are they similar, they’re also similar to influenza outbreaks.

Active cases, accumulated deaths, and whatever other statistics with which the government wishes to mislead us are readily available. One has to dig for the relevant statistic.

Robert Braeking

Santa Fe

You can’t blame Trump for the decay of our culture

The letters by Michael Moriarty (“Trump and ignorance are killing Americans,” The Daily News, Sept. 15) and Bill Love (“Tillotson’s column outlined the threat to America,” The Daily News, Sept. 15) showed yet again that darkness and ignorance cover this wonderful land of ours.

To blame a single person for cultural decay and rot that he’s pushing back against is the height of foolish lunacy. That being the case, how does a sane person deal with such delusional people?

The answer is so simple that it’s forgotten by many people: worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit rather than your earthly existence. If you cannot bring yourself to believe that God loves you, embrace those who lived before you who we call Stoics such as Marcus Aurelius.

He maintained that to worry about what we cannot change — the thoughts of others — is foolish. Before him, Solomon observed in Proverbs 26:4 that to argue with a fool is to become like one yourself.

I cannot change the minds of the letter writers, but I can help educate others.

Joseph A. Pelto

Texas City

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